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by K10W (#46702907) Attached to: UAV Operator Blames Hacking For Malfunction That Injured Triathlete

Reads like bullshit anyway. Something went wrong, he throws up the "it wasn't me it must be those evil hackers" defence rather than accepting the blame for putting his device together poorly or letting it go out of range. There would be no way of knowing for sure if another device took control during the incident (because who would build that in to a home made UAV), so he *may* be telling the truth, but if it happened twice in one day either someone is out there deliberately hashing the channels to mess with everybody, or he just went out of range/did something wrong/etc.

nah I doubt he is telling the truth, many are designed to lose signal and be ok hence they will hover and wait for signal or some come back to you and land (within 20ft radius or whatever for many hence you DON'T launch it from a position with trees around). Also I know a couple of drone flyers where I live and they tend to know all the others in the community who fly, what models they have and tweaks to them even and this is a large city!

So the hacked thing is crap and if someone did do so earlier in the day he'd likely know the person responsible if they were in range with a low power device to do so. He just needs to cowboy the fuck up and admit his mistake.

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I've had very few bad "trips" but I can't imagine how bad it could be if you know you are dying.

Knowing you're dying can be a bad trip, no drugs required. Someone who's looped their fear until their soul is crushed isn't in much danger - they've already hit bottom.

Knowing you're going to die is a terrible burden, but it presents you the opportunity to choose the last memories your friends and family will have of you. They can remember you living your last weeks in fear and dying terrified, or you spending some time recalling the good times, and perhaps forgiving some of the bad ones. That's all the control you have left of your legacy, and you don't have much time to take advantage of it.

LSD, especially low* doses with someone to help guide can sometimes give people a new perspective. If they can relax their fixation on the fact that their time is up they may see the bigger picture - that we're all mortal, that life is a cycle, and that this is just a part of it. It may give you the opportunity to make your peace with the world. And if not, you're dead anyway. So why not?

* There's adequate margin between free-association, preconception-questioning levels and moon-howling-naked.

sooo many people jump to the conclusions therapeutic doses are same as recreational, finally someone with a clue, wish I had mod points. The therapeutic doses are often barely noticable compared to rec ones

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This is really ancient knowledge. Did science just get hep? Great.

It's more about science getting approval. LSD is one of those compounds that is next to impossible for researchers to get access to and test in humans. For reasons I don't care enough about keeping kids off drugs or something to fully understand, some drugs are so wicked and dangerous and illegal that it is necessary to prevent any research (even about how dangerous they are; but definitely nothing suggesting that they aren't as dangerous as previously believed), even under hardass conditions, on terminal patients, and so forth. As quoth noted toxicologist and psycho-pharmacologist Jacqui Smith: "You cannot compare the harms of an illegal activity with a legal one." Why? Because one is illegal, of course! I wouldn't really call this 'ancient knowledge' (if the first synthesis was in 1938, it probably isn't shamanic lore); but it was certainly an active area of scientific interest pre-ban. That somebody would want another crack at it isn't even remotely news. That they managed to fill out the paperwork, on the other hand...

so true, been waiting for this for a while as it's been on the potential high therapeutic benefit list for some time, Tim "f**king" Leary as well as the ott governmental policies wipe so many promising agents off the potential breakthrough research lists. MDMA is coming into it's own with the fruition of trials for successful treatment of battle induced PTSD where not much else worked.

I remember surprise as a youngster what we could order from the suppliers no problems never mind what we could make, and yet so many things much less damaging including LSD placed in the restricted section of our labs catalogue required soooo much paperwork you'd never get it approved it'd never happen for human use

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by K10W (#46416745) Attached to: The Next Keurig Will Make Your Coffee With a Dash of "DRM"

So, fun fact. I've recently come to terms with an ugly fact : I have a legitimate physical addiction to caffeine. If I go a full day without, I get headaches by the end of the day.

Hardly the worst withdrawal symptoms ever, and defeated by some motrin and water ... but still, a bit upsetting. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to indulge my habit

more likely the cause is caffeine is vasoconstrictior and most headaches are caused by extracranial vessels being too dilated. It is the reason caffeine is in most OTC headache medicines especially migraine formulas (which are apap/caffeine and sometimes codeine or buclizine for nausea) and similar albeit weaker action to some of the tryptans although they have other mechanisms of action on top of it.

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by K10W (#46317291) Attached to: UAE Clerics' Fatwa Forbids Muslims From Traveling To Mars

I know you did not write that story but it was quite stupid, they had horses, which they could have killed and given the horse meat to the tiger, it was a valueless "sacrifice."

the story was to illustrate a point which you've clearly missed and taken something akin to parable told for an illustrative purpose literall and missed a whole chunk including it was a former life and he was believed to be able to control what new existence/ next birth he took and there was a lot more too it.

Disliking Buddhism and knowing it ain't your thing is great but knowing snippets of something and acting like you're well versed when you show nothing but ignorance of the topic is something I tire of quickly both in science and theology

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by K10W (#46226019) Attached to: The Death Cap Mushroom Is Spreading Across the US
which is my point exactly, unless you KNOW for certain what it is you don't eat it. Like I say I spent my youth cataloging stuff like that including spore prints and so on and used to carry my guides while hiking and then my adulthood photographing them. Even after surefire ID and so on I'd never considered eating stuff that has very similar looking but highly poisonous ones I could mistake them for. Just isn't worth the chance. I have eaten fly agaric but that was prepping properly and flavour isn't great but I didn't eat them for that.

like you mention "reliable indicators" are not, not just because of similarities with other varieties but many indicators vary with age of the body (such a stem veil) and weathering and so on.

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by K10W (#45841947) Attached to: How One Man Fought His ISP's Bad Behavior and Won

You can try this [] tool to check your existing DNS for performance and behaviour. Google's is very well behaved by the way, so please don't spread FUD.

"I wouldn't trust Google" isn't FUD, it's common sense. Remember that you are not Google's customer. You are Google's product.

I do trust them; including trusting them to data mine the f**k out of everything since I'm a resource to them like you say not their client. I do however have split IDs so limit what I share and don't contaminate either. Even for the machine I use some of their services on I use another DNS (opendns), noscript/ghostery/flashcookie control blah blah all in palemoon. For stuff I'd rather not share it's all VPN and Tor with the unix browser bundle and zero google services. Even with the limit set on the google use machines it is amazing how accurate they profile me; I occasionally disable adblock etc to find they have ads for hobbies or recently purchased things etc based on the stuff I shared, if anything my approach cuts out the noise and makes me a more accurate profile but again none of the stuff I don't want linked is in that that I've seen and I'm happy to do what I have in return for "free" services in return for such details.

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by K10W (#45504949) Attached to: Users Identified Through Typing, Mouse Movements
what about users like myself who switch between mouse and graphic tablet use on particular day depending on workflow. When I have lots of illustration or retouch work that day I tend to do a lot with graphic pen but prefer switching to mouse for other tasks such as mail and web browsing, gaming whatever. Also with graphic pen in hand I type differently too as I don't put the pen down so do more with left hand and single finger stabs on the right unlike mouse use where I use more fingers on the right.

Many around me do similar things, not just graphic tablet/mouse but stuff like switching up pointing stick/touch pad on thinkpad, mouse/trackball, mouse/touchpad and so on and some I know use more than one mouse since they prefer different button actuation force/ergonomics/weight between different stuff such as gaming and other stuff one one machine.

Seems a silly way of locking machines to me. Sure I've seen the code fob in keyboard thing you have to pull when leave terminal fall down as people can't be arsed removing it when leaving it unattended near members of public for under 1min but plenty of other existing ways which are efficient with less room for error and more flexible than this idea yet require just as little input if any when user walks away for a moment to lock it.

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by K10W (#45282053) Attached to: Do You Need Headphones While Working?

There's an adapter for that... mixes stereo down to mono (which means, if you plug a regular stereo earphone in, you get the audio in the left ear).

I just wish there was an equal easy/compact way (i.e. not stacking a stereo-to-mono adapter and a mono-stereo adapter) to mix down and distribute it to both sides of a stereo TRS jack, so I could alternate ears when using asymmetric earbuds -- right now I use that adapter with symmetric earbuds with the right end cut off at the Y, but I'd really like to be able to use my 8320s in one-ear-out mode.

you can do that with rockbox open firmware on compatible DAP, I personally use it on a few sansa clip+ but many are supported. You can control many aspects of the mixing and simple downmix from 2 to 1 is just tip of the iceberg. How it's mixed, dithering and so on as well as stereo specific mix effects such as crossfeed with tweakable high freq. rolloff and and so on is handy. I find myself fine-tuning and making presets on the fly for hard panned old 70's stuff that was mixed poorly and hard panned stuff is horrific on headphones without this.

Nice way of adding spacious feel to headphone too and extending the stereo a little without any of those horrid DSPs that just add echo and make stuff sound like crap. Also I like a particular sound and the equaliser is advanced and can set several shelf filters (including q-factor width to make/stop spikey EQ) as well as regular multiband EQ since I use large cans when at workstation and IEMs on the go.

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by K10W (#45227395) Attached to: Nuclear Officers Napped With Blast Door Left Open

Obama has castrated the military by letting in faggots. I'm surprised they slept without chastity belts on what with the fanny bandits now allowed to publicly flaunt their perverted lifestyle.

While I hate to dissapoint you, gays were in the military long before Obama took office.

Also he is confusing gays with rapists by the sound of it. I can honestly say I've never been raped by gay nor straight friends or colleagues when I've fallen asleep around them. It's not sexuality preference that makes people into sex offenders jeez, secondly plenty of fellas been raped by otherwise "straight" men as happens a lot here for instance in UK organised drug and crime scene as a power and shaming thing.

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by K10W (#45124517) Attached to: Fight Bicycle Theft With the Open Source Bike Registry

So long as your bike looks like shit it should not get stolen. I once had a $300 bike I rolled out of Target and it was gone in less than a week. I got a beater to replace it that looked like shit, hard forks and tail, frame scratched and covered in dirt, mismatched tires and rims, etc. Little do they know the "beater", even with it's mismatched wheels and paint ground off an "aluminum" frame is worth $1,200. I've had it for years now, and I don't even lock it at this point.

Make everyone think it;s a worthless old huffy at first glance

some know trust me, I peeled decals off and on rides home covered in mud I'll still get the odd groups of teenagers name the exact part to each other and shout "sick bike mate" to me. I also know someone who sprayed their frame matt black and made it look junk and they still named the exact model. Thieves and like know what they are looking for. I simply don't leave my bike anywhere it's guaranteed to get nicked. Even my decent D lock and cabled for wheels are poppable with folding cutters and a mini bottle jack which a lot of thieves have on them when scouting.

Problem is expensive components and frame have unique tubing shapes and geometry, good weld patterns and so on. To modify everything is impractical and also adds more weight, eg. to make formula brake calipers and levers look none recognisable you'd need to add a serious amount of epoxy putty r something on and it'd be hard due to keeping access to pads clear, same for all bolts locations and so on.

Comment: Re:UK already has this (Score 1) 135

by K10W (#45122359) Attached to: Fight Bicycle Theft With the Open Source Bike Registry
ah I'll look into doing that since I've been meaning to register it since close friend who cycles professionally had 3 stolen from her house in a row. Hard to hide it when people know you cycle and correctly assume you have expensive bike. My advice was to put a shotgun shell in a shim inside the seatpost and a piece of wood with crude firing pin stuck in it. Loosen the collar so it slips suddenly under full seated weight and byebye bike thief rectum. Of course I was joking but now I think about it ;)

Comment: Re:UK already has this (Score 1) 135

by K10W (#45118203) Attached to: Fight Bicycle Theft With the Open Source Bike Registry

The UK police have regular bike registering events where you can take your bike and register it for free, otherwise the service is commercial and costs money ( ). simply put the serial number on the new bike check list which came with the bike, so all the customer has do do is keep that list, Can't say if other bike merchants do the same.

problem is custom builds as you can't register all the serials of every part. My heavyduty XC is a self build and the brakes alone cost more than a lot of frames, it's a high end frame and my BB and crank alone is £180. I hand picked everything right down to proper heat-treated steel bolts and the type of grease in different parts and most those parts are sought after. Even the partially worn chainrings are still saleable since they are the 7005 blackspire 5 arms on an adaptable spider (takes any rings with right spder change) and ony the weaker 4 arm are common these days. I noticed as always on the lookout to get deals on the 5 arms as I prefer the strength and don't want to swap to the 4's and know the 2nd hand ones sell pretty well.

Never trust an operating system.