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Comment: Re:We should move towards more nuclear and solar (Score 1) 234 234

We can deal with the waste from reactors, it is just environmental idiots and people afraid of proliferation that are holding back reprocessing. France reprocesses and sells power to all of Europe, but the US has laws against reprocessing that were put in place under Carter.

Comment: Re:So does this qualify as 'organic'? (Score 1) 234 234

Are you always such an asshole, or are you just having a bad day? People are trying to have a civil conversation with you, and you bust out the insults. You may know more than the majority of us about aquaculture, but you don't have to be such a jerk whenever anyone has an opinion different than yours. It isn't always true that they are even talking about exactly the same type of farm as you run, they could just be talking about the normal ground based farms that many of us have to deal with.

In short, chill out and be civil or you won't last long here, no one wants to have a discussion with a jerk.

Comment: Re:How's it taste Sardaukar86? (Score 1) 338 338

It would be kind of hard for me to downmod him as he is always replying to me. I don't run multiple accounts, and a registered user cannot mod on a story that they have also commented on. Therefore, it is other's downmodding an annoying troll (such as the original APK comment on this thread).

Comment: Re:Iran is not trying to save money (Score 1) 404 404

You mean the current nuclear deal that they have said they will not honor? There is no final deal yet, and the preliminary deal was being sabotaged by the Ayatollah:

You can try to claim that this somehow will stop them building a weapon, but I just don't see it. They still have Uranium mines, they still have the centrifuges, what is to stop them from making more refined Uranium to build bombs with? They are after all saying the inspectors will not be given access to military facilities...which is where you do this kind of work...

You can claim that I am ignorant, but you have given no facts, just hyperbole.

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