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Comment Re: So that means it's free to everyone (Score 1) 281

I would vote you up if I had modpoints today.

The upgrades from the full systems pop up whether the useraccount is linked to the microsoft account or if you simply created a user on Windows 7.

And yes, if someone signs up specifically for a beta program were every click is analyzed and any feedback linked to an account I think it is OK to get the free copy connected to that account. Because this copy is free (as in beer, but not as in speech).

It does not upgrade a bought copy. The alternative would be that every installation of the beta gets a free copy, even if the user did not participate in the beta program.

I hated MS for diversifying the directx-bases because every new directx was only available if the user bought the newest windows. They nearly destroyed the pc as a gaming machine in order to push their xbox. They were evil in general and their monopolistic behaviour was illegal. They tried to kill Linux by FUD.

The free copy is the right thing to do to atone for the abomination that was windows 8 or even 8.1 (two different userinterfaces for account settings, nuff said). And a free copy for every one who beta tested seems fair. Even non genuine windows installs get the upgrade, but there will be nagging.

I don't see much change in their behaviour myself. Could be wrong but way it looks to me is free isn't a usable experience liked genuine (business) customers will get. Testing is going to be the suckers who buy into it and updates forced on those users with MS stating after months of testing on home versions it will be rolled out on the real customers machines. Months makes it sound liek they are releasing it with barely any testing done inhouse. Way to make people work for free, not sure that is how it will work but my gut says maybe ;)

Comment Re:Music Download Festival! (Score 1) 134

Maybe their paymasters thought it was a Music Download Festival and thought it'd be a good idea to have incriminating evidence complete with mugshots (nice for the world-wide facial recognition database) of the perpetrators of these heinous crimes against the hard-working, living-off-scraps music community.

joking aside some of the met really are that stupid

Comment Re:Meh (Score 1) 156

Ah I got the wrong end of the stick so apologies for the mixup, I thought you meant that dual gtx980's was too limited and not enough when it sounds more like ENB can't utilise that power past a certain range more like. I wonder if you would get it to manage it if chucked more power or if there is some other issue when the higher you go the more inefficient it would get. By the sound of it is doesn't sound like enb does those things in a linear way and you are hitting some limitation and are at the envelope of its capabilities.

Probably more money than it is worth to try but I'd love to see a stream if you did get it to manage it with everything turned on. Not sure I'd drop for 4 x titans or 4 x 980ti's to try it but it would be sweet to see. I tend to try and aim for 60fps myself, I know skyrim in particular used to have weird physics at varied framerates or over 60 (I have vsync on anyway) so that is another reason to keep it stable which is probably part of your reason I imagine.

Comment Re:Meh (Score 1) 156

Depends on the resolution you use. Here I have two GTX980 (Gigabyte G1) in SLI and still is not enough to run my Skyrim at 3840x2160 with ENB (4K display user).

I get a gtx770 to push skyrim with enb, sweetfx, massive higher poly mesh and texture packs etc etc in 1440p so you should be able to handle that. Skyrim tweaked doesn't look the best compared to other things IMO, it just looks the most dramatically different from the stock versions highest settings from most games. Don't forget post can only add so much, and that is a dx9 games (hence enb ans sweet work for it well as the dx11 versions are not working properly last i tried, and it has very poor optimisation for pc. The latter point may be your issue, you seeing microstutter from SLI. Made worse due to lack of optimisations and one card will be doing all that pp, just a guess. Add to that you can hit texture limits quick as I notice from starcitizen and GTA V 1440p will hit those limits so you will have similar thing depending on texture packs. No card can make piss poor implementations efficient and give the best looking possible. PC GTA V maxed comes close with the lighting and shadows from dynamic lights such as headlights to that, faaaaar closer than skyrim so give that a shot see what you think, enjoy.

Comment take it offsite guys, heavy censoring (Score 1) 184

It would only be off topic if Dice weren't suppressing the biggest stories in the FOSS world this week.

They are suppressing it because it reflects badly on them. We have nowhere else to discuss it, so like Beta it'll get discussed everywhere until they finally listen.

I would if had points but it will do no good as they'll just keep removing them as admins have unlimited resource there essentially, as it is clear they're doing watching it for past few minutes alone. This post will go as others like it have. Time to take this discussion somewhere it can't be censored. You'd think they'd learn.

Comment old news with new title (Score 1) 128

How is this different from other designs that use different substrate material than used in active layer? It is just prepreg epoxy paper with thin silicon or GaAs layer on rather than using silicon/GaAs for substrate as well and this has been looked at for some time. Full article even admits paper is one of the materials used in such designs previously and this seems more of the same but they are making it sound new calling it wood. It isn't wood because there is no lignin, hence alpha cellulose papers are called "wood free" papers.

They may have tweaked the design a little by changing the type of paper but this isn't some amazing breakthrough that turns IC design upside down the way they make out, also bashing GaAs as nasty implying this doesn't have it in because hey it is wholesome "gree" tech from trees when it will still have GaAs layer in all the same unless silicon is prefered as it is in many cases in which case moot point. About as new as changing the structural materials in FR4 for PCB construction from epoxy prepreg'd E-glass to paper (or both in CEMs) only they don't BS about making some eco friendly new way to mount circuits when they do that.

Comment Re: Sudafed (Score 1) 333

And the products which replaced it are useless. I notice the party of small government has yet to get the government out if that part of our lives. The whole behind the counter/mandatory ID thing is one of the most intrusive, idiotic things in the history of this country and a testament to the social, economic, and freedom disaster that is the war on drugs. End it.

As to this situation, how about we, you know, stop locking people up for wanting to briefly escape the miserable reality we force on too many and start offering proper treatment (including proper pain treatment where applicable) to those who need it? Addiction is no joke, but the crimes that go with it are largely the government's creation. They empower these drug dealers the same way they empowered gangs during prohibition. In a way they deserve each other, but we all end up paying for it.

aye the replacement (mainly phenyl eph) MAY work but not in the dosages that have been tested as safe. I tend to just buy ephedrine these days (in POM OTC asthma drugs in UK like chesteze) because I can just flash an inhaler if I get 20 questions where as blocked sinuses etc didn't seem to stop the 20 question BS here when buying pseudo in UK. Despite no ID needed etc not very intelligent pharmacy staff tend to get a little ott like you're asking to buy Methedrine pills ffs.

Funny thing is hardly any meth would be made from the pills since the price is extortionate and when you consider amount needed, yields (chemistry wise I mean) and all the waste in decanting/filtering etc it would be hundreds of times more expensive before any markup. Most street meth across the globe is either diverted legit supplies or illicit made by crew from bulk precursors (various amphetamines and phenethylamines) bought it MASSIVE amounts. The kind of amounts that get LE knocking or rival crews coming to tax or hurt you because the amount wont go unnoticed. Only time homebrew is worth it is during droughts, similar to the desomorphine homebrew in Australia and later Russia (when it got krokodil name) because users couldn't get heroin. Russian thing is probably due to cost rather than true drought as a lot of global heroin moves that way from Afghanistan green zone.

Comment Re:Old guy here - pixel art reminds me of bad game (Score 1) 175

Somebody who thinks a photograph is just a record doesn't understand photography at all.

My photography is a record in one I can think, of the vision I had behind making the pic but certainly isn't one of reality. Even leaving post processing out of it to prove even capture stage is heavily influenced by the shooters view and not objective. Lighting with flash/strobes means the lighting is nowhere near record of reality. Add focal length distortions/exaggerations from wide angle depth "stretching" to compression in telephoto, various amount of bokeh, narrow dynamic range (regardless of 12-14bit raw capture it ends up in 6-8bit display formats from rendering on 8bit monitors to print)..... that is just the basics to start and you have something VERY different from both what the human eye sees.

The reality of what is there is different again to the what the eye sees and what we see normally isn't even that but is our brains interpretation of the info which is different again depending on your processing model (such as top down visual) hence the arguments over that blue/black/white/gold dress which came down to top down processing of some peoples brains filling in blanks is you like incorrectly NOT whiteblalance as some articles suggested because they didn't take into account viewers of same screen at same time (identical lighting etc) saw it different but the scientific press tend to be rather uneducated.

Comment Re:Bigger != Better (Score 1) 87

The way to "get around" the law is to change the law.

You cannot change the law without public support. One way to get public support for repeal is to show that a law is dysfunctional. If drug prohibition laws actually worked, did what they were designed to do, and had fewer bad side effects, then support for repeal would be much weaker. We are better off if people buy their drugs online, then if they get them on street corners. The only people harmed by these online markets are the drug dealers, the police, and the incarceration industry.

considering the funding, behind the scenes pressures over intrests and the privatisation of the prison system (not just the US sadly) somehow I think police and the prison industry wins the most. The goal isn't to "stop" drugs which is clear from methods of operations and who is targeted when

Comment Re:Ducky Shine 3 TenKeyLess (Score 1) 452

I have a Ducky Shine 3 TenKeyLess with Cherry MX Brown switches and I concur. It feels as solid as granite. Best keyboard I've owned and since all of the keys are switch-mounted (in some cases like the spacebar, with additional switch-shaped mounts) I find it easier to clean than other mechanical keyboards.

The solidness of the keyboard makes a big difference on noise. TneKeyLess keeps it even more solid. Yes, the Cherry switches "click", but the my girlfriend has commented that her aging Logitech G110 is actually louder to use because it's so loose and rattles so much in comparison.

I use shine 3 mx browns and in fairness there is not much click unless you bottom them out. If you bottom out any mech keys consider using o-rings

Side note on the ducky is some batches had led's burn out fast, most of those are gone now as happened after a led supplier switch and was sorted BUT [as all brands can experience] the good ones every now and then can burn out an led, my Q started dying. A flangeless 3mm LED are easy to find (some keyboard shops sell them) and easy enough to desolder and bang a new one in. Doing this you realise how well made the shine 3's are, not just the dual pcb but everything else about it is tank like.

Comment Re:Poor Mr. Ceglia (Score 1) 163

Somebody has allowed "them" to rule the world. They aren't really smart, actually most of them are pretty stupid, they are just very good at lobbying, they've been doing it for 2000 years. Americans let "them" in after WWII. Now have fun living in a country whose financial, media, and internet industries are controlled by "them".

In fairness they do have their detractors but it is the same media that is tar & feathering critics who dare point out such lack of fairness and abuses as antisemitic. There are some like that but many are pretty tolerant decent people just calling out various human rights abuse, endemic child abuse that rivals catholic church, conflicts of interest and biased media coverage. One of the critics is a rabbi for goodness sake so he is hardly anti Jew. Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg is worth looking up, he's had bleach thrown in his face and completely ostracised for whistleblowing on child abuse cases but nothings been done but like he says these people are one of the biggest donators and have family and friends in most the national government and regulatory boards to financial sectors from banking to IMF. The conspiracy BS annoys me as most the info is public knowledge and boils down to bring but simple answer of it is all about money and control.

Comment Re:Here is what I *HOPE* is next (Score 1) 296

>"Firefox Succeeded In Its Goal -- But What's Next?"

Here is what I *HOPE* is next:

1) Stop trying to be and look like Chrome. Just stop.

2) Stop trying to force users to not have tabs on bottom, having a menu bar, having separate buttons, etc. Let users control their user interface how they want.

3) Remove all that developer stuff that 99.99% of users don't use or care about and put it in an addon.

4) Remove all that chat and conferencing stuff that 99% of users don't care about and put that also in an addon.

5) Focus on speed, security, stability, bug-fixing, and documentation. You don't have to be a feature-of-the-month club.

6) Continue to support as many platforms and systems as possible, including old ones.

Oh- and thank you for all the hard work that went into Firefox- the browser of my choice (and that for my users, family, and friends) for the last decade.

these are why I switched to palemoon, firefox built the right way for vast majority of pc users. No reason to play catchup with chrome when the reality is the other way around. Functionality and core use come first thus status bar present as aesthetics second to essential functional stuff, and niche things like accessibility and none common needs are not pushed on everyone "just in case".

Comment Re:More ambiguous cruft (Score 1) 514

Sterile plants are almost never used.

Monsanto developed that system and last I checked they had NEVER used it for any regular seeds. It was only used in test fields to prevent genes escaping into the wild during testing.

My view on gene patenting is that any natural gene should not be patent able but the process for insertion should be. However, for any custom developed gene that should be patent able.

you can't really patent the process since it is pretty much standard across the industry so you can't slap patents on ligase etc etc. Essentially all the gene subtractions/additions are cut with sticky ends, insert if needed, restick it. Inserting that into something for replication may have a novel process but even thena lot may not be particularly unique. I'm pro some GM and against others, sadly the better stuff tends to be suppressed by the uneducated and the stuff that gets through regardless of pressure is stuff better for company profits and those creating a monopoly on something and the consumer gets little out of it. Still sad the tomato with the gene for enzyme that breaks down pectin got labelled "Frankenstein food" (after his monster not the doc himself) but the uneducated and never heard of it since.

Comment Re:One interesting side-effect: 3D fakery is harde (Score 1) 141

Photoshopping a single image can be done easily in ways that make the edits virtually undetectable, even for the casual home user. But an amateur attempting to edit two nearly-identical images (e.g., to modify body shapes, or skin tone, or to get rid of unwanted parts of the scene) would almost certainly leave behind inconsistencies that simple image analysis could detect.

...Today, that is.

There will probably be a niche for home-use 3D Photoshop extensions that perform activities like airbrushing, texture duplication, etc. on two images simultaneously in a manner that always results in a clean combination of the two by effectively performing the edits in 3-space. Heck, such technology may already be in use in movie studios that are cranking out 3D movies with live actors that must be composited with generated scenes.

don't see why this can't be done, working on adding control points in some panoramic software auto adds the points in overlapping images in the right place with little need to tweak despite differences due to parallax error when I've shot with no panohead or attempt to rotate around the nodal point. Having similar functionality in photoshop would work well with many common retouching workflows like freqency sep, dodge and burn, local sharpening and so on. May get awkward with layer masking stuff due to image differences but for most things your average home user needs it'd be fine.

Comment Re:Win/Lose (Score 1) 463

You don't sound trollish, just naive. The basis of social engineering is "cast the net wide". This is about individuals, not businesses. 95 out of 100 may avoid the hit, but that says more about luck than savy.

if you read my previous comment earlier in this thread you'll see I said that and agree with you on that whole hearted. People are the weakness here which is why I said you need a good admin, stop the none tech staff from being able to break things that much. I've seen it first hand work rather well in 3 large organisations. One the ngo I mention, the other a UK gov service, and the last a little different but same principle was friend who designed the NHS central server system. The most they can do is make a mess in their home folder, they can't do damage to important parts on their own machines never mind wreck a whole network.

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