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2.0 Beta Chrome On Windows, Chromium On Linux 258

Posted by kdawson
from the ooh-shiny dept.
AlienRancher writes "Google launched this morning a new beta version of Chrome 2.0: 'The best thing about this new beta is speed — it's 25% faster on our V8 benchmark and 35% faster on the Sunspider benchmark than the current stable channel version and almost twice as fast when compared to our original beta version.' Other enhancements include user script support (greasemonkey-like) and form auto-fill." And reader Lee Mathews adds news of the open source version, Chromium, on Linux: "Not only has Chromium gotten easier to take for a test drive thanks to the personal package archive for Ubuntu Chrome daily build team, but development on the browser is also progressing nicely. Despite being a very early build, Chromium on Linux feels solid and boasts the same blazing speed the Windows users have been enjoying for months."

Comment: Gallium Levels... (Score 1) 40

by Kalgash (#24122305) Attached to: RIP LCD Displays. Invented: 1971 - Extinct: 2017 Global reserves of gallium are some 1 million tonnes. Global production is around 100 tonnes. (from Indium has many alternatives (although some are technically inferior).
United States

+ - FCC to Drop Morse Testing for All Amateur License

Submitted by Wapiti-eater
Wapiti-eater writes: NEWINGTON, CT, Dec 15, 2006 — In an historic move, the FCC has acted to drop the Morse code requirement for all Amateur Radio license classes. The Commission today adopted, but hasn't yet released, the long-awaited Report and Order (R&O) in WT Docket 05-235, the "Morse code" proceeding.

Full story at ARRL Homepage
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Journal: A Standard Reply: Responding to Complaints on Verbing Nouns

Journal by Kalgash
Whenever I see someone say this I will insert this comment:

Language changes to suit a society's needs and values. Fixed definitions and spellings of words is a recent (150 years) development. Verbing nouns is popular and accepted tactic in western society. All your protestations to the contrary will not modify this behaviour.


Journal: Voting Time

Journal by Kalgash
If you are Canadian, of legal age and meet several other minor requirements today is the day to vote. Get out to your polling station and do your duty. If you don't have a voter registration card, only minimal identification is required to vote.

See for details.

20 minutes to vote.
4 years to wish you had.

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Journal: Sweet 2

Journal by Kalgash
I finally got my first +5 post ever. See here.

Although the way the mod points are dealt out lately my dead dog could get a +3 with very little trouble.

Air pollution is really making us pay through the nose.