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Comment: Re:Palm's Zawinski Contradicts Palm SDK License (Score 5, Informative) 174

by Kasracer (#29606187) Attached to: Open Source Not Welcome At Palm App Catalog
This article is dumb. Palm is working hard on getting everything in line and many policies have evolved. They have ALREADY said they're working with the developer and that it's okay that the source is available.
The App Catalog is still in beta so the latest terms, etc are not there. I don't even know why Slashdot accepted this article as it was already debunked and addressed by Palm.

Comment: Stupid (Score 1) 148

by Kasracer (#25295197) Attached to: Nintendo DSi Software Will Be Region Locked
This is just stupid. The excuse for delivering content based on a region (or using specific servers for that region) is dumb. All they have to do is run a quick check on the current IP address and it'll tell them what region you're in (spoofing need not apply). No need to hard code any of this shit. Is Nintendo _that_ incompetant or are they trying to rip everyone off?

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