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Artists Create a 1000-Year GIF Loop 99

jovius writes: Finnish artists Juha van Ingen and Janne Särkelä have developed a monumental GIF called AS Long As Possible, which loops once per 1000 years. The 12 gigabyte GIF is made of 48,140,288 numbered frames, that change about every 10 minutes. They plan to start the loop in 2017, when GIF turns 30 years old. "If nurturing a GIF loop even for 100 — let alone 3,000 years — seems an unbelievable task, how much remains of our present digital culture after that time?", van Ingen said. The artists plan to store a mother file somewhere and create many iterations of the loop in various locations — and if one fails, it may be easily synchronized with, and replaced by, another. Maybe they should use FLIF instead.

Comment Re:Dead on Arrival (Score 3, Interesting) 170

As a person who actually tried it (albeit preview version): you can get sick no matter the FPS depending on what is being shown to you AND your genetics.

You don't need 4k $ PC to get high enough FPS, another way is to have slightly simpler scene, no problem. And if you think consoles (Sony has something between AMD 7850-7870 in it) check out this demo (real time rendering):

I wouldn't bet on OR, though. (offtopic: a real shame how kickstarter backers won't get anything from FB deal)
If anyone, Sony, which YEARS AGO released wearable TV (HMZ series) is working on project Morpheus and has helluva experience in gaming/controllers area, will do that.

On pricing side of things, Sony's rep once said it would cost "as console", so 350$-ish area.

Comment Re: hey, CBS doesn't promote Fox, either (Score 1) 222

Amazon is the biggest online retailer with market share bordering "monopolist" status.
Amazon also markets its own streaming devices

This move is very deep in "evil/misuse" territory.

How on earth could it be OK that it is allowed to BAN competing streaming devices from its store?
Imagine that Microsoft would refuse to allow browsers, besides IE to be installed on Microsoft Windows, because, say, they aren't compatible with Windows Media Player.

Comment Re:Useless (Score 1) 109

US Patent Office is indeed the most tech startup friendly system one could imagine.
Which is no wonder, considering US patent system is the "envy of the world":

And lovely trend of "group X is underrepresented => it's because of discrimination" is improving the environment even more.

Comment Typical electric car consumes 35 kWh per 100km (Score 1) 396

Typical electric car consumes 35 kWh per 100km. (62 miles)
Say it can drive 400km (250 miles). That's 140 kWh of energy.

A typical home socket (well, in EU, 220-240V, will be less in USA) has 16A limit, so that's around 3.6 kW, but oh well. Let's say we equip our houses with special supercharger.

Now, to pump 140 kWh in 15 mins, one needs electircity source of 560 kW.
Typical "big" power plants with several blocks are normally in 1-1.5GW area.
With about 2500 such vehicles you'd consume 100% of power generated by such power plant.


Comment It has different body (I work in automotive) (Score 1) 181

I work in IT, but here is what I got from the colleagues from engineering.
The reason the same models (e.g. VW Passat, Mazda 3, Ford Focus.... pretty much any car out there) have different bodies in EU/USA is that they are optimized for market specific crash tests.

As simple as that.

It's not like you'd score 0 stars in one market and 5 in the other, most likely it would be 5 to 4, but even 4 stars is a major problem for sales.

Universal body that would get excellent scores in all markets would be:
a) significantly more expensive
b) significantly heavier

Comment "The higher risk it is" (Score 1) 278

In other words they seriously think that the anticipated big budget movies that are poised to make hundreds of millions $ will suddenly make even (significantly) more, if they don't let some dudes record it on their smartphone and share via torrent, by equiping cinema personel with night vision googles.

That's quite pragmatic.

If it's worth hacking on well, it's worth hacking on for money.