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Comment: Re:My best advice: ***AVOID INKJETS*** !!! (Score 1) 381

by Kadagan AU (#45212973) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best SOHO Printer Choices?
I've never actually used it, but HP's new Officejet Pro X Series of ink based printers actually seem like a very good product! They print faster than most laser printers, lower cost per page (or so they claim), and from what I've seen you don't need to worry about ink drying out. They have minimal moving parts as well. I'm someone who has avoided ink for along time (have two color laser printers at home), but this is something worth looking at. They apparently are exclusive to CDW for now (according to our CDW rep in Feb.). Find one here

Our rep claimed the following:
- The ink wont smudge or run due to rapid drying pigment ink
- It prints 70 pages per minute which is in the Guinness book of world records (didn’t know they had a category for that)
- The cartridges will last for 9000 pages (black) and 6600 pages (color)
- It saves on power consumption because it doesn’t need to heat up like laser printers
- It has less parts that you will have to replace
- The biggest difference is it doesn’t have the ink cartridge that flies back and forth printing on the page. It has little ports that don’t move that apply the ink to the page

Comment: Re:Movies (Score 1) 322

by Kadagan AU (#44774933) Attached to: What's your favorite medium for Sci-Fi?
I picked movies for one practical reason. I've got a full time job plus a toddler, and I don't have enough time to regularly devote to most of these mediums. Earlier in my life I would have picked books or tv shows, but currently 2-3 hours is a great amount of time for me to spend. I do enjoy some audio books during my commute, but I watch movies more often.

Comment: Re:Print version (Score 1) 427

by Kadagan AU (#43363235) Attached to: TSA Log Shows Passengers Say the Darndest Things
Most of the comments are stupid, and it's understandable that the TSA wouldn't like them. There's one however that I don't fully understand the problem with:

An Atlanta passenger approached a flight attendant and asked her if she had ever been hijacked before.

Seems like a normal curious inquiry to me..

Comment: RPi? (Score 1) 107

by Kadagan AU (#42797685) Attached to: Windows Software Coming To Android Via Wine
With WINE moving to an ARM architecture, it seems reasonable that it could be made to work on the Raspberry Pi as well. I understand that this wouldn't be able to run any resource intense programs, but being able to run some of the less hungry windows apps on a Pi could create some interesting possibilities! I would love to see more progress made in this direction!

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