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Comment: Re:Cape Wind Will Die (Score 1) 233

Why would you go for fuel cells when there's an entire industry running on methane? Domestic appliances, gas turbine plants, CNG vehicles, huge natural gas storage tanks... Germany alone has 250 TWh worth of gas storage. Sounds like a pretty large "chemical battery" to me. And they already have it.

Comment: Re:Cape Wind Will Die (Score 1) 233

What are you talking about? 80% waste is highly unlikely. Electrolysis efficiency is solidly 60%+, often more. And it's pointless to argue about waste if we're talking about power peaks that you have to offload somewhere. Solar cells are "crazy inefficient", but that doesn't matter because sunlight comes for free. Immediate electricity peaks with no outlets are of much lower value than storable hydrocarbons, so some level of waste is acceptable (just like electricity is of higher value than the coal being burned in the boiler, that's why we're burning the coal in an expensive power plant instead of in a cheap stove in the first place!). All that assuming that technology progresses and Swanson's law holds at least for the next two decades, but there isn't any reason why it shouldn't.

Comment: Re:Lots of weird crap coming out of Congress latel (Score 1) 245

by K. S. Kyosuke (#49186751) Attached to: White House Threatens Veto Over EPA "Secret Science" Bills

But anyone can reproduce the science if it is sound.

And what will be the benchmark for that? If the thing in question is the result of a ten-year study, will it include redoing ten years of measurements? Just because a result is reproducible in itself doesn't mean it will be reproduced quickly.

Comment: Re:Cape Wind Will Die (Score 1) 233

How are you going to store that much electricity, you'd need TWhs worth of storage.

You electrolyze water and then methanate the resulting hydrogen using a nickel catalyst. The product you inject into the regular natural gas grid. While doing so, you also lift your middle finger in the general direction of Putin.

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