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Your accusation of war mongering is as specious as all of the rest, going back to Kissinger. The wars were going to happen, with or without Condi Rice and with or without your approval. They were a geopolitical fait accompli. Hell, people back in 1990 could see where the next world problems were going to come from. Your blindness is inexcusable in that context.

A failure to recognize reality - realpolitik - doesn't make you morally superior. It makes you an idiot.

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Or maybe they think that a decision isn't required and the lower courts can solve this. Generally, this would mean either the issue isn't important enough for them, the matter is settled law or the issue has been insufficiently litigated at a lower level. We can rule out the first two. Doesn't mean they won't come back for a bite at it if it is not resolved.

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I've been around the whole world and I know one thing: I kiss the ground with every entry stamp into the US. The majority of the rest of the world is a shit hole in comparison. There are some uncommonly nice places elsewhere (like Australia and Germany) but they are definitely the exception to the rule.

As for US accomplishments, you forgot the nuclear weapons. Then again, you sad sack communists always forget the nuclear weapons pointed at you. Also, who got people to the Moon? I don't think it was Cuba. For that matter, modern computer technology, including this Internet we're using right now, pretty much all originated in the US. The USSR barely managed to directly copy Z-80s and 8088s before its collapse.

Get back under your rock!

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Democrats aren't any deeper than FOX Republicans.

FTFY. Half a lifetime in New Jersey was enough education on that score.

Depressingly, the government is actually better in red states - polite junkyard personnel, DMVs that don't suck, simpler tax forms, etc. Entirely counter-intuitive but also entirely true.

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Anyone who argues that it is ok to kill people because it's convenient to do so and they can't defend themselves against it... misdirection is going to be the go-to strategy, right?

I don't feel strongly enough about the issue to do anything about it, because the world is full of evil. But pretending some sort of righteousness because you are for killing babies is ludicrous.

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First Amendment rights don't extend to threats and trafficking stolen financial instruments
Fifth Amendment rights are clearly satisfied; the motion practice described above indicates he was charged and habeas corpus is not an issue.
Sixth Amendment rights are muddied by the aforementioned motion practice - I am positive that if he had wanted a trial by now, he'd have one. I think the point is that he'd get convicted of something, hence the delay.
Eighth Amendment - someone with a bunch of stolen credit cards available has resources, so evaluating 'excessive bail' ...please.

Woodward and Bernstein weren't instrumental to the Watergate case, they were simply public relations arms. The case was proceeding without them, and would have ended up in pretty much the same place if they'd been run over by a bus. Despite the mythology, the principals would have found some other reporter to feed data to. The independent prosecutor was the key to the case beyond February 1973, initially Cox and later Jaworski. It is important to remember that initially, the press reports of Watergate were not considered a large issue by the White House. The potential testimony of the burglars themselves was the primary issue initially, hence the hush money delivered until after the 1972 election.

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The fact that the US has a higher proportion of its population incarcerated than most other nations is well known.

The reasons why are less well-known. Mandatory sentences play their part, but blaming the war on drugs for this is a little shortsighted. I see the US at war with an insurgency within its borders, except the government has chosen to combat it with a criminal justice approach. This approach does not work - and note that the enforcers look more and more like an army every day, with every little municipality having a SWAT team with automatic weapons, and people being summarily executed in their homes by supposed law enforcers for little to no reason. The insurgency started when the government chose to intrude on matters that had previously been left to individual liberty and the best judgement of the population. It is a very low-intensity sort of conflict, but the signs are all around us. The war on drugs is just one slice of the entire problem. The totalization of state control is the problem.

I am not offering solutions, as I doubt any of the possible ways out would be paths taken.

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