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Comment: There is something to it, people are missing (Score 1, Informative) 599

by Kartu (#49766661) Attached to: Greece Is Running Out of Money, Cannot Make June IMF Repayment

I dislike current populist Greek government (and live in Germany), but there is some injustice in what was done to Greece in my opinion.
Greece f*cked up big time by spending more than earning, there is no question about that.
The problem is, what happened afterwards.
And that was new loans AT INSANE RATES.
Last time I've checked check dept per citizen numbers, Greek was roughly on the level of Germany.
But interest rates they are paying (and that mostly to German banks), oh my goodness:

So there IS a combination of incompetent reckless government and unfair interest rates. (yeah, if you don't want the money, don't take it, yadayada, I know)
Also see (Charges of hypcrisy (Germany))

Comment: Re:Germany should pay war reparations for WWII (Score 5, Interesting) 599

by Kartu (#49766625) Attached to: Greece Is Running Out of Money, Cannot Make June IMF Repayment

Germany stll pays Israel.
Germany "kinda" paid USSR that took most factories it came by.
Germany actually also paid Greece a while ago, although the scale of the payment was nowhere near what current government wants (and even (nominally) much less than they took from Greek bank)

In 1942, the Greek Central Bank was forced by the occupying Nazi regime to loan 476 million Reichsmarks at 0% interest to Nazi Germany. In 1960, Greece accepted 115 million Marks as compensation for Nazi crimes. Nevertheless, past Greek governments have insisted that this was only a down-payment, not complete reparations.[citation needed] In 1990, immediately prior to German reunification, West Germany and East Germany signed the Two Plus Four Agreement with the former Allied countries of the United States, Great Britain, France, and Russia. Since that time, Germany has insisted that all matters concerning World War II, including further reparations to Greece, are closed because Germany officially surrendered to the Allies and to no other parties, including Greece. On Sunday, February 8, 2015, the Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras appeared in front of the Greek parliament and officially demanded that Germany pay further reparations to Greece.[1] On April 6, 2015, Greece demanded Germany pay it the equivalent of $303 billion in reparations for the war. Germany replied that the reparations issue was resolved in 1990.[2]

German reparations for World War II/

Comment: Re:And? (Score 1) 288

by Kartu (#49763171) Attached to: Study: Science Still Seen As a Male Profession

You forgot to elaborate how on earth was this about "access to professions regardless of gender".
The idea that gender disparity can only be caused by some sort of discrimination is based pretty much on religious views and have nothing to do with science.

Men and women are different and TEND TO choose different professions. .

Comment: Re:but I thought 90fps was the thing (Score 1) 33

I've actually used demo version of the Oculus Rift.
Also, many of colleagues did.
The things will cause sickness to many, no matter the FPS.

Sony's devs also mentioned it, by the way.
One thing is getting rid of sickness caused by rendering glitches, you could fix that.
But there is inherent sickness caused by your eyes seeing what your vestibular system does not experience.

Comment: Re:Corollary: It's difficult to be "clever" in Jav (Score 1) 409

by Kartu (#49745803) Attached to: The Reason For Java's Staying Power: It's Easy To Read

Now you can basically officially do your own pre-compilation (check -processor option on javac) if you so wish.

Tons of XML weren't really caused by Java's problems (do you actually remember what was put in them??), more of a fashion thing, now mostly replaced with annotations / cleverly chosen defaults.

Most stuff you were doing with monstrous (my personal opinion) frameworks like Spring are part of the standard Java for quite a while (since 2009).

Comment: I call BS (Score 1) 425

by Kartu (#49623893) Attached to: The Programming Talent Myth

Over nearly 2 decades I work in IT, in most teams I worked with SOME of the guys could do more than 3-5 others together.
Also it had little to do with experience, some guys were just damn good, right out of the university.

I've also seen plenty of very experienced, yet very poor coders.

So no, not just skills you can just learn.

Comment: AI has great chances (Score 1) 89

Poker games take time (hours), people grow tired, computers don't.
People struggle at memorizing chances, taking shortcuts, computers have exact picture talking into account every single bit.

All one needs is behavior that is random enough, for human players not to guess if computer is bluffing.

Then, of course, there is luck factor, so results will fluctuate quite a bit.

Comment: Re:I thought we were trying to end sexism? (Score 1) 599

There is a huge difference between men and women in general.
The article you've linked merely covers intelligence (which is only PART of what people are).
And even there you have missed an elephant in the room:

"...The differences in average IQ between men and women are small in magnitude and inconsistent in direction, although the variability of male scores has been found to be greater than that of females, resulting in more males than females in the top and bottom of the IQ distribution..."

and I don't quite get why did you even link that:

"...There are however differences in the capacity of males and females in performing certain tasks, such as rotation of object in space, often categorized as spatial ability. Other traditionally male advantages, such as in the field of mathematics, are not so clear-cut..."

Yay, we are not different... Somehow...

Wernher von Braun settled for a V-2 when he coulda had a V-8.