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So let's summarise: You admit that your sidearm will not help you protect your liberties. You claimed you could say whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted. You boasted about killing cops and having your mates pervert the course of justice for you. When pressed about this, you suddenly changed your mind and claimed to be straight up and law abiding. "No need to worry about ME saying the wrong thing - no sir! Clean your boots for you sir?"

For some reason you thought that implying that i like distended anuses would make me feel insulted.

You are the reason that America is under tyranny. You guys who fantasise about being cold-blooded killers and vigilantes, but when challenged, you roll over and urinate on yourselves like beaten curs. Do you even have a gun? Have you ever, even once, stood up for what is right?

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by KeensMustard (#47565145) Attached to: Off the Florida Coast, Astronauts Train For Asteroid Mission

The settling of the Americas counts.

Best estimates put this at 15000 years ago. Again, what evidence is there that this triggered a cultural evolution?

In the event of a very large rock heading our way, there isn't much to do about it - neither robots nor humans are currently capable of diverting it. One way or another, a lot of people are going to die.

As I already pointed out, even at the moment of impact, the Earth will be more habitable than Mars is. And Mars is more hospitable than, say Mercury, or Neptune, or the moons around Jupiter. In other words - at the exact moment that the asteroid hits, the earth will still be a nicer place than anywhere else in the Solar System.

If you want to go into space, that's fine, you and your mates are welcome to fund it, just don't interfere with the funds we need to explore (using robots). And don't imagine it is like Star Trek, it is not like Star Trek.

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by KeensMustard (#47562683) Attached to: The Hobbit: the Battle of Five Armies Trailer Released
One of the better features of The Hobbit (or There and Back Again) is that Bilbo is knocked unconcious at the beginning of the battle of the 5 armies. And since the story is written from his perspective (or he wrote it) there is virtually no dewcription of the battle itself. SO I was hopeful that we would not be subjected to yet another boilerplate over the top battle scene where actually fearsome creatures (trolls, wargs) repeatedly fail to kill their enemy and participants appear to be able to defy the laws of physics. I mean, for Manwes sake: if i wanted to see acrobats I'd go to the circus. Actual character exposition appears ot be confined to clumsy dialogue. Apparently there is no screen time for visual exposition on the change in Bilbo from comfortable, insular shire hobbit to a slightly amoral but very plucky thief. Instead he (bilbo) needs to convey this through long, confessional speeches with the dwarves, whilst 2 dimensional elves do stupid things.

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by KeensMustard (#47561219) Attached to: Off the Florida Coast, Astronauts Train For Asteroid Mission

I didn't say everyone goes to Mars. Just enough to get a sustainable population of people to sit around looking smug. The vast majority of humans on earth will still die off - a few in the impact event, a lot more in the collapse of agriculture that follows. It'll take centuries to rebuild.

Yes. A plan which involves billions of people dying unnecessarily seems, well, not like a good plan. Good thing that nobody would ever agree to such an insane plan.

Or do you want the real reason?

I'd like a real reason, but I'm not holding my breath.

Because it's there.

That's not a reason. That's like saying: "We should build a popsicle skyscraper - because we can!" It's nonsense.

ook at what has come about in previous ages of exploration - social experiments, new models of society. There's no land left on this planet worth settling.

The last real attempt at settlement was Greenland and prior to that 10000 years or more ago. On what are you basing your assertion that this was an a time of social expansion (more than say, the Enlightment, or Pax Romana)?

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by KeensMustard (#47555689) Attached to: Off the Florida Coast, Astronauts Train For Asteroid Mission

Basically, we're screwed

No, we're not.

There has only been one significant imapct event in the Earth's history, which is the one that created the moon. The rest have ben relatively minor - a danger for life at the time, but not dangerous to us, with our ability to adapt, tunnel and otherwise mitigate the dangers associated with abrupt climate change. At no point since the moon calved off has the earth been less habitable than mars.

And as time passes the danger of imapct diminishes, since Jupiter is doing a great job sweeping the inner solar system clean of likely debris - thanks big guy! The sun is now middle aged - chances are we will never be hit by anything likely to make us extinct.

Better to go colonise Mars while we can, or else set up some long-term bunkers deep underground with enough food supplies and nuclear-powered grow-lights to last until the atmosphere clears.

Well, we don't have lift capacity to lift 9 billion or so humans, plus all the other life forms to Mars - plus the obvious disadvantage that if we move there, we can never come back, and even on the worst day the Earth is more habitable than Mars will ever be. So the other option is looking like the viable one.

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Yes, as a matter of fact I am law abiding.

Well, for now at least. But I guess that the idea of shooting a police officer gives you an erection - does it not? And the mention of the wife's ex-husband, do you feel a surge of pleasure in your genitals at the thought of pointing a gun at him? Does the idea of evening the odds make you want to masturbate?

And do you act out these fantasies? Do you seek out those special places on the web for people with your dark pleasures?

Do ever you post similar diatribes on facebook, blaming women for your loneliness and absent sex life? Ever talk about shooting up your school?

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Works good for committing home intrusions, car jacking, keeping the ex-wifes husband away, and any previous criminal associates polite and on point. Not much different than rattlesnakes, skunks and badgers, nothing ever really changes.


The fact is I DO say anything I want to to anyone. I always have. I know you are itching to pull out the bit about shouting " fire" in a crowded theater, but that actually constitutes a criminal attack and not free speech at all.I do have free speech, how I use it is no different than how I use a car, a hammer or a weapon, all of which I am free to use as well.

Yes, you are a real law abiding thug aren't you. You didn't choose the whiteboy thuglife, the whiteboy thuglife chose you. You can say what you want, when you want - provided the what and when are on the list of permissable places and times set by the government. You're a real icon of liberty!

Knowing full well that police are just as able as any human to commit atrocities, they too may be put down. Granted, it may provide a sticky situation and legal entanglements, but in the right situation I would just as easily shoot a cop as a crackhead with a knife and bad intent.

Yes, I'm very turned on by your display of suburban badassery. You're the king of the thugs in my mind. Or perhaps you just look and sound like an idiot. Should I call you keazy? Are you gunna get your cinna on at the cinnabon?.

Being in the right ,I would face a trial by a jury of my peers and be vindicated, so you can stuff your knee-jerk pissant talking points up your urethra.

If you self description is accurate your peers are going to be low order drug mules, prostitutes, drug addicts and/or thug wannabees with hoodies and chains on their wallets. Somehow I don't see them turning up to court (unless in the dock). Likely too moronic to find their way down the street.

Perhaps it would serve you better to know what the hell you are talking about before jealously rationalizing your impotence to demand your right from your own dictatorial government.

This from the guy who admitted freely that his firearm is useless for defending his liberty and in fact his main purpose for keeping it was to threaten others and fantasise about shooting cops. You'll excuse me if I'm not inclined to take civic lessons from you.

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A right would be pointless if there were never an occasion to use it. So far the existence of the right has made an environment where its exercise has not yet been necessary.It serves the people well.

Sounds like someone sold you a rock that keeps bears away, and consequently you are sure that there can be no bears regardless of people pointing out bears on the street, in your garden, rifling through your trash.

I personally like living in a place where I can say what I choose, right or wrong, to anyone, anytime without fear of repercussions based on their office, class, religion, ethnicity and if there is; I can sue the pants off them in court and make a public spectacle of them. I notice this right gets plenty of exercise.

You can't say what you like, to anyone at anytime. You probably never had that right, you certainly don't now. You just choose a subset of topics to discuss, to a subset of people, in a subset of times and places. Your own personal 'Free Speech Zone'. You are deluding yourself. Wake Up!

And lastly can I just point out how useless your firearm is for defending your rights: If you point your firearm at an official or member of law enforcement, you will be arrested and thrown into prison. Most likely, you will go to prison for longer that *I* would, were I to do the same thing in Australia, because despite other insanities, our sentencing laws are sane and our judicial system relatively free from corruption, whereas yours is utterly insane and utterly corrupt, and if you go to prison in the US you will stay there, stuck in the system for the rest of your life. So - what's the use of your firearm? Who are you going to point it at - tyrannical rabbits?

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by KeensMustard (#47504111) Attached to: NASA: Lunar Pits and Caves Could House Astronauts
Not sure why you decided to quote half a sentence, instead of the whole sentence, unless you wanted to burn a strawman by quoting me out of context to change the meaning of what I said. If you have some other intent, then I'm all ears.

What I said was:

To suggest that we, ill adapted to space as we are, ought to go physically into space instead of sending a machine is absurd - like saying that a field is only plowed if dug by hand, or the only correct calculation is done without the aid of a computer, calculator or abacus.

This is in response to the OP's assertion that the boundaries of our push into space are actually defined by how far our physical bodies have travelled - which is an absurdity. To suggest that the discoveries of Voyager, Pioneer, Spirit and Opportunity, Cassini/Huygens are somehow trivial because they didn't happen to contain any meat is deeply insulting: insulting to us as humans. The presence of meat, or lack thereof is an arbitrary scale for judging achievement. If you don't think this scale is arbitrary, if you don't think the O.P's comment was absurd, then explain why. Don't burn strawman.

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by KeensMustard (#47499055) Attached to: NASA: Lunar Pits and Caves Could House Astronauts

It's not embarrassing to apply machines as all.... as you say,

I would like to fly to New York...



I would like to travel into space.

That's what I said.

The fact that we are ill adapted to survive in space should be no more of a justification that we shouldn't go there than the fact that we are unable to fly without machines should be a justification to never get into an aircraft.

That's what I said. Just because our physical limitations prevent us from bodily travelling any significant distance through space, doesn't mean that we should not go further than those physical limitations practically allow. We just need to accept that, like ploughing is best performed by machines, so travelling in space is best done by machines. Thus: the term "we travelled to Jupiter" or "we landed on Titan" does not imply that our physical bodies are located near Jupiter nor on Titan, anymore than saying "I ploughed my field" implies that I did so with your hands, or saying "I flew to New York" requires me to have flown there using my arms.

Really.... did I have to explain this twice?

You didn't need to explain it at all. I have a clear memory of what I said.

Comment: Re:Glass half-empty (Score 1) 156

by KeensMustard (#47499031) Attached to: NASA: Lunar Pits and Caves Could House Astronauts

You complain about strawmen, then string together a strawman of your own. Nobody is suggesting that humans need to travel to Titan.

Except for the OP whose views you irrationally decided to defend, despite (apparently) not agreeing with them. Here the OP said (quote) The next manned lunar landing will not be so much for scientific exploration there as much as to start laying the foundations for stepping further into space. implying that our efforts stepping further into space: New Horizons, Voyager, Cassini Huygens, travelling to Pluto, Mercury, Jupiter, Titan - even to the edges of the solar system itself somehow don't count as "stepping into space". What an absurdity.

Your statement was absurd, and my parody illustrated it's absurdity. Our unsuitability to space is entirely irrelevant. You're right in pointing out that there are many aspects of space exploration which are best done by machines; you're completely wrong when you take that idea and present it as an absolute for why no human should ever go into space.

Thanks again for burning the strawman.

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