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Lord of the Rings

+ - Student publishes extensive statistics on the population of Middle-Earth->

Submitted by dsjodin
dsjodin (2747749) writes "There are only 19% females in Tolkien's works and the life expectancy of a Hobbit is 96.24 years. In January 2012 chemical engineering student Emil Johansson published a website with the hope for it to become a complete Middle-Earth genealogy. Now, ten months later, he has published some interesting numbers derived from the database of 923 characters. The site features a set of unique graphs helping us understand the world Tolkien described. Perhaps the most interesting ones are showing the decrease of the longevity of Men and the change in population of Middle-Earth throughout history. The latter was also recently published in the September edition of Wired Magazine."
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+ - How can I succeed as a small developer in the patent war era?->

Submitted by hovelander
hovelander (250785) writes ""For three decades, Mr. Phillips had focused on writing software to allow computers to understand human speech. In 2006, he had co-founded a voice recognition company, and eventually executives at Apple, Google and elsewhere proposed partnerships. Mr. Phillips’s technology was even integrated into Siri itself before the digital assistant was absorbed into the iPhone. But in 2008, Mr. Phillips’s company, Vlingo, had been contacted by a much larger voice recognition firm called Nuance. “I have patents that can prevent you from practicing in this market,” Nuance’s chief executive, Paul Ricci"

I don't have the money yet to retain a patent monkey, sorry lawyer, and don't wish to live in the movie "Brazil"! What are some pragmatic options?"

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Comment: directories (Score 1) 629

by Kailden (#16531047) Attached to: Pros and Cons of Switching From Windows To Mac
I think I understand the difference between /usr/bin, /usr/local/bin, and ~/bin as far as installing applications, but then I get the programs that insist on /opt/bin, or even /var/opt.

On my desktop system, for the things I'm not compiling from source that demand /opt, I've redirected them to /usr/local. Have I committed a great philosophical error, oh wise ones?

Always try to do things in chronological order; it's less confusing that way.