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+ - Queen to Podcast Christmas Message

Submitted by Karloskar
Karloskar (980435) writes "The queen is going to be a bit hip this year and podcast her Christmas message. How quaint.


The Queen's televised Christmas message is being offered as a podcast for the first time.

Buckingham Palace today said the message would be available as a download from her website from 3pm UK time on Christams Day (2am AEDT December 26).

Listeners can subscribe in advance on the site to receive the broadcast automatically.

This year's broadcast, recorded at Southwark Cathedral, will focus on the relationship between different generations — what the young and old have to offer each other — and how faiths can nurture respect for the elderly.
The Internet

+ - Telstra (Oz Telco) gets ADSL2+

Submitted by Karloskar
Karloskar (980435) writes "Australia's main telco Telstra has released new broadband plans with speeds up to 20Mbps. While these speeds aren't special, the prices are.

The 25GB plan (including uploads) costs a whopping AU$119.95.

A few more articles:
Australia breaks through 1.5Mbps barrier: Telstra launches ADSL 2/2+
Telstra announces ADSL2+ Business Only Broadband"

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