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Comment Haha! (Score 1) 138

Software protection?
Hmm, I believe the correct response would be ROFLMAO*. Seriously, what the frak? That's like saying they will put Windows on it so that no-one can pirate CDs thanks to it's protection.

*Yes, yes, I know it's not physically possible without severe injuries.


jasonisgodzilla writes: "This is more of a general question for the tech masses here at slashdot. I setup a video surveillance system at my house, due to repeated thefts. I had a break in three days afterwards, and the system recorded it as an avi file. The problem is, I try to play it back and it wont play. I've tried every common recovery app out there, and my question at this point is: "Do services or products exist that allow extraction of raw frames from hex data, derived from an avi file?" The answer to this question could go a long way in removing a thief who has been terrorizing our neighborhood for quit some time."

I've got a bad feeling about this.