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Comment Re:Why not both? (Score 1) 231 231

To my knowledge, these converters are still fed from matching AC transformers. Granted, that's mostly because AC is what the whole station is connected to. But since technology keeps marching on, we'll probably see a day when direct LVDC to HVDC converters (for example, for utility-scale PV) will be a commonplace affair.

Comment Re:Solar Powered Aircon (Score 1) 231 231

Too complicated energy pathways. You can't power everything by heat. If your cooling needs are saturated, you can't power anything else with it. So you need a parallel supply of electricity again. And once you have it, why the redundant heat engine in the first place?

Comment Re:Why not both? (Score 1) 231 231

Maybe you could always have a mid-level AC grid or something similar (below long-range HVDC and above municipal DC). I assume that fewer large inverters would be better for the overall economy than every small PV installation having their own stuff.

Comment Re:Why not both? (Score 3, Insightful) 231 231

Possibly, but maybe it's simply cheaper for the manufacturer to simply sell 95% of the same product plus different power interfaces. I've long thought that whole local power grids would switch to DC eventually anyway. With broader deployment of PV technology (and potentially power-to-gas) and improvements of power electronics, it only makes sense.

Comment Re:Goddard? Not so fast... (Score 2) 109 109

I think that comparing "being able to solve NP-hard or NP-Complete problems" to "travel to the moon, mars or deeper into space with rockets" is a much worse offender, since the latter clearly doesn't violate the laws of physics whereas the former probably might.

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