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Comment: Re:Invest in workers (Score 3, Insightful) 407

by Kazoo the Clown (#49352633) Attached to: Millennial Tech Workers Losing Ground In US
The companies I'm familiar with have resorted to only hiring the fresh-out-of-college, often at job fairs targeted at new college grads. This is because 1) they're cheaper and 2) you can abuse them and they won't know the difference. This is, essentially, policy at some companies. And the corporate offices of these are often in red states that don't have any kind of rules against it. Combine that with management who thinks periodic cheerleading meetings where everything is couched in sports metaphors is the way to motivate people, and you realize that except for the communications technology, business operations sophistication and product quality has devolved to the level that hasn't been common since about 1920.

Comment: Only if it's bulletproof. LITERALLY bulletproof. (Score 1) 389

I don't wear a watch. Last watch I bought was at least 15 years ago and it lasted 2 days. I'm hard on watches. They get bashed into things routinely. I'll buy a smartwatch as soon as someone posts a youtube video subjecting one to a point-blank diacharge of a 44 magnum at it, and it survives.

Comment: Re:Ah, come one, don't we trust the Feds? (Score 1) 90

I don't see a lot of difference between the NSA and FCC, and in fact, I suspect the NSA is in favor of net neutrality so that their collection traffic doesn't get choked off by someone's ISP unless they tag it somehow so the ISPs all know who's data it is, which I'm sure the NSA would prefer not to advertise.

Comment: Cruises? (Score 3, Informative) 97

by Kazoo the Clown (#49187179) Attached to: FTC Targets Group That Made Billions of Robocalls
I don't get cruise sales calls -- I get calls for carpet cleaning, construction contracting, phony IRS agents, and phony credit agencies. I suspect many are calling from foreign countries. They obviously aren't deterred one whit by US laws or agencies. I just use a box to screen everything unless it's on a whitelist. And blacklisted calls get a disconnected number signal. For the most part, problem solved but I can see from the call logs who's tried and what scam they are pulling by googling the number. What I wonder is, why haven't we seen a massive bust of robocall scammers by the FBI? A couple of reasons-- one, they're not in the US, two, they're paying for the call, so the phone company is making money off them, and three, rich people are mostly unaffected by and/or oblivious of the problem.

Comment: Re:Encryption (Score 1) 136

by Kazoo the Clown (#49159559) Attached to: Under US Pressure, PayPal Stops Working With Mega
I claim my First Amendment rights include the right to speak in unbreakable code. And as far as anyone else is concerned, it may just be pure gibberish. It's up to me to decide what it means. I could even do this verbally, by reciting words that are translated to other words using a one-time pad. And if spending money is considered protected speech, speaking in unbreakable code must be as well. There's nothing in the First Amendment that says the speech has to be intelligible, by the Government or anyone else.

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