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Comment Re:What if I don't want to own a car? (Score 1) 277

There is a story of a train that was underground, not really a subway though, that stopped and let on two families who were in the tunnel. They were escaping from East Germany at the time and were successful at it. So, well, there's that. In other words, it's not entirely without merit. I'm sure there are many other instances where human piloted/controlled vehicles have done quality things.

I, for one, go out in the winter with a tow strap and chains and pull people out of ditches. I can't wait until this upcoming season because I now own a restored tow truck. I don't charge, I get loads of enjoyment from it and consider driving in the snow an art. In fact, I go out driving in pretty much every snow storm and I plow people out for fun if there's no one to extract from a snow bank. The tow truck doesn't have a plow on it and I'm not sure that I'm going to put one on it. I can, and will, make multiple trips. Other times, I go out and help people out (I can't extract them) in a rear wheel drive vehicle that's not really designed to be used in heavy snowfalls - I do that just to enjoy myself but I sometimes bump into people and have driven them somewhere or even gone back to get a vehicle that is capable of extracting them.

If you've ever had a crazy lunatic (I used to do it drunk) pull you out of a ditch in NW Maine, in the past eight years or so, then it might have been me. ;) Seriously, it's one of my great joys as crazy as it sounds. I love driving in the snow. It's awesome and an art. On a good day, I can do the "Axl Rose Shuffle" for miles.

Comment Re:sTEM (Score 1) 181

Which is why I clarified that it was quite specific and my assumption that they were specifically referring to it as a field of study - independent of (though tied with) mathematics such as Mathematics Philosophers. I'm *assuming* (a bit assumption, I know) that the OP was specifically referring to Applied Mathematics. It's also why I use the capitalization.

Comment Re:Please don't tell appliance makers (Score 1) 58

Years and years ago there was a company, in Maine actually - kind of neat I guess, that designed and created optical disks that were based on organics and would stop working after a set time once exposed to air. The thinking was DVD rental kiosks and things like Netflix. It didn't catch on and, I think, they've since stopped trying to market them and may have gone out of business.

I sit on the board at my local credit union and we were approached for funding. We declined. They were in the media for a while but that didn't last long either. I've no idea what actually became of them or their idea. I just figured that people would just copy the disks first thing and that the whole idea was borderline retarded. The board has some not-so-very tech-savvy people on it and my background has come in handy at times though we'll often call in a specialist for additional information.

As an aside, we didn't slow down lending and still haven't. We're raking in money hand over fist. Seriously, I see a trend in small and single proprietorships being the future - as it was in the past. It may well be time to hang out your shingle though I'd worry about the taxation. Oddly, larger businesses get more tax breaks than smaller businesses even though the smaller ones probably do as much for society as a whole but I digress.

Comment Re:Biodegradable ordinance (Score 1) 58

I don't think the US actually uses autonomous non-self-destructing area-defense munitions any more? They took them out of the NorK DMZ quite a while ago IIRC. There are still, surely, some remaining from old (and still people being harmed by them) but I don't think we're actually using them any more. I am too lazy to Google so I could be wrong.

Comment Re:Isn't this a no brainer? (Score 1) 358

Conversely, you don't have a right to their content. It's a conundrum I suppose. I block ads. I block them because I hate them. I accept if a site kicks me off because of it. I don't have a right to use their site in a manner they didn't approve of - it's their property. I just go elsewhere.

Comment Re: sTEM (Score 1) 181

There you go again... Put quotes around the "Applied Mathematics" part. They're not two separate and distinct words - they're a single concept that has a two word tautology. Physics is Applied Mathematics. Traffic Modeling is Applied Mathematics. I'm assuming that's what they mean when they say this. You appear to be thinking of it as "applied mathematics." I can understand the confusion. Think of it as "Applied Mathematics." That might help.

Of course, I'm assuming that the OP was, in fact, thinking of Applied Mathematics. Lots of things are Applied Mathematics - it's a pretty broad field. I'm going to appeal to authority here but I encourage you to verify if you want. I hold my PhD in exactly that - Applied Mathematics. I applied mathematics, note the capitalization, to work in pedestrian and vehicular traffic modeling. Traffic Modeling is Applied Mathematics, as is physics. Even quantum physics and quantum mechanics and all that - they, too, are Applied Mathematics.

You'll probably continue to argue but, I can assure you, you're mistaken IF the OP actually was using the term properly. I usually resort to capitalization to avoid confusion or to clarify. I've spent enough time on the internet to know that I have to make sure things are clear - it's one of the reasons that I'm as verbose as I am. The other reason is, of course, I'm about as articulate as a horse.

Comment Re:sTEM (Score 1) 181

I'm assuming they meant "Applied Mathematics" which is a thing. Physics is Applied Mathematics by my definition. I think you'll find the rest of the world (except you) agrees. Then again, what do I know? I'm just a mathematician - specifically, my degree is in Applied Mathematics. I'm sure you know best, however.

Comment Re:Snap Tight vs Glue vs Mortise/tenon (Score 1) 113

I see you've never heard of post and beam construction. Back home, we have barns and houses that are hundreds of years old and post and beam (using mortise and tenon joinery) is still in use. It's also heavily used in furniture and cabinetry. Hell, when I make something for someone, I use biscuit joints quite frequently - especially when laminating.

Comment Re:Unconcerned with this level of scrutiny? (Score 1) 78

Maybe if you'd not let them take the firearms away in the first place that sort of question might not seriously be up for debate. I'll never understand why citizens willingly disarm themselves and I'm sure that's due to my cultural bias. However, I've tried to think about it logically and reason my way to understanding. The only conclusion I can make is that those citizens did not use logic and reason their way to understanding. Fear will do that, I suppose.

Me? I'm willing to accept that some violence occurs. I don't want a government that can't be removed by the force of the people when the will is not enough. For those who say that it can't be done because of the military, I'd suggest they try a little more of my favorite breakfast cereal - Reason Bran. An insurgency is pretty effective and many of those enlisted will take up arms with the insurgents (and bring equipment and expertise) if the cause is just. That and, well, the ruling parties aren't going to destroy their infrastructure but will likely seek a quick and speedy remedy that enables them to keep their wealth and a modicum of power.

Reason Bran, now with two scoops of logic and an extra 20% critical thinking.

Comment Re:Unconcerned with this level of scrutiny? (Score 1) 78

To be fair, I often go to sites based in other countries and get my news there when it concerns certain topics. Journalism is now, and has always been, biased. There is no true fair and balanced journalism really - there probably never will be. I've taken a look into the history of "yellow journalism" and, yeah, it might actually be better today than it has ever been. At least we can, today, get our news from a wider group of sources which gives those interested some chance of actually finding out the truth.

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