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Comment: Re:Outside help (Score 1) 399 399

I can not speak for the habits of Greece. I do not know and am unwilling to put out the effort of informing myself as it is not important to me nor does it alter what I am saying. However, avoiding taxes is legal and is the fiscally responsible thing to do. It is the responsibility of businesses and citizens to pay the least amount of taxes that they are legally obligated to pay. Tax avoidance is what you are meant to do and is well within the law in any country where I have earned money.

Tax evasion is illegal and is morally reprehensible even if you do not agree with the manner in which your taxes are spent or feel that you are being taxed more than is proper. Tax evasion should not be tolerated and, if this is what is happening, should be investigated with the judged guilty parties being punished according to the laws of their country.

Tax avoidance is very different than tax evasion. I avoid a lot of taxes by donating to charity. (I donate more than I can deduct actually. I do not donate for tax avoidance purposes, that is just an added benefit.) By structuring my income from capital gains (not illegal structuring) and making use of a limited liability corporation I am able to reduce the amount of taxes owed in a lawful manner which is ethical. That is perfectly legal and is something that one probably should do. Now if I have money in a safe deposit box in the Cayman Islands and I have a currier bring it to me in $9500 increments while also lugging a bunch of pre-paid debit cards in his suitcase then I am evading taxes and that is illegal and immoral.

To clarify my own definitions: Morals do not change (though are not absolutely universal). Ethics are mutable, they can be changed for the situation. Cf. Situational Ethics.

Comment: Re:Outside help (Score 1) 399 399

Neo-conservative Republicans are ashamed to be associated with the Republican political party. They have co-opted the Libertarian moniker, to the detriment and disgust of the party members who have no way of stopping them and are not organized well enough to compel them to change, and this has been a trend for at least ten years. It started happening during Bush's second campaign and continued to grow until a couple of years into that presidency. Until such a time most of us Libertarians (I am now a registered Independent/Green Party member - they are tied together in this state) actually advocated things like universal health care, taxes on businesses and wealthy, a reasonable tax rate all around, laws keeping our environment clean, etc...

No, we did not advocate those things out of kindness, we advocated those things because they are more financially sound for long-term growth. Healthy people make better workers and an infrastructure to get them to work gets them to buy stuff. However we advocated personal freedoms such as the right to ingest what we choose even with the potential detriment of self-harm. A number of us disagreed with everything and disagreed with how we should do this while still siding on the personal liberties side of things. However, most of us were not maladjusted teens and old people who want to screw anybody over in their personal effort to gain wealth. Most of us were not Ayn Rand fans either.

The reason I say things in the past tense is because that was the past. Today it has changed. The party has been taken over, the platform completely bastardized (not that it was ever that clear), and the vocal (I am not sure if they are a minority any more) bunch have put the party on a different path entirely. Libertarians used to be sane, usually to the left than the Democrats, and did not believe in some pure form of any political ideology because it is well known that no such thing can exist effectively now that we've grown past the tribal stage. We are not, or at least were not, advocates of anarchy (usually, there were some nutjobs), nor did we suggest that capitalism was the solution to everything or even most things. We did advocate state rights, personal liberties, and social responsibilities. We were in favor of things like, you know, a social safety-net. We were in favor of educating those on said nets so that they could become productive persons who could enjoy their liberties because liberties should be what everyone has and not just for the wealthy.

That being said, it is not what the party really is or what the party is about. It is what is currently being thrown about in the party's name however. The Democrats are not defined by Obama nor are the Republicans defined by Bush. The Tea Party is not Libertarian. Greenpeace is not Democrats. I can not say who is in the majority now, I can only say that the nuts were once a vocal minority or even just a minority. Now they seem to be prevalent enough to make it so that I changed my party affiliation to more accurately represent my voting. My beliefs have not changed. I just do not like the platform as it seems to stand now. Of course the whole party is segmented and about as manageable as a herd of cats. It is hard enough to get a clear message out and much worse to actually get meaningful statistics. Most of us got stoned and forgot to fill out the survey. It is hard to remember the importance of voting when you're stoned.

Comment: Re:Outside help (Score 1) 399 399

I found the one guy who was paying Grecian taxes. He is up-thread and paid pretty much all of his income in taxes (86% total taxation rate). He left. Assuming he was telling the truth, and I generally do make that assumption, he was the last tax payer and now Greece is truly screwed. I almost want to send Greece a check for like $50 to "help them out." Also, I think it would be cool to have the canceled check. Maybe we need to start a Kickstarter for Greece? Anyone who pays gets a copy of the cashed check. The three highest payers get to kick a Grecian politician in the nuts/vagina - their choice. If the amount paid is high enough they might just go for it.

Maybe we can set it up so that a donation of $100,000 USD would net the payer the chance to kick the prime minister or president (or both) in the nuts while recording it for later playback on YouTube. I say it is far more useful than buying Bidden a car. On top of that, the politicians can show how much they love (or do not love) their country by their willingness to endure pain on behalf of their countrymen. It is bound to alter the elections in one way or another.

Comment: Re:Outside help (Score 1) 399 399

In 2012 I had 100,000 Euros income paid 86,000 Euros spent on taxes

In 2007 I sold my business to a major government contractor, that is pretty much all they do - government contracts from food service to defense, for an eight-figure sum. My taxes were nowhere near your taxation rate and now they are even less, I pay less in capital gains taxes than I paid before. (I can afford an accountant and a lawyer now.) The only taxes that I pay "dearly" on are property taxes and I do get raped there. I really can not complain - I still pay less than I probably should.

For those who would say that I should pay more... I pay exactly what is due and avoid any taxes possible. I donate as much as is reasonable instead. I consider it my same social spending only I get to spend it on feeding hungry people instead of bombing brown people.

But, come on now... You spent an absurd amount on taxes, overall taxes, and that is not cool. Now if you were making a huge some of money, say 10,000,000 per year as some jackass CEO, then sure - the amount is still absurd but the overall amount that you'd keep is still acceptable. In your case? I do not blame you for being unhappy. That is simply unacceptable. The obvious result is that you, and others like you, will go elsewhere and the business will move elsewhere when and where it can unless they provide some very compelling reasons to stay. At those rates? I am going to need a daily supply of hookers and blow (and blackjack) on the government dime. Otherwise? I am taking my ball and I am going home. Fuck you and fuck your society (no, not you personally but the society you left) because I do not like my neighbor that much. Oh, I love my neighbor, so to speak, I just do not love him that much.

You kept 14% of your income... I am shocked that you stayed as long as you did. You probably would have been better off being on welfare. It probably pays better. Note: I have no idea how Greece's welfare system works. I have been to Greece twice (I once stayed for six months while I did some work there) and never asked about the welfare system but I did deal with their government and, if that is any indication, you may well have been better off on welfare. (The myriad government agents that I consulted with were almost always different people, almost always had no idea what was going on, and were really difficult to contact.)

Seriously... How did you manage to put up with that for as long as you did? Is it the only job you could get? Was there a compelling reason to do so such as a significant other? I'd need hookers, blow, and blackjack and I am not going to let them skimp on any of them.

Comment: Re:Advanced users do not use Apple products (Score 1) 352 352

Anyone who is a zealot is unbearable (and wrong). Then again, I am zealous in my desire for moderation. But, seriously, fans of any OS (or company, or similar) are just blinded by their biases and stuck that way because their ego will not let them change. I prefer to judge each by its own merits and I do not think I am exceptional in those regards.

Comment: Re:It stopped piracy (Score 1) 394 394

Yeah... Hmm... Google indicates otherwise. I am going to need a citation for that.

What would possess you to lie like that? I do not understand. This is the internet, it is the one place where you can be completely honest and nobody will know who you are (within reason). Why lie?

Comment: Re:Citizen of Belgium here (Score 1) 1254 1254

I think the difference is "gave" vs "loaned." Gifts do not get repaid. Nor loans, if you are Greece, but that is a different topic altogether. In other words a gift, like you are pointing out, has no bearing on this conversation whatsoever. Not even a tiny bit. It is an interesting subject but it has nothing to do with this subject unless you are saying the loans to Greece were gifts. If that is what you are saying then why are you worried about them paying it back?

Comment: Re: LOL "advanced" apple users (Score 1) 352 352

And you are only downloading music that you have permission to use... Uh huh... Nope, do not believe you. I have absolutely no reason to believe you. You might as just fess up and be honest at this point. I pirate music all the time. I do not take it and then make money from it. There is the difference and we all know that you are pirating your music and there is not one damned thing you can say to change that.

Comment: Re:LOL (Score 1) 184 184

That was a long read but interesting. It gives a nice, and different, view. That is, frankly, a dilemma that I am not sure how to solve. The people that live there should have the right to determine the growth and if that means a poor business growth climate then that is their choice. That is all I can come up with. I suppose you could say that people have a right to live and do business where they want but I do not feel that they should do those at the expense of those who already live there.

Comment: Re:iOS is toys, OS X is Unix. Learn the difference (Score 1) 352 352

No no... A couple of them whined and cried. It is obviously effective just by your emotional response. Knee-jerking silly responses about me, the person who did not do it, shows how emotional it makes you. It is funny, really. Do go on about idiocy...

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