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I've long said that the computing field is one where you can make decent money without a degree

Overall, software development is one of the few engineering fields where you can learn on your own without paying up front through the nose for oscilloscopes, CNC machines etc., and without attending an institution that would let you touch their gear either.

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by K. S. Kyosuke (#47514539) Attached to: Exodus Intelligence Details Zero-Day Vulnerabilities In Tails OS

How does it assure no deficiencies?

I spelled out the "obviously no efficiencies" part, haven't I? How much up to date are you with your Hoare lectures?

And why don't other projects use that methodology?

Because they'd have to change their whole direction? As I said, compact things fell out for fashion in the SW arena.

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Because small software fell out of favor some time ago. And it doesn't do HTML5 yet. :-) (It may not be actually easy, but compared to the man-years needed to create the 100MLOC behemoths of today, it doesn't seem such a far-fetched prospect to me! Especially if we're talking about specialized secure computing systems, where one might be expected to be willing to do a few sacrifices...)
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Exodus Intelligence Details Zero-Day Vulnerabilities In Tails OS 130

Posted by timothy
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New submitter I Ate A Candle (3762149) writes Tails OS, the Tor-reliant privacy-focused operating system made famous by Edward Snowden, contains a number of zero-day vulnerabilities that could be used to take control of the OS and execute code remotely. At least that's according to zero-day exploit seller Exodus Intelligence, which counts DARPA amongst its customer base. The company plans to tell the Tails team about the issues "in due time", said Aaron Portnoy, co-founder and vice president of Exodus, but it isn't giving any information on a disclosure timeline. This means users of Tails are in danger of being de-anonymised. Even version 1.1, which hit public release today (22 July 2014), is affected. Snowden famously used Tails to manage the NSA files. The OS can be held on a USB stick and leaves no trace once removed from the drive. It uses the Tor network to avoid identification of the user, but such protections may be undone by the zero-day exploits Exodus holds.

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