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Comment Re:Access to my eyeballs is not "free" (Score 1) 539

The idea that ad supported "journalism" becomes more of an independent and innovative source of diverse information and a "virtuous circle" is disproved by our current corporate-shill megaglomerate owned media. It's turned all the major news organizations into advertisers pretending to be journalists, and the "information" they spew, pure propaganda.

But with regards to making profits off of ad blocking, if anyone is paying for ad blockers other than contributions to open-source efforts, they're idiots. Ad blocking is not all that hard, ad blocking products are as much of a scam as advertising is for the most part. I haven't watched cable or any of the mainstream "broadcast" (if they still call it that), content for years and years now, my tolerance for any of that is near-zero and fortunately, I've not missed it in the least. I rarely encounter ads for anything, I don't open the door for solicitors, and I maintain that is MY freedom to prohibit that, my attention simply, is not "free to abuse."

Comment Re:Completely pointless (Score 1) 353

It doesn't matter where the phones are made, US carriers have to support them. Chinese or Korean made phones that Verizon, AT&T and Sprint won't operate with won't do anyone any good. And the manufacturers of the phones will do whatever they have to do to keep their business. And, if you hadn't noticed, the carriers are already the government's lapdogs.

Comment When encryption is outlawed... (Score 1) 246

Only outlaws will have encryption. And you won't be able to recognize it as such, it'll come in the form of steganography, or code talking that looks like mundane communications. The whole anti-encryption thing is a boondoggle, and only helps to catch the low-hanging fruit, that which is too stupid to even try to cover their tracks. And that's even if they have the time and energy to scan every piece of data for that low hanging fruit, to find the needles in the haystacks. The recent attackers in France weren't even using encryption, and they weren't able to prevent the attacks. Banning encryption isn't going to change that.

Comment Could Zuckerberg be any more clueless? (Score 1) 152

One notable difference is, with a library, a publisher isn't going to send every book it has to the library for free, since that would impact its bottom line. Free books do not constitute advertising for the books given away, since the people who get them no longer need to buy the book, they just got to read it for free.

Comment Random functions... (Score 3, Informative) 136

I've seen some pretty bad "random number" generators in my time. In one case, it was implemented by a pointer that would walk through the processes memory space and use whatever it found as-is. And another where the coder clearly thought that if you multiply something by enough made up crap and take the remainder, you get randomness. An understanding of random numbers in computing is not something the classrooms ever cover as far as I can tell.

Comment Re:Ads are not acceptable. (Score 1) 523

Ads are the reason why a lot of good content can stay afloat

No, ads are actually a sign of distorted, bad, or otherwise disfunctional content. The only thing ads are doing is keeping the ISPs from metering bandwidth more closely-- if ISPs metered like they'd like to, you'd be motivated to reduce ads simply because the use of your bandwidth is costing you money. As long as ads exist, bandwidth metering will be unpopular with the corporations who don't want to see you have a financial stake in ad blocking.

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