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Comment: Re:COBOL (Score 1) 370

by K. S. Kyosuke (#48897581) Attached to: Is D an Underrated Programming Language?
I'm not sure it's overall arbitrary. Sure, there's a lot of problems with it, lot of randomness, but the brain usually digests some rules from the chaos. It's sort of an 80/20 venture. (But it's certainly better than kanji, for example.) Plus, "polish" and "Polish" are two different words. That's because they have different etymology. I can assure you that different pronunciation of true homographs is most certainly not exclusive to English.

Comment: Re:Ppl who don't know C++ slamming C++ (Score 1) 143

by K. S. Kyosuke (#48896503) Attached to: Bjarne Stroustrup Awarded 2015 Dahl-Nygaard Prize
There's probably a number of reasons, but the one explanation I like the most is Sussman's explanation in SICP regarding how object type systems relate to ontologies in knowledge systems: since we still have problems with the latter, it is logical we hit inadequacies and corner cases in the former, too.

Comment: Re:Publicly funded.... (Score 2) 29

by K. S. Kyosuke (#48889639) Attached to: 10 New Rosetta Images Reveal Comet 67P In All Its Glory
Half a year seems like a sensible policy to me. It's not like there will be another encounter with another comet this year. The worst thing that could happen is that an outsider can't hint at something interesting that would warrant closer inspection by the probe as long as it is active - something the scientists involved would miss - but the chances of that seem minuscule (a lot of research is most certainly pre-planned, and the science teams have eyes of their own).

Comment: Re:Popcorn time! (Score 1) 358

by K. S. Kyosuke (#48889473) Attached to: Behind the MOOC Harassment Charges That Stunned MIT

Just because she's creeped-out by it, doesn't necessarily mean it's inappropriate.

Of course it's completely inappropriate for her to be creeped out by it. My dictionary tells me that "the creeps" should only be reserved for the scariest situations, and should simple unwelcome advances lead to this feeling, a young person would be doomed to live in perpetual fear. That state of mind is unhealthy.

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