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Comment: Re:glibc. probably sysvinit as pid1, etc. Still Li (Score 1) 169

by KBrown (#48910065) Attached to: Google Just Made It Easier To Run Linux On Your Chromebook

You might want to contribute to http://linux-not-gnu.org/ . I have already been able to replace glibc with uClibc and now clang is able to fully replace gcc so it's only matter of replacing a couple more libs to get a 100% non-GNU operating system with a Linux kernel.

Comment: I have a virtual office for 499 MXN a month (Score 1) 52

by KBrown (#44047407) Attached to: How the Linux Foundation Runs Its Virtual Office

I have workers in differnt states of the country, some of whom I have never seen their face. I just need to know they are Online and they are delivering their work on time ad complete. The virtual office is just used for receiving bank statements and tax notifications. The first seven years of operation the virtual office was not even needed but I had to get one to be able to print my presentation cards with an address in a business zone instead of a residential zone like I was doing in the past.

Personal face-to-face meetings are sometimes required but they are way too expensive, cheapest plane tickets range between 1400 and 1800 MXN but some times I have had to pay 5,000 and some other times two or more people need to travel to the city the meeting is taking place on. So, after all that much expense and a sucessful meeting with a client not as upset as he was before the meeting, it's always a good oportunity to have some beers with co-worker friends before every one has to fly back to their homes and keep working as always.

I have some international clients but I don't have international workers (yet). I have had good experience working with international freelancers hired by a couple of my clients to participate in a particular project, but my experience with national workers has been as good enough as not to need to hire somebody outside of the country. It might happen some day but not yet.

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