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Comment Re:anti H1B job protectionism (Score 1) 129

The problem is not that we have immigrants moving to America. The REAL issue is that they move here under H1B which means that they work only for 1 company getting paid extremely low wages and most will return to their home.
What is needed is to REMOVE the [HL]1B programs, and then allow for more visas. Basically, it is not a problem to have talented ppl move to America. It is only a problem when they are replacing other ppl at much lower wages due to artificial constraints.

Comment Re:anti H1B job protectionism (Score 1) 129

quick start?
They have been doing this for the last 30 years. What exactly do you think made them go so fast.
Hell, with the clinton-china accord they were supposed to dump all of their subsidies, tariffs, etc. AND quit manipulating their money. Not a THING has been done.

Comment Re:Christie is ideal (Score 1) 560

Sorry to break it to you, but "fox news" is not some magic word that dismisses all the crimes committed by the people you worship.

Hillary Clinton has violated the espionage act, and other statutes relating to securing public records. She has knowingly attempted to destroy evidence. She has lobbied for foreign interests in exchange for millions of dollars paid into her family slush fund. She may or may not do time for it, depending on whether the Obama regime thinks they can get away with ignoring it.

She is a crook, and that simple fact would remain, even if Fox News had never existed.


Comment Re:think about the victoms before saying "no" (Score 1) 713

We Germans will not accept that the victims are further humiliated by the denial of the holocaust.

Speaking as one of the people that the Nazis would have killed if they'd had the chance: fuck you. You don't honor the victims of the holocaust by outlawing any kind of speech. When nazis lie about their crimes, you speak up and report the truth.


Comment Re:The reason for these laws (Score 1) 713

If we (the U.S.) had any sense we'd do the same thing with the KKK and symbols of the Confederacy

So, you're claiming that overruling the first amendment is a "sensible" thing to do? Maybe it's just as sensible to forcibly shut YOU up, since you're obviously hostile to our tradition of free speech, you un-American traitor. By your own "logic", you have no grounds to object.


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