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Comment: Re:Make it send data to you (Score 1) 360

by Kanasta (#38376984) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Get Non-Developers To Send Meaningful Bug Reports?

Sending descriptive and/or meaningful reports is not the issue. The problem is that in most outfits there is NO way for anyone to reach the devs. As a dev I have seen obvious out-by-1 errors, chat with 'support' and give detailed info, etc, but the idiot on the other end doesn't pass anything on, instead just filed it as 'unknown crash'.

And that's assuming you have a way to reach any support at all. Most 'contact' pages are actually 'search faq' pages, you get pointed to forums that require registration AND are admin/mod by volunteers AND no company reps ever read the forums.
In another If you spend 30min to file a report that checks you filled in every single field after finding the correct links, you just get a very long form email that if you read really carefully tells you a DIFFERENT link where you can file the report again. Sorry the stuff you typed last time was completely ignored/deleted.

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