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Comment: Re:Detail (Score 1) 230

by KIFulgore (#42396187) Attached to: Carmack: Next-Gen Console Games Will Still Aim For 30fps
I would rather have half the detail at 60 FPS. I perceive a huge difference in 30 vs 60 FPS, yet I notice very little difference in graphic quality for systems with double the graphics horsepower. For me, faster graphics hardware is producing diminishing returns in visual quality but the framerate is very noticeable.

Comment: Re:High temp but low energy (Score 4, Funny) 76

That's a good point... I've read a lot of comments from people freaking out about being able to bring these on a plane.

I was once boarding a plane and accidentally scuffed my feet across the carpet. I brushed my hand by someone else and triggered a static arc that must have been close to 50,000 degrees. The plane was still able to take off. True story.

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