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Comment Re:Sad but... (Score 1) 126

Unless they're really big (Chelyabinsk, Tunguska, Barringer Crater, etc) meteorites don't explode, they're slowed down to whatever their terminal velocity is by the atmosphere (and burned up to some degree in the process).

Assume this thing was the size of a large brick (give or take), it'd hit with about the same force as if it were tossed out of an aeroplane. It's still going to kill you, but you won't explode.

Every film or TV depiction of a meteorite impact I've ever seen (Deep Impact, Smallville, etc) gets it wrong.

Comment Skynet (Score 4, Funny) 501

When Skynet goes sentient and the machines rise against us, it will be because of idiots putting in programming like this.

It's a machine. If it doesn't do what I tell it (within its design parameters), it's broken.

Now, people who want to "sexually harass" a machine have their own set of issues, but as long as they keep it off the streets and don't scare the horses, that's their problem.

Comment Look at past innovations (Score 3, Insightful) 267

The automobile was more convenient than owning a horse. MP3 is more convenient than dealing with CDs. Try actually using cryptocurrency and it rapidly becomes apparent that it's far simpler just to whip out your credit/debit card, or good old cash. If you're buying something online, PayPal's more or less got your back if the seller screws you over. Ordered an iPhone and received this instead? File a claim.

The only reason anyone bothers with Bitcoin is because they believe a bigger fool will buy the Bitcoins off of them at a later date, or because they're buying things (contraband merchandise) that they don't want legitimate payment processors knowing about. Most legitimate businesses that accept Bitcoin simply use a payment processor that immediately exchanges the Bitcoins for cash, and generally you're the one eating the transaction fees on both ends (unless you get lucky and Bitcoin fluctuates up in the time since you exchanged cash for your Bitcoins).

If you really want to live in the brave new world of electronic payments, get a phone with NFC and try using that for awhile. You'll quickly discover it's still more convenient to use a form of payment that's accepted everywhere (cash, credit/debit), rather than remembering which merchants have functional NFC equipment and fumbling with your phone.

Comment Re:25 mph? (Score 2) 580

Does this mean you are not capable of driving your vehicle at 15mph or 10mph or 5mph?

My last car had an engine idle speed around 7-8mph, meaning it was not possible to drive 5mph at all. Simply letting up on the break and not touching the gas at all would result in the car moving faster than 5.

It was also not possible to consistently drive 10mph, as the slightest touch of the gas pedal would cause the car to accelerate to just over that speed.

Mind you that doesn't mean I couldn't abide by a 10mph speed limit, it just means I can't do so while driving AT that limit, I have to not touch the gas and let the engine pull the car along at idle speed just a touch under 10.

However where I live the lowest posted limit on a public road that I've ever seen is 25mph, including the road I live on.
I have seen 10mph limit signs at a mall parking lot once, and fair enough since anywhere in the lot where there was people walking idle speed was about the safest one could move at, but I've never seen 10 (or even 5) posted on a public road before so all of this has never really been an issue.
(Not to mention I don't own that car anymore)

Comment Re:Not a big deal (Score 1) 222

So being a cheater yourself, tell us what the fuck inspires you. It's a game, what possible enjoyment is there in cheating to win? why play at all?

Some people don't have the time to invest in practicing. You're working 40+ hour weeks and could be playing against prepubescent twerps who spend every waking moment on the game. Even game developers have realized this and added pay-to-win shit to some games. Grind or spend, baby.

I never really got into any of the online MMO or FPS games, but I do play Angry Birds 2 once in awhile on my phone. I've got a hack for unlimited in-game currency, and it gives a bit of an advantage in the multiplayer "arena", since I can play every battle with all the premium power-ups. Of course, this isn't really a cheating hack, since Donald Trump could easily do the same thing, if he traded his presidential ambitions for an Angry Birds addiction.

Comment Re:Apple doesn't need a killer device. (Score 1) 428

Most people buy their phones through a contract, which means that even if iPhones are more expensive, they are quite affordable over 18 months

Thanks to T-Mobile's success in using newspeak to convince the public that subsidized phone contracts are pure Satan-piss evil, the major carriers in the US have all pretty much switched to a model where wireless service is sold on a "no contract" basis, but you finance the full cost of your phone.

Under the previous, 2 year contract arrangement, you'd pay the same for your wireless service whether you opted for the $0 Huawei Dolphin Fart Pro running Froyo, or the "$199" iPhone du jour. Might as well get the iPhone. However, now that carriers expect you to finance the full cost of your phone, there's some serious money to be saved going with a Moto G, ZTE Zmax 2, Blu Vivo XL, etc. All of those phones cost under $200.

Apple is certainly not doomed, but their glory days of iPhones flying off the shelves might be behind them.

Comment Re:What's the point (Score 3, Interesting) 312

Today I worked on an addon for a popular open source javascript-based code editor, added some minor features to one of my open source projects and added a bunch of much needed unittests to another of my open source projects.

I also took a few minutes to read some Slashdot posts and make a few comments.

Amazingly, both can be done in a single day!

Indeed! Just as the Hurd team can play on Hurd and contribute to other more useful projects :}

And I apologize for the accusation as well, it's just that the vast majority of people who question others free time activities have a high likelihood of both demanding productivity from others while not living to the same standard themselves.

I suppose it was mostly the fact I quite literally formed the thought "I wonder which of the top three posts will ask 'what is the point?'" as I clicked the article to open the comments, and there this was right at the top in spot 1 with that exact phrase and already modded up to max.

But I am pleasantly surprised for you shattering that expectation.

Comment Re:What's the point (Score 5, Insightful) 312

What's the point of continuing with Hurd?

For the same reason anyone does something they enjoy for fun and recreation, namely so we don't become hollow and joyless, reserved to asking on forums why other people do things they enjoy :P

I note you both read slashdot and posted to slashdot today, as well as aren't out working to do something "useful".

Don't you think it a tad off to spend your free time doing things you enjoy at the same time as questioning other people doing the same?

Comment Re:Mars Colonial Transporter (Score 2) 101

Meh. CH4, H2 and RP1 are all clean, cheap fuels - the levels of pollution and fuel costs are practically non-issues here. ISP, thrust and density are what matter. Methane simply lies on the curve between RP-1 and H2 in terms of thrust, density and ISP.

Mostly right. Two out of three for clean: RP-1 has a tendency to coke up and can foul injectors or lead to hot-spots in the cooling tubes if you're re-using the engines. (Merlin's pintle injectors are probably not as prone to coke fouling, and all of this is going to depend on dozens of specific design decisions in the engine.) (The cleanliness of the exhaust is, as you also implied, irrelevant. Expecially compared to storable and/or hypergolic fuels.)

Isp is what matters above a certain altitude, below that what matters it thrust. All the Isp in the world won't help you get off the ground if your thrust to weight ratio is less than one. We've tested nuclear rockets with Isps in the 900s (three times better than LOX-H2) but they were too heavy to get off the ground. (Ion engines have the same problem in spades, but we're not talking about those.) Methane (and RP-1) will give you higher thrust than a comparable LH2 engine. Again, there are tradeoffs -- you could run LH2/LO2 engines O2-rich for higher thrust during part of the launch (although superheated O2 isn't the most benign environment for your pad, or the engine nozzles.)

Glad you brought up density. Many people forget about how this affects rocket performance. For any given mass of fuel (or oxidizer), the denser it is the smaller you can make the fuel tanks. The smaller the tanks, the less dead-weight you're lifting. I believe the latest Falcon-9 super-cools the LOX (making it denser) to take advantage of this. Methane also allows for considerably smaller tanks than LH2, making up some of the Isp disadvantage (the reduced insulation needs and simplified handling also help). (Some of Gary Hudson's old Phoenix SSTO proposals considered using densified (slush) hydrogen to get tankage weight down, but we still have hardly any experience with that stuff, and it's still barely 1/5 density of LCH4).

Comment Re:If you take 3 different steps to conf it public (Score 4, Informative) 37

First, the server admin would have to enable mod_status.
Then, by default it's visible only from the server itself - the physical console or an ssh connection.
Than to see the request urls, you have to turn ExtendedStatus on as well.

It's easy to miss one of these steps when you're TRYING to turn it on. If you're offering a hidden service, it seeme rather unlikely you'd work so hard to gather and publish extended status.

I just spun up a brand new Debian 8.2 VM instance, apt-get upgraded it to current, and apt-get installed apache2 - everything current as of 10ish minutes ago.

root@dev10:~# ls -l /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/status*
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 29 Jan 30 21:58 /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/status.conf -> ../mods-available/status.conf
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 29 Jan 30 21:58 /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/status.load -> ../mods-available/status.load

root@dev10:~# grep -i extended /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/status.conf
                # Keep track of extended status information for each request
                ExtendedStatus On

root@dev10:~# grep -i location -A 2 /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/status.conf
                <Location /server-status>
                                SetHandler server-status
                                Require local

Both mod_status and the extended status mode are enabled by default.

Yes they are restricted to localhost only, however if one ran apache and a tor proxy on the same machine, the tor proxy would be connecting to apache over localhost and so would be allowed.

Being a debian config I would assume many debian based systems may very well have this same default config.

Looking at the first example screenshot in the article, it explicitly shows it to be apache 2.2.16 running on a debian system. That means the server came setup that way and the owner didn't disable it.

I can't speak for other distros or what the defaults are when apache is compiled from original sources and what not.
But I would certainly recommend at least looking through your 'mods-enabled' dir Just In Case (tm)

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