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Comment Re:Falsify the Big Bang (Score 1) 96

Discovering a star that is older than the Big Bang.

This was the case for quite awhile during the late 80's and 90's. Astronomers studying the age of the universe calculated its age to be between 10 and 15 billion years old, while other astronomers studying ancient stars calculated their ages to be between 15 and 20 billion years old. Eventually they discovered more accurate ways to take measurements and the calculations worked this apparent paradox out.

Finding a star that is older than the big bang wouldn't disprove the big bang... it would only mean that more research needs to be done.

Comment Re:I can only say one thing... (Score 1) 317

GP was the one who called it a "diamond" rather than a D-pad or cross. As another poster pointed out, he may have been commenting on the layout of the A, B, X, Y buttons. If that's the case, then I misunderstood him, but nobody calls the buttons a "diamond", either.

The Colecovision did NOT have a flat D-pad style controller... it had a joystick. Get educated before trying to get smart.

Comment Re:I can only say one thing... (Score 1) 317

Yeah, because communication wasn't invented until the internet. We just sat around with tape on our mouths with no means to express our opinions.

There was a console before the SNES called the NES. People didn't immediately jump on it because 1) it was released just after the massive video game crash of '83 and 2) nobody had heard of Mario before ("You mean that dude from Donkey Kong had a name?") 3) it was expensive and came with a stupid robot and 4) it had a weird control pad instead of a joystick.

Look it up sometime when you aren't too busy spouting off your ignorance to everyone.

Comment Re:I can only say one thing... (Score 2) 317

When people first saw the diamond on the NES control pad, they said "The controller design is awful. Why the fuck would you get rid of the traditional joystick?"

I personally have mixed feelings about the controller, but I'm at least willing to wait to give it a try before passing judgement on it.