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Comment: Religious Center? (Score 1) 636

by KaptajnKold (#36179730) Attached to: Apple Causes Religious Reaction In Brains of Fans
I find it hard to believe that there should be a part of the brain evolved to process religion. Just how would nature select for that? I think it more reasonable to believe that religion hijacks that part of the brain, but that it evolved for some other—more mundane—purpose. Question: What, other than Apple products and religion, stimulates that part of the brain? The answer might give us a clue as to what its evolutionary purpose really is, and why it is stimulated by religion and Apple Products.

Comment: Re:Apple's is losing its margins (Score 2, Funny) 264

by KaptajnKold (#28228359) Attached to: Apple To Face Challenge At WWDC

That's starting to slip as iPhone and iPod prices come down

It's not Apples MO to drop prices. Rather, they introduce new models and keep the prices level.

Apple's reaction so far has been to raise iTunes prices.

The changed prices in the iTMS has been a reaction to nothing other than the fact that this was a demand posed by the record companies in exchange for them allowing Apple to provide DRM-free versions of their entire catalogues.

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