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China Vows to Stop the Rain 214

Posted by samzenpus
from the way-ahead-of-the-germ-warfare-division dept.
Since the Olympic stadium doesn't have a roof, the Beijing Meteorological Bureau has been given the task of making sure the games remain dry. According to Zhang Qian, head of weather manipulation (best title to have on a business card ever) at the bureau, they've had success with light rain but heavy rain remains tough to control. I see a hurricane cannon in some lucky country's future.

+ - Another challenge to the DCMA subpoena clause 1

Submitted by tom_gram
tom_gram writes: A lawyer for a "a Jane/John Doe" recently filed a challenge to the RIAA's right to demand that a University provide the names of students associated with IP adresses that the RIAA suspects of sharing music files.

An article in the Columbus Dispatch describes the lawyers legal position: ""Here, we have the well-oiled and ready legal machine of the music industry poised against ... unemployed college students who depend on their parents, the government or benevolent institutions for their very sustenance," Kafantaris said. "It's an abuse of the legal system, and it is unconscionable."

The article describes the general approach of the RIAA, which has the college forward letters to students "that say they can settle the complaint at a "discount" (typically between $3,000 and $4,500)" but in this case are now demanding names of students who did not comply.

Comment: Re:Eh (Score 1) 229

by Kaleo (#18909487) Attached to: Blizzard Confirms New Product, May Be Starcraft 2

I didn't know that Blizzard North is no more. That's pretty sad. But maybe we will get lucky. I thought the Thief series was going to disappear or suck horribly after Looking Glass shut down, but Ion Storm managed to develop Thief III into a pretty damn good game.

Maybe someone at current Blizzard will have what it takes to make a proper Diablo 3...

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