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Comment Re: This legislation brought to you by.. (Score 4, Insightful) 446

Every GMO sold in the U.S. has undergone extensive pre-market safety testing. What specifically about this process do you feel to be deficient. Especially in light of the fact that many other tools, such as random mutagenesis via radiation, do not require any pre-market testing depite having actually made people sick (unlike any GMO in the last 20 years).

You pick up the torch, and I'll pick up the pitchfork. GMO LABELLING IS NOT JUST ABOUT SAFETY. What's "deficient" is knowledge of which products are using a technology that people object to on, for example, the grounds that Monsanto's use of patented GMO crops are polluting neighbor small farmers who are then inadvertently find themselves in trouble for patent infringement. Another reason is people don't like new technologies forced on them whether they like it or not. And I'm sure there are other reasons people have for not wanting GMOs. So I'll say it again, GMO LABELLING IS NOT JUST ABOUT SAFETY.

If there's nothing to hide, there's no reason NOT to label if people want it. What's "confusing" is not to label it and leave people wondering. And in fact we see there IS something to hide. They know if they label GMOs some people won't buy them because of it. I can tell you though, if I see two products on the shelf and one says "non-GMO," THAT'S the one I'm buying.

Comment Simpler & cheaper to use someone else's (Score 1) 266

I 3D print from time to time but I use one of the mail order services. They provide far more material and printer options, and have the in-house expertise to keep them operating smoothly. If they make a bad print it's their problem, and they'll make another. For me it's been far more cost effective and simpler than buying my own, which is guaranteed to become obsolete in short order.

Comment Re:In case you were wondering... (Score 1) 310

I predict next winter is going to be colder than next summer.

Now tell me I just made that up out of thin air.

Also, no one in the 1970s predicted we'd be in an ice age right now, that's actually a good example of something that was "made up". If you disagree, provide a citation.

This sort of thing is why the "skeptics" are generally considered a bunch of complete ignorami by anyone with a brain.

Comment Re:Yes, but not because it's a bad idea (Score 1) 507

It violates the KISS principle. From my understanding of it, Agile is an attempt to pipeline the development process. A good idea in principle, but except for me (one time hardware guy turned systems guy then app guy), the entire rest of the team's history are application programmers, QA and doc people who wouldn't know a pipeline if they were flushed down it. So it ends up being a mini waterfall every sprint, because that's as much as they're able to comprehend.

Comment Re:No. (Score 5, Interesting) 507

I also have to agree but for different reasons. What I've experienced is Agile as excuse for micromanagement. Projects take much longer than they used to because we now agonize in meeting after meeting over details that used to be left to the developer to decide. Agile is a recipe for managing programmers fresh out of college perhaps, but most I work with aren't those, and they work better when you trust them with more of the detais and have management worry about the bigger pictures instead...

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