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Comment: Casual player *and* access to raid content? (Score 1) 525

by Kaiganeru (#15896937) Attached to: 40 Percent of World of Warcraft Players Addicted
What about those of us who choose to not join an endgame guild, usually comprised of 50+ of the least nice folks around; kids with nothing better to do (or so they think) others who aren't socially comfortable or have just moved to a new location, retired, disabled, sure there are nice people in the "addicted" category, but it's been my experience that the nicer folks are the more casual "I have a life" players.

Okay... but I WANT to see the neato-geewhiz-bang-coolie-WOW!! stuff that the developers reserve for endgame content... reserve it for endgame content to keep the max level players interested and from moving on.

What about people like me, and there are many of us? We are foreclosed from accessing the fun stuff. There is no option for us to access that content that THAT isn't fair. This is the main gripe I have with WoW -- be a casual player? Be locked out of all the
"coolest" content.

I won't be an addict, I won't spend my time on a minimum of 4-5 4+ hour raids a week. I won't. But that also means I don't get to see the cool stuff; and *that* isn't fair. The game is in effect telling me that if I want to really enjoy what it has to offer, I have to give up my life; and that is a choice that no game should EVER force a person to even consider -- nevermind make.

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