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Comment Re:Two opposed postions on abortion, both libertar (Score 1) 421

Whatever you want to call them - do you think that they would not be entitled to, at the minimum, a right to life to the same degree as humans (i.e. killing them should be treated as murder)?

Only if they can fight for them. "Our Creator" didn't endow man with the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness: men fought other men for those rights.

"Wait!!", you say. "Babies and Down's Syndrome people, and people in iron lungs can't fight. They must not be human, either!!" To that I reply, "They came from humans, so must be humans."

but not all humans have 23 chromosomes

You ignored the other differences.

Down syndrome

Interestingly -- and off topic -- males with DS have never been known to reproduce, and only 1/6 to 1/3 of DS females are fertile.

Ultimately, all this is just accumulated mutations and selection of them over the course of that 6 million years of divergence.

Why stop at six million? Why not regress back to 90 Mya and the first placental mammals? Or even further to the probainognathians, cynodonts, synapsids, amniotes, chordata, animalia, eukaryotes, bacteria, all the way back to the Last Universal Ancestor? Call everything human.

If you could incrementally edit a chimp's genome to make it human, at which point during the process is it "human enough"?

I don't know that.

But we do know that if it comes from the joining of male & female DNA, then it's human. And that's Good Enough.

Comment Re:Two opposed postions on abortion, both libertar (Score 1) 421

surely you can imagine a hypothetical non-human person, even under whatever subjective definition you subscribe to?

No, I can't.

suppose we do determine that dolphins are "intelligent enough" ... would that not make them persons?

No. It would make them sentient dolphins, not "non-human people".

you'll have to show a difference in quality rather than quantity of differences

Easy peasy!

The primary difference is that humans have one fewer pair of chromosomes than do other great apes. Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes and other great apes have 24 pairs of chromosomes. ... There are nine other major chromosomal differences between chimpanzees and humans: chromosome segment inversions on human chromosomes 1, 4, 5, 9, 12, 15, 16, 17, and 18.

we show that they differ radically in sequence structure and gene content, indicating rapid evolution during the past 6âmillion years. The chimpanzee MSY contains twice as many massive palindromes as the human MSY, yet it has lost large fractions of the MSY protein-coding genes and gene families present in the last common ancestor.

You can't boil the argument down without agreeing on what the argument is about.

That's for sure... :)

Comment Re:Two opposed postions on abortion, both libertar (Score 1) 421

Why not the egg? Why not before?

Anyone intelligent enough to post on /. is intelligent enough to know that half the DNA isn't enough. (It's also why the Roman Catholic "every sperm is sacred" doctrine is so silly.)

And it's a valid question to ask whether they should have the same rights as a self-aware human being.

Quoting "The Interpersonal World of the Infant", 1985, p. 165: Prior to the age of eighteen months, infants do not seem to know that what they are seeing in a mirror is their own reflection. After eighteen months, they do.

Thus, if self-awareness is the measure of humanity/personhood, it's just as ok to "put down" an eighteen month old human as it is to kill an unwanted dog.

you're not basing your definition of rights on whether someone is a person or not. You're basing it on whether they're human or not

I fail to see the difference between the two. The Wikipedia article just demonstrates a bunch of philosophical BS.

don't see why this is, in principle, any better than denying on a scattering of other genetic markers that correspond to dark skin etc.

Where did I indicate such a thing???

Biology is irrelevant here

It is relevant, because with it you boil the argument down to objective facts instead of philosophical and socio-political arguments.

Comment Re:Two opposed postions on abortion, both libertar (Score 1) 421

So self-awareness, and brain in general, is not required to be a person?

Excellent question!

Answer, part #1: Because the the human brain develops naturally from that zygote.

Answer, part #2: Babies with severe microcephaly have no self-awareness, but are still humans.

why don't they get all the same rights that a person should?

Just because they have a wrong DNA?

Because their DNA is not human. Even when it functions properly, it doesn't produce the panoply of features required for humanness.

Does it also apply to humans with "the wrong DNA" (e.g. not sufficiently white)?

Only for people without a competent understanding of biology.

Comment huge savings on ink (Score 5, Funny) 138

e-ink is hugely expensive. This saves them a ton of money. but don't turn it on negative contrast or you'll be replacing toner cartridges like mad.

Seriously why is e-paper so expensive. even on placed like alibaba you can't buy e-paper for less than the cost of a kindle itself. You could probably buy used kindles just to re-sell the e-paper screens and turn a profit.

Comment Re:Why not call it the honor bit (Score 2) 100

Should it not be there choice? Let them decide their business model. As I said, I'm not forking my money over to Starz because I don't like their bussiness model. But I'm also using my dislike of their choice as a reason for pirating the show. In fact I respect that they are making it possible for me to see it if I choose to. The place where piracy matters is when it's the only option-- when something is not (practically) available. And as far as bussiness models go, I'm fairly sure Starz will be dropping their price point-- at this time they probably get most of their money from cable contracts not internet sales so it would be stupid to undercut that. I don't think they want to gouge me, it's just that's the bussiness dilemma they face. In the future their internet grows, cable wanes, and they face competition so they ddrop the price. Or if they don't there's plenty of other video out there.

Comment Why not call it the honor bit (Score 2) 100

It's asking you to respect your own honor and integrity by not taking something the owner is willing to share but not give to you. The logic that says because determined dishonorable people will do it that it should be honorable for me to do it beggars belief.

Furthermore even if you have no honor when the door is closed and your are anonymous at your computer then it still is highly effective. For example, I'd truly like to watch Black Sails. But it requires a Starz membership I don't think is worth the price. I could easily go over to some place like couchtuner to pirate it but then i'd get shit quality and some russian drive-by trojaning attempts. No thanks. On the otherhand if this were super easy to pirate there'd be a gazillion ways to see it in high def all without the russian trojans. Thus the fact that it's not worth the effort to subvert the process actually is a barrier to entry more than just relying on an honor system. it works for people inclined to honorable but never the less tempted by the lure of sticking it to the man and his outrageously high priced restrictions.

Steve jobs proved the point when songs became $1. Lots of people are happy to pay a reasonable price for convenience and feeling they didn't cheat.

Comment Re:Authoritarians will always rule. (Score 2) 421

laws prohibiting abortion force those who are not to bow to my beliefs and surrender their own.

And what about my belief that stupid people should be shot hit the head?

If you say something about my freedom stopping at his nose, then I remind you that the baby's right to live stops at the aborter's saline injection, scraping blade, etc.

Comment Scrappy Malkovitch (Score 1) 84

three problems scrappy solves:
1. Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy? Scrappy, Scrappy Scrappy, Scrappy Scrappy.
2. Scrappy Scrappy: Scrappy, Scrappy Scrappy!
3. Scrappy, Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy. Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy, Scrappy Scrappy? Scrappy.
4. ?????
5. Profit!

  Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy. Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy. Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy? Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy!!!

Or watch being john malkovitch.

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