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Comment: Re:smart people, including Bill Gates (Score 2, Interesting) 367 367

What happened to get us all to sell ourselves out so cheaply and willingly accept the idea that a few bastards should end up with the bulk of the nations wealth while our children are faced with a future with no jobs and parents whose retirement funds cannot pay to take care of them?

Conservatism happened.

Comment: Re:One more in a crowded field (Score 1) 337 337

You started with a laundry list, I didn't. When it comes to that, CL is hard to beat. "Playgrounds"? What about reshaping the whole program on the heap while it's running, almost without limitations? Including persistent object databases if you have those (one might argue that without the ability to do that, transparently integrated object databases are quite difficult to pull off). You can implement any kind of workspaces or scratchpads or playgrounds (or what's the nom du jour for that ancient feature, dating back to Smalltalk-80, if I'm not mistaken) based on this solid foundation. But not the other way around. Many people don't need any of that, though. Certainly it's not the focus for the above mentioned server use of Go.

Comment: Re:One more in a crowded field (Score 1) 337 337

Go is a replacement of C for servers. So quite obviously some of the things aren't going to be there, since it's generally somewhat more conservative. More so as it's geared towards people writing their own language processing tools for heavy lifting in really large projects (admittedly, probably not something for the average phone app developer) which gets obviously easier if the language is simpler. That could make it a pretty good choice especially if you want to share code between a server and a client AND you're already settled on using it on the server side. Anyway, a laundry list of features ("half-features" for some of those you named to boot) is hardly an argument. If I want the ultimate rich ultra-flexible language, I already know where to find it.

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