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Comment: Re:Which party is scummy? (Score 1) 297

by HBI (#48411713) Attached to: Uber Threatens To Do 'Opposition Research' On Journalists

So, "journalists" get to make noise in the sphere of public opinion but are to be immune from the negative repercussions of said attention? Quite a deal for them, I say. Especially when many take money to alter the focus of their writings, or otherwise have a political axe to grind.

Your attitude is naive in the extreme.

Comment: Re:You're screwing it up devs (Score 1) 468

by HBI (#48409921) Attached to: Elite: Dangerous Dumps Offline Single-Player

There is seriously no point in explaining to these nimrods that they are being (semi-)expertly fleeced by con men. Con men suitable for their dulled senses, at least. They'll either learn with time, or they won't. The fact that they are still willing to dump tons of money on games - moreover, with Kickstarter, even worse than the usual 'prerelease' scam* - indicates the foolishness beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Imagine an alternative situation where a food retailer crowdfunded "Christmas Dinner". You donate your money, and they remove the previously promised turkey and replace it with Spam on December 23. Would these same morons argue that Spam was better for you at that point? I think they would...

* Why on earth would you ever give money to a retailer or even a manufacturer for a vaporware product? Ever.

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by pudge (#48404889) Attached to: Cardow cartoon cannot be unseen

... you did seem to lament the courts' inaction ...

Not in any way, no, I did not.

you ... always singl[e] out one particular issue based purely on the person implementing it

You're a liar.

When talking about transparency, it's yours that is the most obvious...

I agree. I am nearly completely transparent and obvious and clear. I lack pretense or disguise.

Comment: Re:At first glance, I liked the first response... (Score 1) 16

by pudge (#48404647) Attached to: To The Little Untergruber

... exactly the way your financiers want it ...

No. It's true that the framers and most people who understand politics want the people to be ignorant about most issues in government, because otherwise, the people would be spending too much time watching government and not enough time enjoying life and being productive. Everyone should want to be ignorant about most things, especially most things government does. Otherwise you'll be miserable.

But it's not true that they want people to be ignorant, but with a delusion of lack of ignorance. You're just making things up.

... with its present day monolithic two-face one party system. Not a single independent in the house. Smells very bad...

There's no objective reason why it's a bad thing.

Comment: Re:At first glance, I liked the first response... (Score 1) 16

by pudge (#48402667) Attached to: To The Little Untergruber

Gruber was mostly right, although the word "stupid" is probably not what he meant. But the fact is that whoever believed it wasn't a tax, it wouldn't raise rates, it wouldn't force you to change plans and possibly doctors, etc., was ignorant. Not stupid, necessarily, but ignorant. That said, someone who is ignorant and thinks that he actually knows these things is kinda stupid. So all the news folks, for example, who said that what Republicans said about the ACA were lies ... they were stupid.

The fact is that almost everything the GOP said about the ACA was true. Federal funding of abortions, subsidies for illegals, massive government control defined at a later date by an administrator and not Congress, death panels, increased taxes and premiums, decreased choice ... all of it was and is true.

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