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Another important point of being on the index, is the prevention of advertisements. With Doom and Wolfenstein being shareware games, a ban from shops would not have hit them hard. Neither did a ban for regular advertisements for that matter, because being put on the index can be quite an ad in itself. Taking Doom 1 and 2 from the index was long overdue anyway, for the laws had changed in the meantime which is the reason Doom 3 never even got on the index

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The fact that a breakdown has been "imminent" for more than a decade is telling.

Yes I know, and I partly quoted it for ironic value. But the reason, the system keeps dragging on and on without falling apart is, it is financed by the state. The state helps the public health care system with tax money and in turn amasses more and more debts. But the ridiculus amount of national debt in all the countries is a completely different matter. I don't think the system is inherently flawed. It is just not working right now. The recently elected secretary of health went imho in the right direction by attempting to reduce the costs of pharmaceutical products. I am not sure how good it will work, but it is a start.

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Submission + - Latest News on Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition (

Lord Aramil of Dreadwood writes: Blogger and Dragon magazine writer Jonathan Drain is tracking the latest developments on the new D&D edition. Highlights include: Thirty levels instead of twenty, no more XP costs for magic items creation, flexible talent trees replacing feats and prestige classes, a new racial bonuses system that obsoletes ECL, and an end to rubbish skills like Forgery and Use Rope. A quote from the blog: "Unlike 3.5, all the changes this time around sound like theyre definitely for the better ... If nothing else, at least they have the opportunity to get rid of Mialee."

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This strangely reminds me of Microsofts Desktop in Windows 95/98 and the resulting law suits. I am no programmer, but wouldn't the performance of a desktop system written to support java script etc. be lower than that of a regular written desktop? So, in the worst case it would slow down the whole system.

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