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Comment Re:To the lions... (Score 1) 1535

It's called conviction. If I come to believe in something of my own accord, and the belief characterizes me as part of a certain group, then more often than not, the actions and attitudes of the loudest of that group will stereotype me. It's obvious that you have little experience with Christians other than the Bible-thumping, bad-suit wearing hypocrites you often see on tv, otherwise you'd know that there are a great many people that hold to Christian beliefs that also have a great disdain for the organized Church. The very fact that there are so many denominations and sects basically shows that you can't just give a blanket statement that applies to all Christians. I haven't been in a church in over two years, due to bad experiences with the types of people that frankly make the entire thing extremely hard to swallow, and frankly, the idea of ever stepping into another one scares me. That being said, my beliefs are my own, and I'll hold to them. This was the point Luther tried to make years ago, as he read the Bible and found that the church he had devoted his life to held to beliefs that ran contrary to Scripture, while ignoring passages that were inconvenient to them. Ultimately, the enemy is hypocrisy, a condition all too readily observable in humanity, whether it be government, churches, so-called "Christian" games such as this, or Slashdot...

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