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+ - Plastic artificial bone->

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pnosker writes "Researchers at Rutgers University have found a way to create artificial bone using a blend of usually immiscible plastics, both bio-compatible, where one plastic is dissolved and excreted creating an empty sponge-like region for natural bone to grow and a lattice of PMMA plastic for the growth to occur. The new material is undergoing further study and testing."
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+ - New Tool Automates Webmail Account Hijacks->

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An anonymous reader writes "A pair of software tools demonstrated at the Black Hat security conference today automate the interception of cookie files transmitted over a wireless network that allow attackers to hijack accounts for Gmail, Hotmail, Facebook and a number of other Web 2.0 services,'s Security Fix reports. From the story: "the attack works even if victims subsequently change their passwords, or actively sign out of their accounts. However, attackers would be unable to change the victim's password, as all of the above-named services force the user to reenter the current password before changing it to a new one.""
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+ - Firefox 3 Targets Phishers in a New Way->

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jktowns (666) writes "In the latest round of Firefox 3 nightlies Mozilla has implemented a new way to target phishers. This time they are trying to make users more aware of the domain that belongs to the site they are viewing. They are also trying to prevent phishers from using a method called "percent-encoding" which can make a URL virtually unreadable. Here are some screenshots and details of the new features that will make it into the next Alpha release at the end of July."
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+ - 35 Cool Applications to install on Ubuntu 7.04->

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Anonymous Coward writes "Ubuntu 7.04 is undoubtedly one of the most popular Linux distributions, especially for Linux newbies. Overall it is extremely usable and good but a very limited number of applications are by default shipped with Ubuntu 7.04. Here in this article we look at a number of really good applications that are not shipped by default with Ubuntu as well as instructions on installing them."
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