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Comment Re:Time to drop the prices? (Score 1) 403

2. they didn't have to pay for transmission infrastructure

Well of course they didn't. Either it's local, and there's no transmission, and why'd you pay for something you need? Or you're selling the power in large amounts, and in that case you don't pay for the transmission either, the end customers do. I'm not aware of any power plant around me that pays for transmission costs.

Comment Re:"When everyone can code . . . " (Score 1) 255

They are essential to programming in the real world, not an academic ivory tower.

IDE quirks, platform incompatibilities, and arcane build systems are "essential"? I'm sorry, but I'm quite sure I could live just fine without them. That's like saying that complicated tax code is "essential" for running a country. In reality, it's most likely much more essential for accountant job security.

Comment Re:The hybrid solution is the best... (Score 1) 213

There is something to be said for BEVs with range extenders, though. If your range extender fails, you're not left with a completely immobile car, and the unit could be quite small (being optimized for constant output in the range of kilowatts) and easily interchangeable in the car repair shop - it's just a few more cables, not a mechanical interconnection. Whether it's actually worth it in the real world is a different idea, regardless of the reliability. Here in Europe, I suspect most people wouldn't need it anyway.

Comment Re:Interesting times in the launch market (Score 1) 71

Aerojet-Rocketdyne just offered to buy ULA. ULA was planning on using Blue Origin's BE-4 engine for their upcoming Vulcan rocket, but if the AR purchase goes through there's no way the Vulcan will use anything but AR engines. Or maybe they'll just re-engine Atlas V with an AR replacement for the Russian RD-180 engine.

If AR actually buys ULA, the future competitiveness of ULA's vehicle will go down the drain. This would be very good news to SpaceX and BO!

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