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Comment: Re:Price of using scientists as political pawns (Score 1) 286

Given the military budgets are VASTLY different between the US and all other countries, comparing taxes with other countries makes no sense at all. Or do you figure the militaries aren't paid for by taxes? Or maybe you figure business gains no benefit from military operations, and therefore shouldn't have to foot the bill for them? Better look again, at least in the US, business gains PLENTY from the military expenditures, since much of the money is going to businesses that provide what the military needs. The US military is the biggest customer for a lot of US businesses. And as another user commented, plenty of these businesses don't pay ANY taxes (GE as one example).

Comment: Re:Price of using scientists as political pawns (Score 2) 286

If industry isn't thriving, it's not due to taxes and regulation, as there's nowhere near as much of those than there were decades ago. Taxes are down, wages are down, deregulation has been running rampant, and the oversight organizations haven't been doing their job (FDA,FCC,SEC,etc.). If industry still can't survive, could it be because the CEO's have run off with the profits and used the money to buy the politicians? Or maybe it's because employees can't afford to buy enough products anymore?

Comment: Re:No, it doesn't. What the "experiment" shows... (Score 1) 610

Yes, they "cheat" more because that's how they learned to cope with the state. Any state. And given the American state's ethics, or I should say, near complete lack thereof, I see no reason to hold communist state emigre's adaptation behaviors against them. The IRS on the other hand, most likely has a different view.

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You were socialized by your environment to be better at lying that telling the truth. You learned to "cheat" and it's easier than not at this point. Living in the US I once knew a Russian emigre who essentially was living in the US completely under the radar. He was an excellent and successful programmer and mathematician, but the way he did business with everyone was as if he needed to work-around or subvert the system, not because he was "unethical" but simply because it was what he knew best how to do.

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Socialism, communism ( Same shit! ) = Corruption by default. Can someone please come up with a new political pragma that derives from, intelligence, ethics, moral, responsibility and perhaps also respect for the individual?

Well, don't look to capitalism. Even Adam Smith recognized it's largely driven by the "invisible hand" of greed. Not exactly ethical, moral or responsible. Or for that matter, respectful of the individual and not particularly intelligent (pragmatic though, I suppose).

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Nice to get some real insight on how things work for a change, thanks for these stories. You might consider putting some of these up on a blog. These pretty much completely invalidate the so-called social "science" discussed in the OP. The problem being, the presumption that the amount of stealing going on is any measure of ethics.

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