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Comment Re:Wait a day or two before passing judgment (Score 1) 375

You are imagining things if you actually believe i said anything about incompetence. Is English not your first language and somehow you confuse words to mean something else or do you deliberately contort everything you read in order to fit some narrative that you can then pick apart?

Comment Re:I'll lay money (Score 2) 242

An interesting bet. How many of the high-school / college mass killings in USA were done by the religion of peace, do you reckon?

Not many, but this one is a conspiracy of four. While its possible that four lone loonies found each-other it is much more likely that they were all muslim, and that way knowing that they would at least not get reported for telling each other their plans.

Comment Re:Wait a day or two before passing judgment (Score 1) 375

A hit and run can be an accident and one person doesn't stay at the scene of the accident. There is nothing to stipulate that all hit and runs are not accidents. There could be reasons outside of the act of driving that the driver wouldn't want to stay around ( for instance, possession of drugs or illegal items, warrants for arrest, problems with citizenship and legal entry in the US e.g. illegal aliens and so on).

The point was that there is no way of knowing it was "still" a hospital when allied forces are claiming they are taking fire from the building. Just like there is no way of knowing that city hall still has all the politicians in it when it's used as a fire base for the invading enemy.

So the docs without borders who put themselves at risk by being on the front lines contacted someone in the military. A Taliban operative could have done the same so it needed to be verified but more importantly, communication is not instantaneous in that process. There is no one person you can call who has a magic button that will stop the bombing of a certain building or area. Whoever they reported it to had to pass it through the chain of command until it eventually was verified and filtered to those taking actions. A half hour seems quite expedient if you think about the logistics involved.

This is why we need our own boots on the ground. Pretending to be someone else air force ends up with the US getting blamed for mistakes and misdeeds that the foreign forces should be accountable for. In all these threads I've seem America bashing and little to no mention of the Afghans who called the air strike in. If BP oil tells a contractor to cut corners and dump chemicals illegally or even use sub standard parts causing an oil spill, we blame BP oil. The US is basically the contractor here.

Comment Re:Yeah, and? (Score 1) 375

When it is war, possibly yes. When it is a domestic police issue, the answer is maybe but probably no.

You see, the world does not operate in black or white. There are so many shades and colors that one solution does not fit all. If it did, every one would be rich and happy from making all the same correct decisions.

Comment Re:Add weights? (Score 1) 173

Come now, you're interrupting the Two Minutes Hate.

The proper fix is probably just to reduce the ejection force somewhat, and the seats probably allow it, but from what I know of milspec equipment, the problem is likely that 27 tons of paperwork haven't been completed, so that's not an approved adjustment procedure yet.

Comment Re:Yeah, and? (Score 2) 375

Why don't you get real. The hospital is in a territory recently taken over by the Taliban and the air strikes were called in by afghan police who claimed they were taking fire from the building.

Given the history of the Taliban killing people from the west, what indication is there that this was still only a hospital and that these allied people were still alive and free at the time the air strike was called in? You do understand that when an enemy army takes over a city, that city is now behind enemy lines. What you know or thought you knew about it may or may not be even close to correct anymore because it is controlled by the enemy.

Comment Re:Wait a day or two before passing judgment (Score 1) 375

Why would or should any military or government for that matter have a problem bombing or attacking anyone, any building, or any organization who is directly aiding and comforting the enemy in a war?

Yes, it was a hospital. Outside of that, what makes it any different than any other building that the enemy captures and fires on the government or coalition soldiers? Docs without borders knew it was dangerous to go to the front lines and practice medicine in a war zone. It's like you running out in the middle of a street during rush hour traffic. Sure it's tragic if you get hit, but unless you are an imbecile and generally do not know any better, its your own fault. Why should I blame a driver for your death?

Comment Re:In other news (Score 1) 375

The US is there because we started the current problem in Afghanistan after ousting the old leadership (Taliban) who was protecting terrorist (Al Qaeda) who actually did plan and commit acts of terror on US soil as well as soil of US allies.

To say we have no reason to be there is idiotic and ignorant of history. If you are old enough to post an opinion of your own about this on slashdot, you are likely old enough to have lived through that BS and the progression to date. Perhaps you were too young to care and should ask you mom about it.

Comment Re:Might not need? (Score 1) 146

When a car is tested for emissions, its drive wheels are usually placed on a treadmill. The other wheels are left on the ground standing still. Most cars today have wheel speed sensors for the stability control systems, so brakes can be applied to tires that lose traction. The algorithm to cheat is simple: If the drive wheels are turning at highway speeds, but the car clearly isn't moving at highway speeds, cut the power (and emissions) because the power isn't going anywhere useful.

Comment Re:pedestrian has right of way. (Score 1) 278

The distinction is legal liability and criminal penalties. You should not be in front of a judge if you had the right of way. No charges should be filled in the first place and if you need to calm a grieving mother, just declare it an accident.

I guess that the term right of way is somewhat troubling the discussion. Even though a driver might have the right of way, they cannot hit or run over obstacles in the roadway if they could otherwise stop. So it isn't a matter of "get off the road, i'm in the right of way ". Its a matter of who can sue who and if someone will go to jail or not. If you run in front of me and i hit you, my insurance will cover most medical (because of law ) but you cannot sue me for lost wages or pain and suffering. But if you are standing in the road and i fail to stop even though I had time , You can.

Comment Re: inadequate (Score 2) 159

We do have a choice. We can either trust others with our information, or we can live without the modern services they provide.

You can live without telephone or Internet service. You can live without credit. You can live without running water, electricity, cable TV, or any other privatized "public" utility. There's your alternative choice.

For most of the last century, America has been opposed to widespread government control. Out of a fear of "socialism", we campaign against raising the government-supplied standard of living. We say we don't want the government to take away our choice, without realizing that the only other option in the choice we have is to return to a standard of living set shortly after the Civil War.

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