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+ - Chrome OS has support for Trusted Computing->

Submitted by KNicolson
KNicolson (147698) writes "Looking at the recently-released documentation for Chromium OS, I couldn't help but notice that the Trusted Platform Module features in the specifications, and the latest source tree even has a directory reserved for a TPM emulator. Some blog speculation highlights that Trusted Boot would be trivial and fully locked-down Secure Boot is quite feasible."
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The Internet

+ - Survey says Japan's pipes fat, mostly P2P-free->

Submitted by
dids_jp writes "A couple of interesting surveys out of Japan on internet usage: over three-quarters of those online have home connections rated at over 10 Mbps, yet remarkably less than 4% admit to being file sharers. With scare stories about Japanese cops losing data through Winny, not surprisingly the risk of leaking personal data or getting a virus keeps people away. Only a quarter of non-users refuse to run the risk of infringing copyright; the fear of getting caught was not reported, however."
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The Internet

+ - :-) turns 25, but how old is (?_?)-> 1

Submitted by
KNicolson writes "We all know that :-) turned 25 today, but what about the Japanese equivalents (?_?) Who first came up with them and how long ago? Following some research of of the Japanese side of the internet, I found the answers to my question of who invented Japanese emoticons and when. The earliest documented use is about 20 years ago, by a non-Japanese, it seems!"
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