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Comment Re:I just added it to my resume. (Score 1) 165

Autism isn't a handicap, it's evolution neurotypicals are too simple to perceive.

Says the person who has never dealt with anyone with real autism.

Note: self-diagnosing yourself as being "on the autistic spectrum" because you're anti-social and good at maths doesn't mean you have autism.

yeah these kind of comments irk me since I've seen a few friends and family deeply affected by it. Fwiw I am diagnosed and have above tech skills plus much higher IQ than average, got through Hon degree in Biochem with zero revision and effort and so on going mostly on finding what most struggled with where fact recall doesn't help and needs actual understanding due to it being intuitive and could've figured it out myself even BUT these are nothing to do with my aspergers as was confirmed by several experts in the field. I still struggle with many things that some would class a disability, not just social stuff but certain lights, noise level etc. With high functioning AS, and other factors including my memory all thrown in those things compliment each other, they are not necessarily caused by each other.

Now if I struggle with traits that cancel out the difficult and compliment the good those who have the opposite really have the odds set against them. ASD diagnosis is not to be confused with skillsets that when possessed by ASD type individuals lead to very specialist ability. Plenty on the spectrum have no such ability and plenty with those skills do NOT fall into diagnostic criteria. I have friends and family though who don't function the same. I have family who all excel and educated/work in engineering, sciences and maths but some within it are definitely what I'd call disabled and deeply affected and NOT gifted in any way. Technical stuff, logic problems etc all are totally unintuitive to them and often impossible. So yeah it can be debilitating.

Also poor social skills and maths skills are not diagnostic criterion because they occur across the population including the neurotypical and often absent in even high functioning autistic types. So yeah it is safe to say you are a "self diagnosed" neurotypical person with poor social skills lookign for an excuse and understands little about the subject.

Comment Re:Too late for some. (Score 1) 151

I'm not a medical doctor, but I didn't think there was a "legal limit" on painkillers. There are lethal doses, and standards of care, but it's not like there's a crime on the books for 1mg more than some arbitrary limit. Perhaps the doctor was lying to you to pass off the reason for why they didn't give more. At some point it doesn't improve the standard of living of the patient.

They can't give so much as to supress the breathing centre as pulmonary depression from such a dose would go into euthanasia territory so no the doc wasn't lying; you'd lose licence or worse for doing that before the final moments which can be weeks (or more) away in many cases.

You'd be surprised how ineffective at managing pain opiates are in terminal phase of cancer and the like. They tend to dull some of it not make it painless and "kill" it despite what people think in those cases. It just makes agony a bit easier to cope with and tat those levels of pain it goes from extreme can't cope level to not so extreme can't cope level. Early stages I notice a few get relief from the usual, likes of oramorph (morphine sulphate in dropper bottle) and fentanyl lollipops and transdermal patches but they do nowt at that stage I notice, even seen friends dad suffering through heavy dose on diamorphine (heroin) which is common in the UK and know many who seen family members suffer through it still. F****king inhumane imho and chemically induced coma and death should be legal in those cases if recovery chance is nil "with" quality of life intact. So something actually making it painless would be a incredible!

Comment Re:Anyone else with security concerns? (Score 1) 418

I mean, there's several open source email clients. Thunderbird is valuable, but it's assuredly not the only one.

I still use thunderbird on windows box but on linux box I switched to Claws a long time back and never looked back. Problem is many have needs that are only addressed by thunderbird with plugins.

Common ones like lightning can be filled with another app in some cases such as sunbird or other calendar app, but collecting functionality in one app can be more than convenience. I've seen it quite a lot in peoples workflow where some of the plugin use adds functionality to the mail client that can't be filled by standalone apps since the mail client part is as essential as the niche plugin function.

Friends office machine I am yet to find some other set of apps that will do what her setup (thunderbird with multiple plugins) does as easily as it does (more than convenience for average users) and I'm sure many are in that boat. For just plain old vanilla mail client needs I switched most to Claws but it wont work for every niche need since like most smaller open source mail clients it has a much smaller pool of plugins available.

Comment Re: Let me get this straight: (Score 1) 428


1) the olives are stuck in a barrel and squished

2) there is no step 2

some natural oils are processed. With olives that depends on grades as some is pressed such as EVO, some is chemically washed from pressed pulp with all the oil that could be recovered mechanically removed. Processing of other oils differ but some is mere clarification which doesn't affect the productr a lot, just clear oil sells better as people assume cloudy stuff is bad.

Comment Re: DRM Thwarted by Printscreen (Score 1) 301

Most professional photographers don't use JPG either, we take pictures in RAW - storing as much information losslessly as possible.

JPG is something you export to for the low-quality versions you put in web based portfolios. For printing you use a lossless format like TIFF pre-sized correctly to page size (because auto-scaling tends to ruin shots) but what you save and store are camera RAW formats (CR2 for canon) which allows you maximum post-processing ability.

who rated this a 5; urrrm we do use them for anything web based I think you'll find along with clients needs. I shoot raw of course but you cant view them direct which many seem confused about, what you see on screen is a lower bitrate representation of that 12-14bit raw info since monitors can't display that kind of DR no matter what and the colour depth is approx too depending on monitor depends how much. I actually print to my 10bit driver pro printer (full 10bit workflow start to end) from 16bit formats that aren't tiff (I use PSD but share in TIFF for 3rd party printing or clients who want for print).

However 16bit displays don't exist yet I'm sure you noticed, an higher bitrate monitors like mine are only useful for screen proofing print colours out of gamut on cheap screens. Anything web based or for digital display which is a lot of commercial work is turned into 8bit Jpeg (sRGB), occassionally for website images I'm asked for png but that is rare ask for photos and tends to be for particular cases. Plus I seen problems from clueless clients/shooters caused from no profile exif in png. Bigger problems are print shares I had between UK and USA for global business because some didn't tag files and we use different CMYK standards (fogra39 here).

Comment Re:Isn't this a no brainer? (Score 1) 474

Of course, for the price of a nice Zeiss mechanical focus lens you can buy three Nikon/Canon/ Whatever lenses and let them break.

think you'll find the deal with zeiss is for those who primarily do vid work zeiss optics in that region have no focus breathing when pull/rack focus along with other things. There is more to good glass than sharpness, AF speed and IS despite what most the gear sites (with clueless writers) say or even worse the youtube personalities who are poor in their field and more marketing and scoail bs than technical and creative ability. Personally I use sigma stuff (apart from my canon 70-200) for stills work due to them working out much better for me in the stills department but even the sigma 50 art which I love has issues for DSLR videographers that the otus doesn't have.

Comment Re: So that means it's free to everyone (Score 1) 281

I would vote you up if I had modpoints today.

The upgrades from the full systems pop up whether the useraccount is linked to the microsoft account or if you simply created a user on Windows 7.

And yes, if someone signs up specifically for a beta program were every click is analyzed and any feedback linked to an account I think it is OK to get the free copy connected to that account. Because this copy is free (as in beer, but not as in speech).

It does not upgrade a bought copy. The alternative would be that every installation of the beta gets a free copy, even if the user did not participate in the beta program.

I hated MS for diversifying the directx-bases because every new directx was only available if the user bought the newest windows. They nearly destroyed the pc as a gaming machine in order to push their xbox. They were evil in general and their monopolistic behaviour was illegal. They tried to kill Linux by FUD.

The free copy is the right thing to do to atone for the abomination that was windows 8 or even 8.1 (two different userinterfaces for account settings, nuff said). And a free copy for every one who beta tested seems fair. Even non genuine windows installs get the upgrade, but there will be nagging.

I don't see much change in their behaviour myself. Could be wrong but way it looks to me is free isn't a usable experience liked genuine (business) customers will get. Testing is going to be the suckers who buy into it and updates forced on those users with MS stating after months of testing on home versions it will be rolled out on the real customers machines. Months makes it sound liek they are releasing it with barely any testing done inhouse. Way to make people work for free, not sure that is how it will work but my gut says maybe ;)

Comment Re:Music Download Festival! (Score 1) 134

Maybe their paymasters thought it was a Music Download Festival and thought it'd be a good idea to have incriminating evidence complete with mugshots (nice for the world-wide facial recognition database) of the perpetrators of these heinous crimes against the hard-working, living-off-scraps music community.

joking aside some of the met really are that stupid

Comment Re:Meh (Score 1) 156

Ah I got the wrong end of the stick so apologies for the mixup, I thought you meant that dual gtx980's was too limited and not enough when it sounds more like ENB can't utilise that power past a certain range more like. I wonder if you would get it to manage it if chucked more power or if there is some other issue when the higher you go the more inefficient it would get. By the sound of it is doesn't sound like enb does those things in a linear way and you are hitting some limitation and are at the envelope of its capabilities.

Probably more money than it is worth to try but I'd love to see a stream if you did get it to manage it with everything turned on. Not sure I'd drop for 4 x titans or 4 x 980ti's to try it but it would be sweet to see. I tend to try and aim for 60fps myself, I know skyrim in particular used to have weird physics at varied framerates or over 60 (I have vsync on anyway) so that is another reason to keep it stable which is probably part of your reason I imagine.

Comment Re:Meh (Score 1) 156

Depends on the resolution you use. Here I have two GTX980 (Gigabyte G1) in SLI and still is not enough to run my Skyrim at 3840x2160 with ENB (4K display user).

I get a gtx770 to push skyrim with enb, sweetfx, massive higher poly mesh and texture packs etc etc in 1440p so you should be able to handle that. Skyrim tweaked doesn't look the best compared to other things IMO, it just looks the most dramatically different from the stock versions highest settings from most games. Don't forget post can only add so much, and that is a dx9 games (hence enb ans sweet work for it well as the dx11 versions are not working properly last i tried, and it has very poor optimisation for pc. The latter point may be your issue, you seeing microstutter from SLI. Made worse due to lack of optimisations and one card will be doing all that pp, just a guess. Add to that you can hit texture limits quick as I notice from starcitizen and GTA V 1440p will hit those limits so you will have similar thing depending on texture packs. No card can make piss poor implementations efficient and give the best looking possible. PC GTA V maxed comes close with the lighting and shadows from dynamic lights such as headlights to that, faaaaar closer than skyrim so give that a shot see what you think, enjoy.

Comment take it offsite guys, heavy censoring (Score 1) 184

It would only be off topic if Dice weren't suppressing the biggest stories in the FOSS world this week.

They are suppressing it because it reflects badly on them. We have nowhere else to discuss it, so like Beta it'll get discussed everywhere until they finally listen.

I would if had points but it will do no good as they'll just keep removing them as admins have unlimited resource there essentially, as it is clear they're doing watching it for past few minutes alone. This post will go as others like it have. Time to take this discussion somewhere it can't be censored. You'd think they'd learn.

Comment old news with new title (Score 1) 128

How is this different from other designs that use different substrate material than used in active layer? It is just prepreg epoxy paper with thin silicon or GaAs layer on rather than using silicon/GaAs for substrate as well and this has been looked at for some time. Full article even admits paper is one of the materials used in such designs previously and this seems more of the same but they are making it sound new calling it wood. It isn't wood because there is no lignin, hence alpha cellulose papers are called "wood free" papers.

They may have tweaked the design a little by changing the type of paper but this isn't some amazing breakthrough that turns IC design upside down the way they make out, also bashing GaAs as nasty implying this doesn't have it in because hey it is wholesome "gree" tech from trees when it will still have GaAs layer in all the same unless silicon is prefered as it is in many cases in which case moot point. About as new as changing the structural materials in FR4 for PCB construction from epoxy prepreg'd E-glass to paper (or both in CEMs) only they don't BS about making some eco friendly new way to mount circuits when they do that.

Comment Re: Sudafed (Score 1) 333

And the products which replaced it are useless. I notice the party of small government has yet to get the government out if that part of our lives. The whole behind the counter/mandatory ID thing is one of the most intrusive, idiotic things in the history of this country and a testament to the social, economic, and freedom disaster that is the war on drugs. End it.

As to this situation, how about we, you know, stop locking people up for wanting to briefly escape the miserable reality we force on too many and start offering proper treatment (including proper pain treatment where applicable) to those who need it? Addiction is no joke, but the crimes that go with it are largely the government's creation. They empower these drug dealers the same way they empowered gangs during prohibition. In a way they deserve each other, but we all end up paying for it.

aye the replacement (mainly phenyl eph) MAY work but not in the dosages that have been tested as safe. I tend to just buy ephedrine these days (in POM OTC asthma drugs in UK like chesteze) because I can just flash an inhaler if I get 20 questions where as blocked sinuses etc didn't seem to stop the 20 question BS here when buying pseudo in UK. Despite no ID needed etc not very intelligent pharmacy staff tend to get a little ott like you're asking to buy Methedrine pills ffs.

Funny thing is hardly any meth would be made from the pills since the price is extortionate and when you consider amount needed, yields (chemistry wise I mean) and all the waste in decanting/filtering etc it would be hundreds of times more expensive before any markup. Most street meth across the globe is either diverted legit supplies or illicit made by crew from bulk precursors (various amphetamines and phenethylamines) bought it MASSIVE amounts. The kind of amounts that get LE knocking or rival crews coming to tax or hurt you because the amount wont go unnoticed. Only time homebrew is worth it is during droughts, similar to the desomorphine homebrew in Australia and later Russia (when it got krokodil name) because users couldn't get heroin. Russian thing is probably due to cost rather than true drought as a lot of global heroin moves that way from Afghanistan green zone.

Comment Re:Old guy here - pixel art reminds me of bad game (Score 1) 175

Somebody who thinks a photograph is just a record doesn't understand photography at all.

My photography is a record in one I can think, of the vision I had behind making the pic but certainly isn't one of reality. Even leaving post processing out of it to prove even capture stage is heavily influenced by the shooters view and not objective. Lighting with flash/strobes means the lighting is nowhere near record of reality. Add focal length distortions/exaggerations from wide angle depth "stretching" to compression in telephoto, various amount of bokeh, narrow dynamic range (regardless of 12-14bit raw capture it ends up in 6-8bit display formats from rendering on 8bit monitors to print)..... that is just the basics to start and you have something VERY different from both what the human eye sees.

The reality of what is there is different again to the what the eye sees and what we see normally isn't even that but is our brains interpretation of the info which is different again depending on your processing model (such as top down visual) hence the arguments over that blue/black/white/gold dress which came down to top down processing of some peoples brains filling in blanks is you like incorrectly NOT whiteblalance as some articles suggested because they didn't take into account viewers of same screen at same time (identical lighting etc) saw it different but the scientific press tend to be rather uneducated.

Comment Re:Bigger != Better (Score 1) 87

The way to "get around" the law is to change the law.

You cannot change the law without public support. One way to get public support for repeal is to show that a law is dysfunctional. If drug prohibition laws actually worked, did what they were designed to do, and had fewer bad side effects, then support for repeal would be much weaker. We are better off if people buy their drugs online, then if they get them on street corners. The only people harmed by these online markets are the drug dealers, the police, and the incarceration industry.

considering the funding, behind the scenes pressures over intrests and the privatisation of the prison system (not just the US sadly) somehow I think police and the prison industry wins the most. The goal isn't to "stop" drugs which is clear from methods of operations and who is targeted when

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