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Comment I wish they'd just fuck off with the enterprise (Score 1) 50

I would be perfectly happy if they just said "Know what? OS-X is a home user OS. We don't support the enterprise. We are going to remove support for these enterprise features with the next version. Use something else." That would be great because then I could tell all the Macheads to suck it up and use Windows or Linux.

However Apple likes to play at enterprise support, they've played at it for years. They act like they care, but as you note they half-ass it to the extreme.

Even internally. I remember not long after Apple stopped the Xserve I was talking to one of their engineers and I ask him what they were going to do. Apple had started doing the MS thing of "eating their own dogfood" and was heavily using OS-X on Xserve for their own stuff. He said "I have no idea. They didn't tell us this was coming. We'll probably start using IBM hardware again."

It drives me up the wall as we waste an inordinate amount of time dealing with Macs because people want a shiny toy and can't understand they are unsuited for enterprise use.

Comment Hey Apple if you want enterprise business (Score 4, Insightful) 50

How about, well, learning to support an enterprise? Stop treating every device like it is a consumer toy. Offer some real management tools, don't require an Apple account to do everything on your computers, etc, etc, etc.

It always amuses me when I see Apple talk about the enterprise space because they have done such a shit job supporting OS-X for the enterprise for so long. You can make it work, of course, and there are plenty of 3rd party tools, many very expensive, to help but it is all your own doing. Apple themselves seem to view each device as an island, property of a single consumer to be used as a toy and thrown away when the next shiny toy comes along.

Of course what they really mean here is "We want big businesses to buy our stuff, but we don't want to actually go through the trouble of supporting them."

Comment Re:His first mistake was changing his lifestyle (Score 1) 672

I would also add to yours:

Find some hobbies you enjoy, and start doing them more.
    For me, this would be camping, boating, computers, stuff like that.
Go on a nice vacation, or if you want to get away from everyone you know, go on a permanent vacation.

As far as the women goes, I have been single for 10 years now, you don't need a woman in your life, and as goathumper points out, you are richer than Hugh Hefner, who cares about finding a meaningful relationship, just don't get married and live happy till you die.

Comment Re:Buy an island (Score 4, Informative) 672

Hey slashdot. Can we edit/delete our posts please? FFS, this site is almost 20 years old and you still don't have this capability?

That is because it is the way Slashdot was designed. It is intentional, as if you could go back and edit your posts, you can change their tone afterwards.

Comment Re:ummmm (Score 1) 366

But because the North won, they got to abolish slavery and weaken states' rights at the same time.

Funny how they only abolished slavery in those pesky southern states. Maryland was allowed to keep their slaves for a year after the emancipation proclamation.


Comment Re: Isn't this thing already deployed? (Score 1) 416

AC-130 orbiting the area: You mean that one that turned into a crater, oh and we took care of the people running from the wreckage and the tank moving on your position, need anything else while we're here?

Why compare the F-35, a fighter with the A-10 a ground assault craft, wouldn't it make more sense to compare a ground assault craft to its replacement ground assault craft?

Comment Re:sweden (Score 1) 252

..because he believed he was about to be extradited to the U.S.

Sweden was the country extraditing him from the UK, not the US, do try to keep up, the US has no pending charges or reason to arrest Assange as he hasn't done anything different from Greenwald, who hasn't been arrested.

Comment Re:What is UNUSUAL (Score 0) 252

Do you often have paranoid delusions? The guy has been charged with rape, and is evading justice, why would the US have anything to say about it? If the US wanted him, they wouldn't have had Sweden try to extradite him, it would have been easier to just extradite him from the UK, as they are one of the Five Eye allies of the US.

Trying to claim that this is all an elaborate attempt to get him into the US so he can be tortured or jailed is silly. He frankly hasn't done anything worse than the Washington Post, or Greenwald has done, and there is no attempt to arrest or torture them.

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