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User Journal

Kainaw's Journal: Dvorak

Journal by Kainaw

Day 1

I know that the dvorak keyboard layout is supposed to make typing much faster. However, Ive been typing on a qwerty keyboard for over 30 years. So, I don't think that it will help. Regardless, I'm going to try it for one week. I figure that if I can get back to around 60 wpm by the end of the week, the rumors about dvorak are true. As of now, this short message has taken over 5 minus to type (and I have a headache from all the hunting and pecking).

Day 2

I took some Excedrin and started another day of dvorak typing. I still need to look at the keyboard a lot, but I'm finding that I usually have an idea where the key I need is hiding. I got very confused when I rdesktopped a Windows box and the keyboard went qwerty on me. Over all, I'm not typing any faster than I was yesterday. I've been trying to avoid looking at the keys, so I'm backspacing as much as I'm typing.

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