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Comment: Re:Servers are for applications... (Score 1) 287

by Kalriath (#46793979) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: System Administrator Vs Change Advisory Board

You would literally not last 30 minutes where I work - you'd be fired by the end of the day.

The application is the important part of the puzzle, not the OS. The OS is an easily replaceable cog that can be spun up on another VM in 30 seconds flat if there's an issue, the application is a behemoth that requires deployment, configuration, and all manner of babysitting.

Your "update the OS, fuck the application" approach is patently dangerous to business continuity, and is the sort of thing that results in pretty rapid disciplinary action in a real enterprise environment (where it's clear you've never worked).

Comment: Re:Now I Know... (Score 1) 573

by Kalriath (#46775017) Attached to: Microsoft Confirms It Is Dropping Windows 8.1 Support

Well in that case it's a good thing they're not giving money to a company founded by Hitler or anything. (Hint: companies are not evil. No company in existence can actually have that moniker applied to them - they are at best amoral, probably even ethically impaired. But evil most definitely is far too hyperbolic).

Comment: Re:Theo has been critical? (Score 1) 289

by Kalriath (#46761127) Attached to: OpenBSD Team Cleaning Up OpenSSL

What are you rambling about? OpenSSL is not produced by the OpenBSD Foundation, it's produced by the OpenSSL foundation, a completely separate entity for which OpenBSD has no involvement at all. Sounds like you just saw the word "Open" and assumed they were connected... hint: they're not - an de Raadt has precisely no responsibility for whatever happens with the OpenSSL base tree.

Comment: Re:Why do people listen to her? (Score 2) 586

by Kalriath (#46751641) Attached to: Jenny McCarthy: "I Am Not Anti-Vaccine'"

You have first-hand experience of having an autistic child. You do not have first-hand experience of vaccines causing autism, because there is no scientific evidence proving that this is possible, and there is literally an entire planet of evidence that it is not.

Hence it is, and remains, irrelevant that you have an autistic child - unfortunate though that may be.

Comment: Re:Yes, because of your selection bias (Score 1) 266

by Kalriath (#46750513) Attached to: Apple's Spotty Record of Giving Back To the Tech Industry

Point taken and agreed. Apologies. Historically this has been the hallmark of the Linux crowd - though I admit it has grown up a bit and there's actually quite a few people who espouse Linux based on facts and objective benefits nowadays rather than religious drivel like the old days. (For what it's worth, I like Linux. Upgrading the OS in 5 minutes and without a reboot is actually somewhat refreshing when my desktop at home takes 2 hours and reboots twice to do the same thing).

Comment: Re:Yes, because of your selection bias (Score 1) 266

by Kalriath (#46750501) Attached to: Apple's Spotty Record of Giving Back To the Tech Industry

No, it hasn't. No votes were "bought". They lobbied for people to vote the way they wanted, just like anyone else would in that position (whether you or I agree with it or not).

And you're pretty much proving my and the GP's point quite soundly when you continue to spout that rubbish.

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