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Comment: Re:Put it this way (Score 1) 789

by Kartu (#47814207) Attached to: Invasion of Ukraine Continues As Russia Begins Nuclear Weapons Sabre Rattling

Putin cannot use nukes in the Ukraine, even Russia's skilled propaganda machine won't be able to justify it.
He can't stop the West from arming Ukraine.
He can't prevail militarily in a county with 46 million people, which used to have 1 million men army back in USSR times, if it gets support from the West.

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by Kartu (#47814145) Attached to: Invasion of Ukraine Continues As Russia Begins Nuclear Weapons Sabre Rattling

'Cause this very statement, which will piss off even its European allies like Germany/France/Italy isn't irrational enough...
A couple of days ago he insulted Kazakhstan ("it was never a state"), the only former USSR republic he never had tensions with.

Putin is simply trying to re-create Soviet Union (according to him, its collapse was "the biggest geopolitical catastrophe of XX" you know), which isn't possible if Ukraine "goes West".

He's just yet another war veteran, who suffered mentally from the lost war syndrome and managed to come into power. We have seen them about 85 years ago. His actions are as "Machiavellian" as those of Adolf Aloisovich back then.. Aloisovich didn't have nuclear weapons though, so let's see, how this turns out.

Comment: Performance improvements have helped it survive. (Score 1) 511

by Kartu (#47746477) Attached to: If Java Wasn't Cool 10 Years Ago, What About Now?

Note that there is nothing that makes JIT compilers generate slower code.
On the opposite: JIT compiler can gather profiling data, and improve code over time. (e.g. knowing which branch would be taken most of the time) what static compiler can not.

Inherent "slowness" and "memory hungriness" comes from the automatic memory management (garbage collection) and additional runtime type/boundary checks. Also a bit because of "write once run everywhere" (e.g. sin/cos functions are like 100 times slower than in C/C++, because CPU's features aren't used, to get exactly the same result on all platforms)

From my personal experience, Java's speed was on par with C/C++ code, while having much bigger mem footprint.

Comment: Let's remember recent changes in EU (50=95 years) (Score 1) 240

by Kartu (#47653725) Attached to: Patents That Kill

Reality: in EU copiright on Elvis Presley's work was about to expire. (original term was 50 years)
Viola, it's 95 years now.Justifications:

1) Not a guaranteed lifetime income (yikes): "McCreevy said that, with longer life expectancy, 50 years of copyright protection did not give artists a guaranteed lifetime income."
2) Poor european performers would suffer: "'If nothing is done, thousands of European performers who recorded in the late 1950s and 1960s will lose all of their airplay royalties over the next 10 years', McCreevy said. "
3) Why are composers better than performers: "'I have not seen or heard a convincing reason why a composer of music should benefit from a term of copyright that extends to the composer's life and 70 years beyond, while the performer should enjoy 50 years, often not even covering his lifetime', McCreevy said."

And last, but not least: "The proposals (to increase copiright from 50 to 95 years) were widely welcomed by the music industry."

My point is: NONE of the arguments are in line with the original intent.
None of the big players wants the system to drastically change either. Unless serious part of electorate starts to care, things are not going to change.

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by Kartu (#47605731) Attached to: Sony Tosses the Sony Reader On the Scrap Heap

Most of the points you've mentioned aren't really relevant.
PDF created for A4/Letter page format was hard to read on a 6" screen? That's hardly surprising is it?

As far as "re-flow" of PDFs goes (PDF is more of a set of instructions for the printer, than book format), Sony had the most advanced viewer, actually developed by Adobe.

Notes/bookmarks - T1,T2,T3 are Android based, so choose your poison, for older versions there were various projects improving things.

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by Kartu (#47589205) Attached to: AMD Launches New Higher-End Kaveri APUs A10-7800 and A6-7400K

People keep pretending single thread performance matters, even though there is hardly any practical use for it for the avg consumer.

It is especially bad once you are after notebooks. Most notebooks sold are i3-5-7 with Intel's poor iGPU.

The only tasks that put some load on my PCs are:
a) games
b) video encoding

AMD does both better than intel, thanks to:
a) VASTLY superior GPU (besides performance, there is also quality / problems with games)
b) more cores

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