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Comment: Re:Not surprising... (Score 1) 80

by Kazoo the Clown (#47715429) Attached to: Tor Browser Security Under Scrutiny

The FBI and NSA knew it was shit years ago.

Just sayin...

So did I. I gave up in Firefox once they moved away from the "less is more" school of design, several years ago. Same reason I gave up on Netscape before that-- creeping featurism. What I want in a browser is lean and mean. REALLY mean. The more complicated a browser is, the bigger the risk of security flaws.

Comment: This is not a bad thing... (Score 1) 456

by Kazoo the Clown (#47679987) Attached to: Web Trolls Winning As Incivility Increases
It's probably good that we are regularly reminded that the world is full of assholes, and that walled gardens are not the sum total of reality. It may be that many people are assholes simply BECAUSE they are excluded from some of these gardens-- no doubt many of those within the gardens are assholes too, just of a different type. And if you can't figure how to deal with assholes without becoming one yourself, you deserve what you get...

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It doesn't much matter, Google's UI skills really suck. The only reason the original Google search was a success is because they essentially didn't even have a UI, it was just a text entry box. When they try to add UI elements, it's all downhill. Microsoft's Ui often sucks too, but at least with Microsoft, I can at least usually tell what they're trying to do. With Google, I can't even tell what they were trying to do at all, it's pure WTF?

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by Kazoo the Clown (#47675679) Attached to: How Drones Entered the FBI's Spying Toolkit
Where've you been? Obviously you didn't get the memo. FBI needs to tech-up. And what do you think the NSA is all about? Tech trumps everything, and makes every job easier and more effective. That's the pitch, anyway. You must not work in the tech industry, or at least not anywhere that makes contact with marketing at any point...

Comment: Sorry, but WRONG (Score 1) 299

Such sites are the only places people get exposed to widely divergent views anymore. "Homogeneous" (read: "insulated") protected communities are not it. Sure, often such divergent communities meltdown into flamefests, but that doesn't mean we should all be cocooned into safe little worlds where everyone mostly agrees with us. If you can't take the heat, stay inside and remain ignorant.

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by Kazoo the Clown (#47622995) Attached to: Snowden Granted 3 More Years of Russian Residency
It's clear that it is necessary to show that the NSA violations are widespread and pervasive. And it's clear that what has been exposed so far is NOT enough, as discussion has occurred in the media and various forums but there's no evidence that things do not remain business as usual at the NSA. I only hope there are still some juicy bits in the trove yet to reveal. It looks like it's going to take a drip water torture of secret releases in order to keep attention focused on the problem before it may actually get resolved.

Comment: Expensive and irrelevant (Score 5, Interesting) 213

by Kazoo the Clown (#47572569) Attached to: Vint Cerf on Why Programmers Don't Join the ACM
I've been a member for some time but let it lapse a few years ago because it got to the point that the benefits didn't justify the expense. Or rather, the benefits hadn't justified the expense for some time, I finally got fed up hoping that might change. I finally noticed I wasn't getting my money's worth and pulled the plug on it. Much of ACM seems designed to extract maximum income from its membership. That gravy train is over, as far as I'm concerned.

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by Kazoo the Clown (#47563041) Attached to: 35% of American Adults Have Debt 'In Collections'

My wife and I have adopted a policy of not paying until at least 6 months later, or after those two sort it out, since you can never get your money BACK once sent, but until they settle it out there's no way to know what is owed..

I generally had this policy, but now that I've got $1500 deductible and $4500 out of pocket maximum, and this year am having to have cataract surgery, I went ahead and paid the $450 prep office visit bill. If the insurance company didn't negotiate it quickly and correctly, it's their loss because it's clear I'm going to exceed the out-of-pocket this year by enough that THEY will end up paying for anything they fail to properly negotiate. And in fact I've got another minor issue I'm going to be sure to take care of this year, because once the max is reached, everything else is free for that year. So for the rest of this year anyway, I've got the Caddilac plan.

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