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Comment Re:No use fighting it (Score 1) 144

If the free version is just as good and just as easily available, approximately nobody would pay for a similar sevice. Hulu and Netflix are great, sure. But if bittorrents (and the like) had never been prosecuted, and you could just get the popcorn time app for your ipad and watch whatever you want, what sort of idiot would pay?

Even now, with threats of prosecution, and sketchy websites with advertisements for Russian brides, and a good chance of viruses, and the need for technical know-how, bittorrents are still a larger percentage of internet traffic than, say, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video. Imagine how much higher it would be if it hadn't been for the legal prosecution.

Comment Re:update - there were other tosses which Sanders (Score 4, Interesting) 634

The coins could all have been heads OR they could all have been tails. There are 64 possible outcomes, but 2 are sufficient. 1/32 is correct.

I still don't see it. There is a 1/32 chance that *either* of the two candidates would have won all of the coin flips, but only a 1/64 chance for 'only Clinton' or 'only Sanders'

Comment Re:update - there were other tosses which Sanders (Score 3, Informative) 634

Actually, one in 32 odds. The chance that a coin tossed one time lands with the same face up is 1 in 1. The chance that a coin tossed two times lands with the same face up is 1 in 2, etc.

I'd check your math, it's 1 in 64.

If a coin is tossed once, you can have 2 results

If a coin is tossed twice, you have 4 potential results:


Comment Re:HDMI=mostly disadvantages (Score 1) 406

So their reasons boil down to:
1) You can't have a cable hundreds of feet long without some kind of signal booster.
2) It comes out when you tug on it.

Jesus Christ I can imagine some video nerds are really upset that they can't send their DVD output to the guy across the street without a $20 booster device, but for normal people these are complete non issues.

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