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Comment: Re:Depressing (Score 1) 239

Seeing what statistically significant humans think is highlight-worthy is incredibly depressing.

Yes, it is depressing to see what a "statistically significant quantity" of humans think. However, I don't believe this has taught us anything about what "statistically significant humans" think.

Comment: Re:Impossible to operate? (Score 1) 478

by KaimaraZatar (#30006766) Attached to: LHC Shut Down Again — By Baguette-Dropping Bird

“Nobody knows how it got there,” she told The Times. “The best guess is that it was dropped by a bird, either that or it was thrown out of a passing aeroplane.”

Perhaps the bread came from La Dichosa Bakery. This could be the opening shot of an expansionist campaign by the Conch Republic.

Comment: Re:can we get this tagged (Score 1) 240

by KaimaraZatar (#29622101) Attached to: Sony Prototype Sends Electricity Through the Air
I wonder how many Roomba users actually carry a backpack. Anywhere. You do realize you are describing people who can't be bothered to sweep their own floor or stoop over to plug in a power cord. I believe you are referring to a target market of users who would be better served by a fuel cell capable of consuming snickers and gummi bears. ps. until that wirelessly powered smoke detector comes with the ability to test via universal remote control AND request the dispatch of some maintenance personnel when it's internal backup battery is dead, the idea is fail.

Comment: Re:It was the years 1998, 2000, 2004, and.... (Score 1) 623

by KaimaraZatar (#29570533) Attached to: Has the Glory Gone Out of Working In IT?
For me, it's been several events over several years.

The first was 1998. That was the first time I could confidently send a client to a big box store to purchase a computer that was appropriate for their needs, reasonably reliable, and a couple hundred cheaper than what I could build it for.

The second was 2000. I was writing up a browser related document about cookie management.... when I decided to look something up on the web by searching "cookie", I discovered Nieman Marcus had displaced all relevant technology discussions. For me it meant Joe six pack and the related marketing types had escaped the boundaries of AOL and taken over much of the Internet.

The third was 2004. While working on a new platform for one of the big 3 American wireless telecoms, the sponsors for the project made the decision that usability and reliability was less important than "entertainment potential". And yes, this stuff is located in the call path.

Comment: Re:In the Marine Corps... (Score 1) 336

by KaimaraZatar (#29569699) Attached to: Schneier on Un-authentication
You must be a youngster. Back in the Old Corps, when someone left a terminal unsecured, we loaded a simulated login screen. When the user returned and entered their id/password, their account's storage and processing resources were re-allocated to ours. If the account happened to belong to someone from the systems shop, we also increased our default initiator class. For repeat offenders, we didn't need to volunteer 'em... we just printed an AA (alternate assignment) order to the admin shop. Semper Fi

Neuros LINK Mixes Quiet, Aesthetics, and Ubuntu 121

Posted by timothy
from the gone-to-seed-is-before-the-good-stuff-in-this-context dept.
jonniee writes with a link to Dr. Dobb's Journal's look at a rather cool living-room-suitable media-centric computer from Neuros (presented as being suitable mostly for developers and serious hobbyists for now), excerpting: "The Neuros LINK is essentially a quiet x86 PC running Ubuntu Linux with an ATI graphics card delivering video via VGA, DVI, and HDMI output. ... What makes the LINK such a compelling platform for these folks and Linux/open source developers in general is the recognition that a real business entity is stepping forward to spend the money necessary to market and commercialize what tech enthusiasts have been doing for years."

At the source of every error which is blamed on the computer you will find at least two human errors, including the error of blaming it on the computer.