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Comment: Re:It's not just the fragmentation (Score 2) 136

by CODiNE (#49143029) Attached to: Who's Afraid of Android Fragmentation?

I don't understand why people are expected to buy more software on their phone then on their PC

But they DO! For a majority of PC users software is scary, many worry about installing *anything* as it could "break" their computer. They lack the savvy to recognize fake vendors and malware apps. Also plain software incompatibility is a huge problem for them to understand. Even if they do buy something, many cant even find where their downloads go.

Now compare this to a smartphone App Store. Your CC goes to one place, Apple or Google who they already trust more than random developers. Installs are single click, generally can't mess up th system and are easily removed if you didn't like it.

All stores are MUCH safer and comfortable for general computer users. This is WHY there are millions of apps, finally non-technical folks are empowered to try out and explore software largely without fear. It's been a huge experience for them and finally showing them the potential of computers that WE have been claiming for decades.

So yes, people most definitely do pay more for apps on their phones than their computers, and they like it that way.

Comment: Re: Fuck it - everyone for themselves. (Score 1) 358

by WindBourne (#49141927) Attached to: The Groups Behind Making Distributed Solar Power Harder To Adopt
The reason why America comes up with such high per capita is because we have such high GDP output, which is where our energy goes into.

The trade imbalance with China is because CHina manipulates their money illegally, along with dumps. What happens if they free their money the way that they were supposed to back in 2005? Well, it would overnight stop the imports.

Greed? You think that America is any more greedy than any other nation or their top ppl? Give me a fucking break. Our top 1% is just as greedy as your top 1%. The real difference is that our top 1% does not have regulations on them to keep the work at home. Nor do they have a gov that helps them keep it at home by manipulating money as well as massive subsidies for them to dump on other nations.

And being the largest consumer of resources? Not even close. Hell, CHina now burns 1/2 of all coal on this planet. They import and burn far more than America does.

It gets old when ppl make up BS about others with nothing to back it up.

And yeah, I think that you know that.

Comment: Re: Wrong! (Score 1) 358

by WindBourne (#49137445) Attached to: The Groups Behind Making Distributed Solar Power Harder To Adopt
The reason that america is in trouble is because of idiots like you far lefties combined with those on the far right.

Carter did not stop nukes. Secondly, it is fear from the far left that makes it expensive. And do not get me started on the fucking GOP. Those far right fascists are working hard to turn america into a China.

Comment: Re: Realistic (Score 1) 358

by WindBourne (#49137383) Attached to: The Groups Behind Making Distributed Solar Power Harder To Adopt
Look up eos energy.

In addition, if we require all utilities to net-metering, but to require it to be buying electricity, selling grid/electricity, and most importantly, make it time based. Charge/pay more electricity for it during daytime, and less during nighttime. Likewise surcharges for heavy demands.

With this approach, it gets utilities to have storage ( lots of it ) combined with decent baseload power. Skip the expensive on-demand systems.

Comment: net-metering is done wrong. (Score 1) 358

by WindBourne (#49137303) Attached to: The Groups Behind Making Distributed Solar Power Harder To Adopt
The west should require net-metering of all utilities and allow single sites to return up to 10% more than they use . the real problem is that most net-metering are simple trades, which is the wrong solution.

instead, watts sold back to the utilities should be sold as just electricity and not with grid costs in there. OTOH, when the consumer draws electricity, it should include electricity AND grid ( delivery costs ).
but by the same token, the electricity being sold back to the utility should be timed based. Basically, you should be paid for the electricity what the utility would pay their highest pay for that time slice. So, if you sell at say 7pm, then, you will get paid highest money, which might be as high as .15/kWh. OTOH, if you sell wind in the middle of night, then you might only get .02/kWh. Note that this will encourage storage. And if I were utility, I would move away from coal or on-demand systems and instead invest into storage combined with nukes, maybe Nat gas.

Comment: Re: Fuck it - everyone for themselves. (Score 1) 358

by WindBourne (#49137197) Attached to: The Groups Behind Making Distributed Solar Power Harder To Adopt
Which is false. My home requires less energy to heat, cool, or light than most of what I saw in Europe. Likewise, I buy similar products as a European.

Where I fail, like many americans, is that we drive far more than others. My wife and I will be buying Tesla in a bit, which combined with our solar, means that we will use a great deal less energy than most westerners.
In addition, we work to NOT buy Chinese made products. The reason is that the Chinese gov chose to pollute heavily since they are in a cold war with the west.

Comment: Re:Thank you! (Score 1) 188

by CODiNE (#49132877) Attached to: Google Now Automatically Converts Flash Ads To HTML5

I hope you're joking, I've known enough IT guys who intentionally used bad software for job security. Or allowed things known to be broken to catastrophicly fail so they could swoop in and be the "hero".

For those who seriously think that way....

The same amount of $$ and work would be much better off making things better.

Comment: re-read it (Score 2) 239

by WindBourne (#49124731) Attached to: Study: Peanut Consumption In Infancy Helps Prevent Peanut Allergy
Repeated exposure to 'allergen' AFTER THE IMMUNE SYSTEM IS DEVELOPED, can cause allergies.
Repeated exposure to various antigens before the immune system is developed, tells the immune system to regard the antigen as friendly since it does not hurt you.

That is why you want babies exposed to dogs, cats, cows, beef, chicken, eggs, peanuts, etc.
Once they reach toddlers i.e. 2 and above, then the immune system is working, then latent exposure to various things can actually cause allergies.

Comment: Law of unintended consequences. (Score 1) 100

by CODiNE (#49118789) Attached to: Police Use DNA To Generate a Suspect's Face

If criminals know their DNA will get a thorough health checkup while they can't personally afford such tests....

Some may feel that committing crimes and leaving DNA samples is the only way to get such quality information.

So then the police, in an effort to stop such medically motivated crimes decide to withhold the information which does not directly relate to identification... Leading said criminals to file Lawsuits demanding their own medical data.

Orrrr... The police just run it through the secret DNA database to identify the person and use parallel construction to explain how they found them.

When the weight of the paperwork equals the weight of the plane, the plane will fly. -- Donald Douglas