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Comment: Ignorance (Score 1) 1014

by KarrottoP (#37178068) Attached to: Evangelical Scientists Debate Creation Story

I do so love the fact that people with no critical knowledge of the Bible and little knowledge of evolutionary theory can make such wild claims and accusations. The article headline is sensationalist at that, when you consider that actual content of the article. If you can divorce yourself from your preconceptions, based on theories, unproven and constantly in flux, when it comes to creation and then look at the scientifically derived data in comparison to Genesis narrative of creation, flood, etc. you will find that there is no contradiction. Deciding to take what Stephen Hawking says on faith does not make you intellectually superior than taking what God has to say on faith. I would be more than happy to discuss this further via email for anyone who is interested, although I am not interested in poorly mannered conversation.

Comment: Re:You might be missing the point (Score 1) 1277

by KarrottoP (#35432234) Attached to: Utah To Teach USA is a Republic, Not a Democracy

This is not news for nerds, or stuff that matters, but since we have thrown up the flame bait:
The USA IS a Republic and not a democracy, although it is never taught that way in schools. I think Utah is taking a step in the right direction.

Shouldn't we learn that we have a similar system to what Rome had and then also what happened in Rome once they lost their Republic...It seems that there used to be an old adage about not knowing history and being doomed to repeat it.

Comment: RTFNA (Score 0) 421

by KarrottoP (#35162546) Attached to: Fox News Brings Video Game Violence Debate To a New Low

Read The Fox News Article

I am glad to see that /. has fallen into the tired 'look at how bad Fox News is' method of gaining interest in an article rather than letting the content speak for itself. If you read the actual Fox News article it is not the opinion of the article it is the opinion of an expert in the field that claims it is a problem, an opposing view is also expressed so the article takes no sides.

People should stop getting their nickers in a twist just because they have heard a view that is dissenting from whatever preconceived notion that they already may have had.

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