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Comment: Re:Uh? (Score 1) 734

by Keerok (#46049925) Attached to: Will Electric Cars and Solar Power Make Gasoline and Utilities Obsolete?
They will increase the tax on the land you own, or tax the landowner that you are renting from (increasing your rent). Its a finite system. there are a few ways to win, but as far as a scalable solution to pay less tax, it would only provide short term savings if "everyone" was to do it.

Comment: Re:Not like Apple (Score 1) 139

by Keerok (#34994552) Attached to: Kongregate App Pulled From Android Market
The censorship issue is one thing, yes both companies apparently care about what they agree to distribute through their "Apps" service, and I personally agree that both companies should have the ability(or right) to control what they supply through their portals. I find fault on the issue of device ownership and what you are supposedly "allowed" on the device. To me it appears that the google approach seems more like the pc market, which I'm used to (buy device, put what you want on it, with some restrictions) but it's more complex because google doesnt create all the devices, just the OS. Where as apple (mobile stuff) is not quite so accomodating with respect what you may want to put on it. Oh, I didn't say it "was" breaking a law, just that the possiblity exists, and yes apple shouldn't honor a warrenty if the the device is tampered with, the risk is too high, but then that leaves you not having an app you may want which is what I was saying, "they make it Hard" to get an app you may want. In the end, it just business philosophy, and the apple, with all their restrictions and crap I dislike, seem to have made a good choice on how they want to run their company, at least finacially.

Comment: Re:Just wait until... (Score 1) 188

by Keerok (#33906808) Attached to: Genetically Engineered Silkworms Spin Spider Silk
silk worms are quite plump, If said individual does try this, and tapes enough of them on, perhaps the worms could break the persons fall. if each Silkworm (Sw) has a force absorption of ..........( lots of pseudo math and physics and bogus assumptions)... then approximately 64k of them should be enough for anyone to safely try it :)

Comment: Anyone heard of Roblox? (Score 2, Interesting) 116

by Keerok (#33721200) Attached to: Building the LEGO MMO
My 12 year old plays it, a lot. I can't get into it (it seems horribly broken sometimes), but they have managed to keep it fairly clean, the chat hasn't yet gotten out of hand, some of the creations are quite nice, and my son can now type about 60-70 wpm. Its crazy the number of Games kids have created, and the apparent ease that a kid can pick up the tools and get creating. Its even getting my son interested in Lua scripting, which is quite neat.

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