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Comment: Why all the haters of high quality recorded mind? (Score 1) 379

by KaiLoi (#43012227) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Would You Feel About Recording Your Entire Life?
Wow, so I can't believe how un-helpful most of the posts in response to this have been, Mostly of the "forgetting is good" variety. I'll get to that later, but first, on the technical front.

I myself have been trying to do this for the last decade or so. Some devices you might like to look into.

Pretty light head mounted camera. Can record about 8hrs of footage at lowest Res. I had to hardware hack it and attach a bigger battery as it runs out before it runs out of recording. Every night I slurped off the recording to my Mirrored raid "lifelog" drive at home. Look into some good VJ software. Almost any good VJ software has the ability to tag and index parts of a video. If something noteworthy happened in the day I'd take 10 min in the evening to jump to it and tag it in the SW. (hence for future search of little Timmy being cute)

Basically if you want to go 24/7 (actually just when you're awake) you'll need to build your own rig. I recommend a pinhole camera from a spy shop online. They make cameras that look like buttons you can integrate into your shirt. A Raberry Pi and a huuuge SD card will get you a days recording. In the evening pop the SD into the PC and have an auto-sync pull the data to your big redundant life array.

The only thing that's kept me from keeping this up is storage. Even LQ video and mono audio and you're looking at gigs a week. It adds up really fast to about a HD a week. Not sustainable. As soon as Drives get bigger I would be doing this for sure.

Why? So if I die the future super beings can pretty faithfully recreate me from the records. My future simulated me will be way better resolution than the rest of you jokers. ;) If nothing else it can be used to "fill in gaps" in my mind if it's damaged in Cryo-storage. Yes.. I'm a transhumanist. :P

Comment: How to defeat 99% of chatbots (Score 2) 235

by KaiLoi (#40461595) Attached to: Chatbot Eugene Wins Biggest Turing Test Ever
I always find these "OMG new chatbot is practically human!" posts pretty disappointing. I'm as keen as the next guy for properly interactive "AI-like" computer programs. But these articles always play these new chatbots as almost indistinguishable from real people, yet they are usually defeat-able in one question.

One of the things _none_ of these bots do well is abstract reasoning. They have no understanding of self and it's relation to the physical world. As such a simple sentence like "If you and I are holding hands, whose hand am I holding?" will send them in to a nonsensical spiral. We are still no-where _near_ a convincing "chat human" and these articles always make it seem like we're but a few short lines of code away from sex bots that can fulfil all our interaction needs.

Try the sentence above with any chatbot you like. It's an instant killer. Hell, I'd be happy if someone would just add it to their "rote replies" DB so it answered correctly. The first time that happens I think I'll call over in amazement.

Comment: Permaculturalists are already there doing this (Score 5, Interesting) 592

by KaiLoi (#39506399) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Feed Africa?
I must admit that I'm surprised that in nearly 200 comments there have only been a couple of mentions of Permaculture. I would have expected that the highly systematic and evidence based approach to sustainable high yield food cropping would have been right up the slashdot crowds alley.

They are already turning this kind of environment into productive landscape in even harsher climates than Africa (the very salty depleted areas of low lying jordan for example) Look on youtube for "greening the desert" (over view here :

Permaculture (while it has it's hippy adherents) is moslty based in very well understood horticultural and scientific processes for repairing damaged landscapes in a rapid and sustainable way using pioneer species that not only stabalise the environment but enhance it. (Natural Nitrogen fixing precursor species) alongside cheap human manageable earthworks and seed planting techniques.

I highly recommend any geek interested in ecological revitalization read up on and get into permaculture.

Comment: Re:This just makes sense (Score 1) 1345

by KaiLoi (#37551116) Attached to: Science and Religion Can and Do Mix, Mostly

Most of them were plagiarized by the Bible authors.

So? This isn't a term paper where plagiarism matters.

True, But many Christians hold that "Without the bible there can be no morality". They use this as a justification for the rightness of their religion. Most of them are completely unaware that there were complete and consistent moral systems hundreds if not thousands of years before the bible was written. I've met quite a few of the "if the bible didn't exist we'd all be rioting in the streets crowd. You ask them how did society work before the bible and they turn their head to the side like a confused dog and say "BEFORE the bible?" Like that's an impossibility.

Comment: Re:Thanks for proving it. (Score 1) 1345

by KaiLoi (#37551012) Attached to: Science and Religion Can and Do Mix, Mostly

Pragmatic reasons. Christianity has done pretty damn well for itself over the last 2,000 year in terms of advancement of human civilization and human rights.

You're right! Where would we be today without the Dark ages? The Crusades? The AIDs epidemic in Africa? The Inquisition? The Salem Witch burnings?... Why... why... we'd be.... centuries more advanced probably.

Comment: Re:Time for hardware security. (Score 1) 622

by KaiLoi (#36471848) Attached to: $500,000 Worth of Bitcoins Stolen
Have you seen "YubiKey" : I use this for pretty much all my authentication now. (where posible) You can either let it auth off their servers or if you don't trust them (I don;'t) you can generate your own auth server for your key or even local auth or flat password. It's pretty cool and you could use it to generate a auth key for the applications you list. But yea.. it's the way to go. No wallet access without me pushing the button on my yubikey.

Comment: Re:How can that be? (Score 5, Interesting) 978

by KaiLoi (#30029706) Attached to: Why Doesn't Exercise Lead To Weight Loss?
That's because you shouldn't eat diet food.. It's pre-packaged crap for people who are too lazy to learn how to cook properly for themselves.

Shortcuts are never tasty

I highly recommend getting a book called "The Okinawan Program" which is a study of some of the healthiest people on the planet and their diet and lifestyle.

It contains some delicious healthy recipes that leave you feeling very full, are exotic and tasty as hell and yet keep you below that horrific calorie level needed for weight loss

To take what someone said earlier and expand on it. "Stop eating so much fatty, and learn to cook!"

Comment: Re:100 miles with or without A/C? (Score 4, Informative) 586

by KaiLoi (#28922891) Attached to: Nissan Unveils All-Electric LEAF
Idling? Dude.. it's an ELECTRIC CAR! The engine doesn't "turn over" when you're not moving. Charge is used when you move, an/if you're running internal electronics (air con etc) if you're in a traffic jam.. just turn it off. It's not like you have to "re-start the engine" when it's time to move.

Comment: Re:What languages? (Score 1) 1359

by KaiLoi (#28494515) Attached to: Emigrating To a Freer Country?
As a British Citizen who lived in NZ for 15 years and is now trying to get permanent residence in AU I have to call "bullshit" on point 2 there. I've been trying to dig through the red tape here in AU for 8 months with little luck. Getting a Green card in the US was a snap by comparison. Even after living over half my life in NZ they treat me here like I've just shown up on Easter island in a boat speaking Arabic.

Comment: Why we need the Japanese (Score 1) 662

by KaiLoi (#28248461) Attached to: Japanese ESRB Bans Rape Depiction In Games
I remember someone telling me once that we are going about this whole "space travel" thing all wrong.

Apparently all we need to do is tell the Japanese that we have discovered a planet on the other side of the galaxy populated only by tentacle monsters and schooolgirls and they will have the speed of light problem licked by the end of the month.

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