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Comment: Re:The Whistleblowers' Blues (Score 1) 632

by KC7JHO (#32668514) Attached to: Wikileaks Founder Advised To Avoid American Gov't
And so if you as a soldier were ask to go to a foreign country and transport supplies to our troupes, you think it should be perfectly reasonable for us to know the name and address of your daughter? Mother? What do you think the enemy gov would do with this kind of information? Say they can already determine that information but can't make the connection beyond the fact that you are a solider some where in their country, should they be able to find out exactly where you are? What mission you are assigned to do? Where you are going to be and at what time? Do you think, even for an instant, that they would not hesitate to threaten you with the lives of your family if they thought it would cause you to stop doing your job? Oh you think that these secrets should only be available to US citizens? Citizens for how long? (time square bomber ring any bells) Would YOU want details of a mission YOU were on given to the people you were sent to stop? Their are secrets that protect the lives of our soldiers and their families, but also that protect our NATIONAL interest as well. This is not just about covering up some crap that some one did.

Comment: Re:You missed a key detail (Score 2, Interesting) 125

by KC7JHO (#31204720) Attached to: Officers Lose 243 Homeland Security Guns
My patrol car has no such switch, except the one on the door, and neither do any of those in my department. I have never seen a patrol car with this feature, though technologically it is something that SHOULD and could be put in place! This would greatly help when having more than one officer at a scene needing to warm up but only one having the spare key... You would not have any links to where this system could be obtained would you?

Comment: Re:meh (Score 1) 175

by KC7JHO (#31116822) Attached to: Mining EXIF Data From Camera Phones
While I completely understand the sentiment, even most Point and Shoot cameras come with some type of software for downloading the pictures from the camera. This software will usually use the EXIF data to help organize your pictures by date taken, location (If available), etc. The real problem is that when uploading directly from your cell phone you are not given the option to strip that data from the file. If you upload it to your computer first you can just right click on it in windows explorer, or what ever other file browser you are using, and select properties (then advanced properties if needed on windows XP) and delete the data you want to, close the file ant the new properties will be saved to it.

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