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Comment Re: Destination (Score -1, Troll) 214

And yet nations regulate human activity, even on the oceans, and together can make treaties and courts.

You mean they try to.

Japan is violating International Law while pretending to follow it.

What international law, specifically, are you talking about?

In effect, they are going back on their word, betraying their commitment, undermining the legitimacy of every international agreement they make.

Where and when did they say this? What agreements, specifically, are you referencing?

Look, I'm personally against most whaling but according to the scientific data I've seen Japanese whaling isn't a problem. The fact of the matter is the minke is not an endangered species. In fact their population appears to be growing and apparently they're pretty aggressive to the point population control has actually been suggested in the past to try and allow for recovery of other whale populations where the minke are sharing territory.

Comment Re:No mention of ad blocking support (Score 1) 96

Wait, there was a crackdown on adblockers on Android? I didn't even know about this. As I mentioned I don't browse on my mobile so much I've ever felt the need to block advertisements -- but when you think about it Google makes a lot of money off Android specifically through advertisements and advertising related activities... so it would make sense they would have tried to ban them. Though the existence of that ABP browser on Android seems to indicate they've maybe given up on that?

Either way FF is my choice of browsers on mobile as it is more responsive than mobile Chrome and has a lot more "desktop" features than mobile Chrome does. Specifically the fact that it's more responsive is what I like about it as I tend to search, check maybe one or two pages, and then toggle back and fourth to some app - and when you toggle with mobile Chrome the browser seems to re-load each time you switch back whereas FF is a little more aggressive about stay active. There's also the fact that as much flack as Mozilla gets FF is still a more "free" browser than most.

As for tracking etc. I keep a very private environment on my computers that aggressively blocks tracking etc - but I welcome it on my my mobile. I use my mobile to search for place to eat our discounts etc. anyway, so having Google Now recommend them to me is actually pretty nice. If I had the option of a full system ad-blocker I don't think I'd actually opt for it. On the other hand if I were to be using my phone for more personal matters I think I would be much more concerned about privacy options and about how Google is making it difficult to have said privacy like you are pointing out. Thanks for the heads up - more people should be aware of this.

Comment Re:No mention of ad blocking support (Score 1) 96

I've only seen it in the add-on listing, I've never actually used it. Why would they even list it for mobile (you set what mozilla clients you support in your extension information file) if it's this much of a pain to use?

There are a few other ad-blockers and privacy extensions available for FF mobile though, so even if ABP doesn't work there appear to be other options.

Comment Re:Laws of physics (Score 1) 201

I'm actually proof of what you're saying. I own two cars: a hybrid Vellfire with eco tires and a manual 86 with sports suspension and inch-upped wheels with ZII tires. The Vellfire we take on long trips (lots of highway) and I drive it very carefully (eco-starts, very gradual breaking) and the 86 use for short drives for work and motorsports and I don't drive it so eco-consiouscly. Despite the 86 being in the exceptional range of gas milage for sports cars, the massive battery-filled rolling living room full of kids and baggage Vellfire puts it to shame getting +9km/l over the 86 last I checked. Granted driving style is of course part of the equation here... but if you're buying a V8 sedan it's pretty much guaranteed you're going to be a pedal heavy bastard on the road. Still, if I drove them both the same I'm certain the Vellfire would still run cleaner than the 86 - the margin is just too great.

Comment Re:Laws of physics (Score 1) 201

Excellent point - my post only took into consideration instantaneous efficiency but as you point out it's really about sum efficiency. Capacitive breaking / energy reclamation and assisted acceleration, variable throughput, tires, etc. etc. etc. Just looking at the progress that's been made in the last 10 years and seeing the kinds of things being released now (EG: Toyota Mirai, BMW i3) and glimpses of what could be released in the future (Mazda RX-9 hybrid rotary) and considering that even these are things that will be revised and improved upon I have immense trouble with the idea we've hit some sort of physical efficiency limit.

Comment Re:Laws of physics (Score 1) 201

Even if you mean with the same engine model you're wrong. Tuning and precision engineering alone can dramatically increase the efficiency of an engine. A simple example of this would be pistons - precision engineered pistons like those in F1 cars result in significantly smaller energy loss per fuel burned than a consumer grade piston. A heavier vehicle with a precision engineered piston could easily be as efficient as a lighter vehicle with a consumer grade piston.

Comment Re:Laws of physics (Score 1) 201

Even modern engines are massively inefficient things - not even coming close to approaching limits of physical efficiency. And that's just the engine. Power is lost in the drive train, through the wheels, through various vectoring mechanisms and further stolen away by stability control and traction systems. Your argument is invalid.

Comment Re:Laws of physics (Score 1) 201

Are you comparing specific vehicles? What SUV weighs 2500kg!? Even a loaded landcruiser is only 1,500kg. But just to humour you, a Jetta has a reported output (per-scandal number) of 144kg, whereas a CX-5 has a CO2 output of 119kg.

I'll give you that greater weight makes efficiency more difficult but I'll point out that just chip tuning for power will blast the CO2 footprint up dramatically. VW is basically selling cars that are chip tuned for performance out of the gate and making it look like they are not.

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