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Comment: Standard (Score 1) 34

by Kazzerscout (#36330842) Attached to: YouTube Introduces Creative Commons Option
I'm sticking with the Standard license. In the gaming community (I produce FPS commentaries) stealing - clips from montages in particular - is a major problem. Now although it appears this creative commons license makes sure credit given, I prefer editors to ask personally for content so I can ensure its going where I want it to.

Comment: PCs are good but aren't everything (Score 1) 568

by Kazzerscout (#35433748) Attached to: How the PC Is Making Consoles Look Out of Date
I don't think PCs have the accesibility that consoles do however. Updated graphics are great, but so long as console ports continue to have the same experience with the only downside being it doesn't look as great, it will remain the dominant platform (in my world they are). This is because the money and investment needed to play games with these improved graphics requires specialist hardware, graphics cards and what not that the younger generation simply cannot afford.

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