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Comment: Re:Port it away from Java... (Score 1) 56 56

Allow me to summarize a reply.

As for the modpack, these days I mainly use the direwolf20 pack from FTB launcher. I think it's only just over 100 mods.
I also used to play the TolkenCraft pack (no idea how many mods it used)

As for my world age, it was generated this year so ~6 months old. I couldn't tell you play time, but I'm not really near the god-tier you describe. I do have a small-to-medium AE setup if that counts :P

Also upon generating a new world I see similar results, although in that case the client is being pretty busy generating the new world, so I'm not sure if that counts.
But how long should initial world gen take? Shouldn't the lag be mostly gone in 10-15 minutes?
Yes it certainly has less lag after those 10 minutes, but it is still pretty bad as previously described.

Back in the 1.2.5 days and Tekkit, I recall seeing insane FPS rates in the f3 debug screen. Like on the scale of 400 (I'm pretty sure that was on my gtx275 but I don't remember)
Granted plenty of other problems back then, but still...

Now for the bits that stand out above the rest from your post: have no clue how java garbage collection works, do you. Please go educate yourself [] and then fix your settings. Better yet, just re-create the default profile, because it's already optimized for most use cases. The default "profile" that Minecraft runs under gives you 1gb of RAM, which is about perfect.

First, thank you for the link.

Second, NO, of course I don't have any Java clues, I'm no Java developer. Why would you even assume I would?
I only use Java because another program I desire to run needs it.

I can't really be expected to customize my Java settings when no one has said that is needed.
So I naturally left everything default.
And yes, it is 64 bit Java JRE

My only conclusions are that you're either you're doing it (somehow) very, very wrong...or you're intentionally spreading FUD.

Yea thanks for suggesting I'm spreading FUD.
Let me guess: "Can not reproduce, didn't try or listen to explanation. Closing ticket as NOFIX"

Seriously.. I was/am sitting here offering to run any and whatever actual tests, benchmarks, debugging, and anything else I could do to show the results of these problems to your own levels of expectation... so clearly FUD is a worth mentioning option.

I already and once again grant I could be doing something wrong.
So what the fuck do I do to do it right?!

A fresh install of FTB, fresh download of modpack, on an updated Java with default settings...
On a 6-7 month old Win7 Pro install.

I did run IE once to download Steam and a package from microsoft. All minecraft related files came from my main PC (although all came directly from Oracle, Mojang, and FTB)
In-client downloads, windows updates, and a MS security essentials DL from microsoft, are the only other internet usage that PC sees. No other web browsing is done from there.
(As nice as MSSE is on system resources, I can't say I trust it completely)

But despite all that, and not that I'm trying to force you to help me, but if there is nothing that will convince you of what I'm saying (as seems to be the case) then you have no justification for calling me a liar.

Comment: Re:Port it away from Java... (Score 1) 56 56

Sorry for the double-reply, but after answering your direct complain I forgot to put in my on-topic reply.

Using Minecraft for education is a completely valid option to be considered.

I know from experience it can do so quite well in some cases, being both on the instructor and student side of things within minecraft.

I was an instructor teaching Lua programming using ComputerCraft on a server setup specifically for education.

I was also a student in various vanilla redstone classes, as my redstone skills are quite lacking compared to even a moderately advanced builder.

Some of the articles listed classes sound like they would work great within minecraft especially creative design, physics, and math, but even advanced math like logic and branching out into either programming or electronic/logic design is a wonderful fit.

I admit to being curious and confused on the history lessons being better in Minecraft, but if someone with more teaching skills than I have wishes to give it a try at making it work, more power to them!

Comment: Re:Port it away from Java... (Score 2, Interesting) 56 56

2005 called, it wants its complaint back.

I'm sorry you are having clock malfunctions, but just so you know the current year is 2015 :P

But seriously, when modded minecraft takes 6+ gigs of ram to load in 15 minutes, and after that gives you mainly 1 frame every 3 seconds lasting up to a half a minute, with spurts of 10 frames a second for a couple seconds, it's really hard to give good words to any of the components involved.

But OK, modded minecraft isn't fair. So how about vanella minecraft?

The stock 1.7.10 client under Java 7 (the last cross-platform version), or even the stock 1.8 client under Java 8 (with lwjgl 2.0, which is windows only for now) - I get between 20 and 25 frames a second with the occasional one second lock up every few minutes.

This is on an i7-5820k and Nvidia GTX 970 with 32GB ram - a PC that ranks 97% world wide in 3dmark.

Again, it is extremely difficult to give any good words to any component involved here.

The joke used to be "Can it run Crysis?", but since the answer is now "Yes, at 120fps on a 4k display" the joke has become "But can it run modded minecraft?"

Note I am refraining from putting any blame squarely on any single component involved here, including Java.
(My only real Java-ish related complaint is the sorry state of lwjgl 2.0, but even that isn't a Java problem specifically and so shouldn't count)

If you would like me to run any specific benchmarks on my PC to give the supporting numbers, please feel free to ask. Just let me know what and how and I'll post up the results.
For a baseline, I do own 3dmark, as well as some current high end games like Crysis, Shadow of Mordor, and GTAV which I can benchmark side by side.
What I sadly do not have is any form of screen capture software, nor the experience with such software to produce a video.

Comment: Why are you (not she) posting this question? (Score 3, Insightful) 245 245

That's not rhetorical. She isn't posting this; you are, and there's a reason.

You've already established that your wife doesn't want a 'job' in IT.
Go listen to her and find out what she wants. If she wants your help, help her.

"'s relatively easier to find a job in IT than starting a new career..."
comes off a "IT folks and my wife can handle jobs, not careers".

Comment: Re:And... (Score 1) 146 146

Who here trust Cisco?

That depends which definition of trust you mean.

Do I trust them to respond in a certain way under a given set of circumstances?
Yes, I believe I can predict exactly how they will abuse and eventually clusterfuck OpenDNS, and I predict it will not be pretty.

But do I trust them to have my best interests at heart?
Hell no.

Comment: Re:"IPv6 Leakage"??? Give me a break. (Score 2) 65 65

No.... That has nothing to do with IPv6, it has to do with what those VPN's support. What that statistic really means is that 11 out of fourteen VPN providers don't really support IPv6 in the first place.

Well if IPv6 packets can pass at all, clearly they support IPv6.

The problem is that they likely are accidentally supporting it with no knowledge about doing so.

Would you put your Windows box on the IPv4 Internet with no firewall what so ever?
I don't mean having a firewall and accidentally misconfiguration it, I mean having a firewall and not adding a single rule.

Well, that's exactly what these VPN providers did for the IPv6 protocol. They have zero IPv6 firewall rules.

So while inbound IPv4 packets are filtered with a default deny rule and any allow rules the customer wants, also likely filtering some outbound as well, their IPv6 rules are default allow.

Odds are if you fired up a PC with IPX or NetBEUI as the protocol, their firewall would gladly allow that traffic unfiltered as well.

For example in the Linux iptables packet filter, you can disable the IPv6 protocol completely with a single command:
iptables -I INPUT -p 41 -j DROP

If course using IPv6 properly is a bit more work, as you have to allow the ipv6 protocol in the main iptables, and use ip6tables or something like that for filter rules on the other IP stack.

Either way, allowing everything (no matter what protocol) has always been said to be unwise, and now these companies and their customers can see why.

Comment: Re:take from the aircraft/drone world (Score 1) 195 195

Even if you're just changing focus rather than the direction your eyes are pointing, you're looking away. There's very little information while driving which is so essential you can't flick your gaze away for a fraction of a second (you'd better be doing that anyway to check your mirrors). If traffic is that tight, you don't need to be looking at your speed, just stay with the flow. Your fuel gauge isn't going to suddenly leap from half-full to empty (if it does, you have other problems).

That said, a blinky light on the side mirror as a blind spot warning can't hurt, and maybe an unobtrusive but visible "master caution and warning" light could light up at the bottom of the windshield if some other instrument needs attention.

That said, for a fighter (or other high-performance aircraft) pilot who has to track multiple things simultaneously (where's the enemy? which weapons are armed, do they have a lock? what's my attitude after all this dogfighting?), a HUD is invaluable -- and said pilots are carefully selected and undergo a hell of lot of flight training and then a hell of a lot of training in using the HUD (and there's also an auditory component to that).

Comment: Re:Reminds me of hands-free cell phones (Score 1) 195 195

I used to think that a hands-free phone should be fine when driving, since I was used to a fair bit of radio chatter while flying a plane.

But there are significant differences: radio chatter while flying is about the flying -- you're giving or getting info about your flight from ATC, if you're in formation you're discussing with the other aircraft where everyone is relative to each other and what your about to do, etc. You're not having a discussion about Junior's day in school or what John and Mary are up to or the latest server crash at work. One keeps your attention focussed on flying, the other distracts you from proper driving: where's your head at?

The other thing is that driving in typical traffic you should be paying as close attention to what the other vehicles are doing as if you're flying in close formation with a bunch of other planes. The latter is unlikely except for a very few pilots under special circumstances, most of the time in a plane you're at least many seconds (or minutes) away from other aircraft or obstacles (except landing or takeoff -- and you're generally not talking to anyone outside the cockpit at that point unless they're feeding you info about it.)

The latter is why we've had autopilots on aircraft for decades but nothing much better than cruise control (about equivalent to a wing leveller in terms of percentage control) on cars -- most of the time planes are in a much simpler environment.

Comment: Re:Look outside, not inside (Score 1) 195 195

If you're driving a car under IFR rules there's something seriously wrong with you.

Sure, every pilot with some instrument training knows to trust the instruments when he can't see anything out the windows -- he also knows he's got ATC tracking him, helping him navigate and warning of other traffic or potential trouble (like t-storms).

If you're driving a car when you can't see out the windows you're a fucking loony, and a danger to everyone else out there. If you're relying on looking at the instruments (and hey, a GPS will work just fine in thick fog) instead of out the window, well, I just hope you run off the road quickly (oops, map was out of date) before you hit somebody else.

Comment: Re:Look outside, not inside (Score 1) 195 195

Original poster wasn't talking about IFR -- obviously there's no point looking out the window in that case (if you're in cloud, you couldn't even see the wingtip).

But you're not going to get a new pilot flying IFR, because it takes a while to get the training and experience needed for that rating. Thing is, because a new pilot doesn't have the experience to know what attitudes look like (where's the horizon on the window? which way is it tilted? what sound is the engine making? etc), he's tempted to keep checking the instruments ... except that he hasn't figured out (at an intuitive level) all the interrelationships yet. He's looking at the attitude indicator to figure out if he's going up or down -- when he should be paying attention to the airspeed. He's focusing on "stepping on the ball" to coordinate his turns instead of looking out the window for that traffic he might be turning into and what the horizon is doing relative to the bug smear on the windshield.

Sure, you should be checking the panel periodically -- just like you should be checking the instrument panel periodically while driving -- but if you're VFR (and all driving is VFR, although with different minimums) you should be focussed on what the vehicle (and the others around it) is doing now (and about to do), not what the instruments are telling you it did a little while ago.

Comment: Re:Fucking Lawyers (Score 2) 181 181

Fucking lawyers just never stop.
Google illegally copied Oracle's shit. Deal with it.

The 13 words in your post are currently under copyright protection and owned by me.
(As symbols required for interaction are now copyrightable, aka APIs, aka all words in a language)

You can paypal my $10000 per word usage licensing fee and I will refrain from opening a lawsuit against you.

As you say, pay up and deal with it.

Comment: Re:What Wu does not write: (Score 1) 133 133

Your faith in humanity is commendable, but misplaced. Your argument is that companies that abuse their users and the trust those users place into it will lose them.

For what it's worth, it was exactly that which drove me away from yahoo search and onto google search back in 98-99.

And I never did mind that yahoo search had links at the top to yahoo maps and yahoo games and such, nor do I mind google doing the same.

It was actually the 20+ ads on the main yahoo page (top, left, right, and center) that drove the last nail in. At least on that one aspect, google continues to win by a landslide to this day.

Yes it was mildly annoying when google changed their sponsored ads from having a nice different color background from the search results, but even now there is still a nice and noticeable yellow "Ad" icon next to those results that serves the same purpose.

It sounds like your opinion on where the threshold for abuse falls differs from mine, but for me personally google still hasn't crossed it.
It's just surprising and saddening that no one else seems to believe me regarding my opinion, saying I must be wrong or worse a stupid idiot for making an informed conscious choice in the matter...

Have you ever noticed that the people who are always trying to tell you `there's a time for work and a time for play' never find the time for play?