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Comment: Damn you Tim Berners-Lee (Score 1) 66

by K-Man (#34070362) Attached to: Users Sue Google, Facebook, Zynga Over Privacy

This is apparently all because HTTP has a referer field (unless the user turns it off in the browser), so clickthroughs on ads have the url you were on when you clicked. FB has lots of urls with user id's in them, which lead to pages with the user's public information, friends, etc. Researchers have already crawled most of these urls without much trouble, but the definition of "giving away private information" seems to have changed a bit under the influence of lawyers.

Nowadays it looks like FB puts ad clickthroughs through a redirect that hides the referer. I suppose the WSJ will discover next that clickthroughs reveal the user's IP address and blame FB for it.


The 10 Most Absurd Scientific Papers 127 Screenshot-sm

Posted by samzenpus
from the burning-potential-of-fire dept.
Lanxon writes "It's true: 'Effects of cocaine on honeybee dance behavior,' 'Fellatio by fruit bats prolongs copulation time,' and 'Are full or empty beer bottles sturdier and does their fracture-threshold suffice to break the human skull?' are all genuine scientific research papers, and all were genuinely published in journals or similar publications. Wired's presentation of a collection of the most bizarrely-named research papers contains seven other gems, including one about naval fluff and another published in The Journal of Sex Research."

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